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Life is a scam


A Melancholic Feeling

Posted by 25K When? , in Manly Ramblings Nov 28 2011 · 252 views
unmanliness, melancholy
I am feeling rather melancholic today. Why exactly? It's because of the fact that some of the shows I watch are somewhat girlish, and I feel rather, how do you explain it? Oh yeah...


The reason for this is because I've been focusing on watching three shows, the Lyrical Nanoha franchise, K-On, and, well, My Little Pony. All three of them are slightly girly shows.

Lyrical Nanoha is, in essence, a magical girl show. Yes, magical girls. Except Nanoha has access to giant laser beams, a starship and sidekicks who are actually useful. It takes more of a sci-fi slant after the third season though, so it technically isn't a magical girl series anymore, but I still feel slightly unmanly while watching it.

K-On is a show about schoolgirls forming a band. You can see why I feel unmanly watching it.

Despite the fact that I watch My Little Pony, I am not obsessed with it. One can technically categorise me as a brony, along with several of my schoolmates. The fact that we, thirteen year old boys, are watching a show about magical anthropomorphic ponies, is somewhat disturbing. I'm pretty sure I watch it for the memes.

Anyway, MLP would probably be slightly more awesome if all the ponies were replaced with schoolgirls and the series was turned into a fantasy slice-of-life comedy. It does somewhat fit.

I still feel unmanly though.


Ouendan And Eba

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Nov 27 2011 · 295 views
rhythm game, eba and 2 more...
As one can see from my current profile picture/avatar, I am now a fan of one of the most awesome games ever, Elite Beat Agents. For those who don't know what it is, EBA is the Western counterpart to a Japanese game known as Ouendan. It is a rhythm game for the Nintendo DS which features secret agents (a cheer squad in the Japanese version) that dance to music to help people. And it is awesome.

Why is it awesome? Because there aren't really any other games in which you save the world by dancing to a Rolling Stones song.

Anyway, there isn't really anything else to say other than I LOVE EXPLOSIONS! *cue mushroom cloud rising up behind me*



How Kevin Rudd Looks Like The Milky Bar Kid

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Nov 16 2011 · 384 views
completely random ramblings and 2 more...
I just realised, and so did most of Australia several years ago, that our foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, looks a lot like the Milky Bar Kid. I mean, they both have blonde hair and glasses! He had been our Prime Minister since 2007 to 2010, and I only realised today!

Anyway, there really isn't anything else to say, other than the fact that I LOVE EXPLOSIONS.



The Evulz Of Examinations

Posted by 25K When? , in School Nov 05 2011 · 296 views
Studying, Exams
In about two weeks, us Year Sevens will have to undertake exams, one of the most hated things of all time, along with algebra, linear graphs, quantum physics and Twilight. However, it isn't the fact that I have an exam that annoys me, it's because of something our teachers force us to do.

At least 30 compulsory minutes of study for each subject per week. And the subjects are Maths, English, History, Science and Geography. Compulsory study.




Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Oct 31 2011 · 288 views
Halloween, October 31
Today is Hallowe'en.

I'm rather depressed that nobody came to my house to ask for candy so I could traumatise them with my creepy grin. However, that's pretty normal, seeing that Hallowe'en was an ancient Celtic ritual/festival/holiday/et cetera which was merely so the animals could survive through the Winter. In Australia it isn't Winter, so we don't really celebrate it.

I remember when I went trick or treating two years ago. It was awesome. All the free lollies and that stick of ice cream or whatever one calls them. I was attempting to dress up as someone from the military. It was a failure compared to my supernatural friends and the Terminator.

Anyway, a group of trick-or-treaters did pass by my house, but they didn't really go up to our door. As I said before, I am very depressed that I could not smile creepily at them. Or see if they actually have a trick, since not many people these days do much tricks except for egging people's houses.

I remember my classmates doing that.

In other news, I have absolutely no idea why Year Seven's have exams. Couldn't they have let us off until next year when we are in Year 8?

Oh right, they're trying to prepare us for VCE exams in Year 12.


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