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Bzprpg: The Transformers Expies

Posted by 25K When? , in BZPRPG May 26 2012 · 3,154 views

bzprpg transformers expies tng wotzisnaim
Due to all the talk about Transformers expies filling up the main discussion topic, I have taken upon myself the burden of creating a blog post for all of you to discuss them in.

Codenames are in brackets. Deceased are crossed out. Those whose status is unknown are blue, and the ones who have left are red.

Members of the Order of the Phantoms/Deceptoa
  • Zeltroth
  • Silcax
  • Galvatroth
  • Zaruthan 'Zar' Screemah (Starscream)
  • Zocord (Brawl)
  • Valastrum (Soundwave)
  • Orgath
  • (Shockwave)
  • (Mixmaster)
  • Grindorak
  • Koharax (Bonecrusher)
  • Transeth (Blackout)
  • Jhiaxus
  • Fallen
  • Kolhian (Barricade)
  • Nemesis Pyro
  • (Overlord)
  • Aclaraung
  • (Skywarp)
  • Icenuroto (Incinerator)
  • Frenzichunovuk (Frenzy)
  • Naryth Zenoklass
Members of Autotoa/Toabots/Xanthium
  • Tahuva Pyro (Optimus Prime)
  • Shohu
  • Sentarn
  • Senturon
  • Dervian
  • Kahua
  • (Dino)
  • (Ratchet)
  • (Que)
  • (Wheeljack)
  • Praesul (Rodimus)
  • Kup
  • (Springer)
  • Jetian
  • Pyras
  • (Roadbuser)
  • (Topspin)
  • (Leadfoot)
  • Krallen (Sideswipe)
  • Ultra Magnus
Those Who Are Technically On Neither Side
  • Sideways

  • 0

Oh, and somewhat offtopic, I never viewed the Beasts as sacrificing the idea of robots.

After all, they were meant to be robots in disguise, and that means adapting disguises to fit the environment. In this case, animals and high energon levels.

So their robot forms stayed normal, and they adapted beast alternate forms.
    • 0
I thought Beast Wars was pretty good. Beast Machines ruined it by saying Cybertron used to be organic, which made me want to shoot someone.

Anyway, combiners seem like they'd be difficult to pull off, but still cool. Devastator you physically can't do because there's already a Dark Hunter called Devastator :(

That reminds me, ages ago, before Tahuva was even Optimus Prime-based, I was thinking of making a squad of Dark Hunters based on the Decepticons, but I decided not to because it had too many links with the outside world (which we supposedly have no memory of).
    • 0
Also, Wotz? Magnus is starting to see some action.
    • 0
Just a mo.
    • 0
Also, for reference, this is what any member of the Phantoms or Aukati know about the operation in which the Maximals and Predacons were presumed dead.

-A team was sent to the island of Tal to deal with a Deceptoa threat. The team mostly consisted of relative rookies and a few high-ranking Aukati.

-Communication went smoothly for a few months. Then, it stopped. When a team was sent to investigate, they saw an island ravage by both an earthquake and a volcanic eruption. They didn't make landfall, it was too risky.

-All members of the Aukati sent to the island were presumed lost, as it was unlikely that anyone could have survived.

-No one ever went back to the island.
    • 0
Axilus Prime
May 28 2012 06:13 PM
In recognition of the votes I declare the Toabots the Aukati. When they all meet, then we can do it in-game.

I made Devastator, actually. SCREW THE DARK HUNTERS. LOL.

As expected, he's Movieverse, as all my expies are.
    • 0
New Idea!

Energon-version of Ironhide. Who's up for it?

In other news, working on Lio Convoy and Longrack. We need some more Maximals.
    • 0
Hubert, you rule.

Also, Energon Ironhide would be hilarious.

Also, we gonna need someone to run the Predacons. Any volunteers? Besides TNG or AuRom or me?
    • 0
Axilus Prime
May 31 2012 06:07 PM
No BW Megatron. Do you have any idea how much that would offend Galvatroth? (Like, I'M GOING TO MAKE WAR AGAINST THE PREDACONS THUS MESS UP THE WHOLE PLOT offended.) Lol.
Give them a different leader. After all, Convoy is there, rather than BW Optimus.

Energon Ironhide? I gotta see that sometime, not sure what's hilarious. (Then again, never watched Energon.)
    • 0
BW Megateon? No.

BW Neo Magmatron?


*is slaughtered by fans of BW Megatron*
    • 0
Axilus Prime
May 31 2012 07:10 PM
All right, that's good. He'll still, obviously, make Galvatroth REALLY mad, but this time, instead of it being for name stealing, it'll be just because he hates potential (Even if they haven't done anything yet) usurpers.
    • 0
So, who's gonna do Primal?
    • 0
More importantly, are you people really gonna make me make the Predacons?
    • 0
Yes :D

I just wanna see Magmatron (who is painfully underused).
    • 0
Axilus Prime
Jun 01 2012 10:50 PM
I hope Optimus Primal doesn't make a leadership squabble, that'd be just...argh.

I hold some pride in having Optimus Prime and being able to portray his personality, so I would be slightly offended if there was a squabble of any sort. Lol.

Still can't wait to see more expies, there are literally a hundred possibilities.
    • 0
I think we may need Perceptor and Blaster.
    • 0
Axilus Prime
Jun 02 2012 03:44 AM
You could make them, Hubert. As far as I know, you have no TF expies yet.

Oh, and everyone involved in this, check out Legend of the Primes in my sig. That's the prequel epic I was talking about.
    • 0
Leo Prime is ONLINE. Now combating Galvy.
    • 0
I hope y'all realise that Zar has plans within plans. He is probably the most legitimately competent Starscream expy ever, just no one takes him seriously.

You will soon realise that he is a threat to the entire island, not just the Aukati or whatever :evilgrin:

By the way, Ultra Magnus is going to try and form a team of non-expy chars to fight Makuta. Like a Toa team, basically.
    • 0
Axilus Prime
Jun 03 2012 11:58 PM
Does that mean he's not joining the other Aukati?
    • 0


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