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Life is a scam


I Am Terrible At Dwarf Fortress

Posted by 25K When? , in Gaming Oct 22 2011 · 315 views
Dwarf Fortress
Although it is rather unconventional for someone to post two blog posts in one day, I've decided to do exactly that. Why? Well I'm merely saddened by the fact I can't even mine in Dwarf Fortress.

For those who do not know what Dwarf Fortress is, it is basically a simulator of fantasy life created by one guy and his brother, just like Runescape, except that this game is much more complicated than RS and probably works on a smaller budget. However, the graphics are, well, ASCII.

Anyway, I can't seem to do anything properly in the game, so I'll just randomly rant about it.

Their motto makes sense though.

"Losing is fun."


Currently Out Of Ideas For Comedy

Posted by 25K When? , in Writing Oct 22 2011 · 497 views
Zyglak and Frostelus, Ideas
And again I put up a random blog post for no real reason, this time because I've ran out of ideas for my comedy. Oh sure, I have some random plots in mind, such as making references to Spaceballs, the return of PIZZARISONIKA MAKULIANA EXCEPTIONALPERSONOFAWESOMENESS, who is actually a real character from one of my old comedies, and something about declaring war on the Shady Beings, who I still haven't incorporated into my story.

However, I'll probably get off my butt and start writing up the chapter tomorrow.


Or add GaoGaiGar references. I already have Jay the Makuta, so it should be simple enough to turn him into King J-Der or J-Soldato.


Mawson Peak

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Oct 21 2011 · 328 views
Heard and McDonald Islands and 1 more...
One of my homework tasks at school was to compile a list of the ten tallest mountains in Australia. I think most of my class got out an atlas to look for the ones on the mainland and Tasmania. I, due to being bored and deciding to look up the Heard and McDonald Islands, which are two uninhabited islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean that are Australian territories, found out that they have the only two volcanoes in Australia. One of the two volcanoes was one of the tallest mountains in our territory, according to Wikipedia.

So I decided to continue studying it, and found out that it had last erupted in 1993. There wasn't really anything else to see, so I continued to compile a list of the top ten tallest mountains in Australia.

Mawson Peak was Number 2. Mount McClintock, which is found in Australian Antarctic Territory, was Number 1.


Melbourne's Incredibly Bizarre Weather

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Oct 20 2011 · 279 views
Weather, Melbourne
Melbourne (the one in Victoria, Australia, not the one over in Florida) has really strange weather. I mean, on Monday and Tuesday it was rather cold, then on Wednesday and Thursday it was boiling, which means more than 30 degrees celsius, which is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Today however, it started pouring down. And according to the forecast, it will tomorrow as well, but will be sunny on Sunday.

Wait, why I am giving you guys a weather forecast?


Ma First Blog Entry

Posted by 25K When? , in Completely Random Ramblings Oct 19 2011 · 272 views
Hubert, first blog entry
Having recently discovered that I can make a blog, a miniature voice in my mind said: "Hey, we can make blogs! That's awesome! Let's make one." Obviously due to the fact that my subconscious wanted a blog, I couldn't actually say no. So here I am with this first blog entry.

Now what to talk/rant about?

Ah yes, I have recently gotten addicted to Discworld, and I am slowly working my way through the series. I've nearly finished Men at Arms, so there's about 20 or so more books to go.



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Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia

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