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Life is a scam


Why Am I Friends With These People?

Posted by 25K When? , in School Nov 22 2012 · 935 views
irl friends, school, madness and 1 more...
So, I was hanging out after school, having received my exam results, so decided to discuss my results with my friends. We were mid-way through talking about how Geography was a horrible subject and how it should die in a fire when another of my friends came up. He is usually the only bastion of sanity in the entirety of Year 8, but today, he seemed to have gone mad.

Crazy Friend: I think I drank [Friend Whose Name Starts With 'I']'s blood.

Me: ...

Other Friend: ... What?

Crazy Friend: I think I need to drink some water.

*He goes off to drink water from the nearby tap, and soon returns.*

Me: So ...

Crazy Friend: Hm?

*I turned to look around, and end up seeing the 'Friend Whose Name Starts With 'I' walking down the stairs, so I call out to him.*

Me: Hey! Did [Crazy Friend] drink your blood!?


*I turn back to my Crazy Friend.*

Me: Dude, that's creepy.

Crazy Friend: *Shrugs* It isn't that bad. I mean, drinking his blood might be good for me. FWNSWI is a player.

It was at this moment when I decided to leave.


News for the Podcast

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG, BZPRPG Podcast Nov 19 2012 · 1,143 views
podcast, news
So, uh, the reason for our lack of BZPRPG Podcast?

Onarax and I have retired.

Go pester TD and Krayzikk for it now.


The Evil Exams Are Coming

Posted by 25K When? , in School Nov 10 2012 · 511 views
exams, preparation, studying
I now have to suffer due to my exams coming up soon. An entire week of evil - one that I cannot escape from.

And I am probably going to flunk Geography.


What Major Arcana Represents Me?

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Nov 01 2012 · 513 views
arcana, mysticism and 1 more...
So, I decided to do a random test to determine what Major Arcana fits me, because I was bored and yay tarot cards.

I got the Sun Arcana, with close connection to the Death Arcana as well.

Then I decided to find my Birth Arcana.

It was the Sun.


I am totally a supernova now.


Things to Do Before Death

Posted by 25K When? , in Manly Ramblings Oct 24 2012 · 1,206 views

List of Things I Want To Do Before Death

  • Eat five Big Macs in a single outing
  • Get stabbed DONE
  • Sprain part of body DONE
  • Break part of body
  • Go to the Melbourne Anime Festival
  • Actually reach Level 30 in League of Legends
  • Write a book
  • Eat haggis
  • Drink goat milk
  • Go to a country that is not China or Australia
  • Get into a relationship
  • Get a car
  • Buy Microsoft
  • Buy Apple
  • Buy Nintendo
  • Buy Sony
  • Buy Panasonic (Screw Samsung)
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Eat food made from cloned animals
  • Buy a Playstation 2
  • Buy a Dreamcast
  • Get 100% Completion in a Pokemon game.
  • Obtain a wireless Internet connection for my house
  • Live by myself
  • Become a teacher
  • Go to Comiket
  • Buy Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
  • Get every single Pokemon game
  • Buy a Wii
List will be updated regularly.


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Name: Hubertus
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Nationality: Australian
Birth Date: 9th of October, 1998
Gender: Male
Current Location: Unknown
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia

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