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Completion Of Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Posted by 25K When? , in Gaming Mar 31 2012 · 717 views

So today I finally finished both Super Robot Wars Original Generation 1 and 2, which basically means I've completed most of the Original Generation games except for Gaiden and OGs. This is because I don't have a Playstation 2, nor have they been translated into English. They probably won't be anyway, seeing that the PS2 is already dead.

Anyway, after beating the two games, I have chosen my favourite robot in the game - the Giganscudo.

Posted Image

As you can see, it's rather bulky, probably because it's 70.3 metres tall and 451.9 tons in weight. I also like its upgrade, the Giganscudo Duro, which is just the Gigan with more armour and durability. Oh yeah, and its heavier.

The Gigan is piloted by the mechanic known as Tasuku Shinguji, who hijacked it from the hangar bays of the Hiryu Custom in order to stop Sanger Zonvolt's Grungust Type 0 from cleaving the battleship in two with a giant sword known as the Colossal Blade, which, according to Sanger, can cut anything.

Discounting the Gigan and Wodan Ymir's own Colossal Blade that is.

SRW has also given me a new favourite battleship, the Kurogane.

Posted Image

Yes, you are not dreaming. There is a giant drill installed onto the bow of a battleship.

It's captained by Elzam V. Branstein, but during the later parts of SRW OG2 Tetsuya captains it after taking a level in awesome. He also gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome while in charge of it.

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I suggest you buy a PS2 and Swap Magic. OGs is supposed to be pretty good, and it's really simple to navigate the menus with little-to-no knowledge of Japanese.

Sadly, I haven't gotten to play it- or any of the PS2 games- because I don't have Swap Magic myself.

And how much do you look forward to OG3 for PS3? ...if we ever get a release date, that is?
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I might buy a PS2 later this year. I'll try out OGG as well as OGs.

I'd probably end up raging a lot if OG3 doesn't get released. I mean, I want DaiRaiOh and Kamen Rider references!

But right now all I'm doing is seeing if they'll translate Endless Frontier EXCEED.
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I've given up on EXCEED being translated. Same with the newer Masou Kishin games.

And SRW W.
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