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Sanger Zonvolt As Playable Character In Project X Zone. What?

Posted by 25K When? , in Gaming Apr 13 2012 · 922 views

sanger zonvolt sword that smites evil srw project x zone namco
So there's a crossover game for the Nintendo 3DS coming out later this year or something named Project X Zone, which is a strategy RPG featuring characters from the game companies SEGA, Namco Bandai and Capcom.

Except I didn't expect for Namco to bring out SANGER ZONVOLT, THE SWORD THAT SMITES EVIL as a playable character in the game. With his Colossal Blade of course. Only downsized. For human use. Instead of that katana he possesses and randomly takes out every times he SMITES EVIL in his mecha.

Sanger Zonvolt using a Colossal Blade without the use of any of his mechs (Thrudgelmir, Grungust Type 0, Grungust Type 3 or Dygenguard) is both awesome and ridiculous at the same time. But hey, if Axel Almer can throw energy blasts without the use of the Soulgain in Endless Frontier EXCEED then Sanger should be able to hold a giant sword.

Here is a picture of him holding his giant sword. Yes. He is only using one arm and a shoulder to support it.

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Blessed Blade
Apr 13 2012 08:09 AM
Ah, that's who's in your avvie, thought I recognized the name.

Also, Project X Zone is seriously looking awesome(At least two characters from the Megaman X, .hack, and Tales series? That right there is world exploding awesomeness, and that's just of what we know now. xD); the only problem is...

Namco's handling the localization if possible. ... Be scared. *Is still waiting for all three DS Tales games, .Hack//Link, and multiple other games*
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X and Zero together will always create awesome.
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Blessed Blade
Apr 13 2012 09:00 AM
Very true. Of course, then Zero will go and sacrifice himself as usual, but he'll just come back somehow. He always does. xD

I'm just hoping there are some more characters from the different series... Some of my favourites from Namco still aren't confirmed yet, so I'm keeping hope that they will be confirmed. =P But either way, there's still awesomeness right now, which means this'll likely be on my to-buy list if a release here is confirmed. Would be even if it wasn't, if it wasn't for the Region Lock...
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>Banpresto crossover game
>non-Japanese release
I have some bad news for you... Best off to get a JPN 3DS, honestly.
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