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Things to Do Before Death

Posted by Tyler St. Francis , in Manly Ramblings Oct 24 2012 · 332 views


List of Things I Want To Do Before Death

  • Eat five Big Macs in a single outing
  • Get stabbed DONE
  • Sprain part of body DONE
  • Break part of body
  • Go to the Melbourne Anime Festival
  • Actually reach Level 30 in League of Legends
  • Write a book
  • Eat haggis
  • Drink goat milk
  • Go to a country that is not China or Australia
  • Get into a relationship
  • Get a car
  • Buy Microsoft
  • Buy Apple
  • Buy Nintendo
  • Buy Sony
  • Buy Panasonic (Screw Samsung)
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Eat food made from cloned animals
  • Buy a Playstation 2
  • Buy a Dreamcast
  • Get 100% Completion in a Pokemon game.
  • Obtain a wireless Internet connection for my house
  • Live by myself
  • Become a teacher
  • Go to Comiket
  • Buy Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
  • Get every single Pokemon game
  • Buy a Wii
List will be updated regularly.

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>Eat five Big Macs in a single outing

Make sure you do this last. That's sort of suicidal.
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Buy Recettear right now.
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Nigel Thornberry
Oct 24 2012 11:14 AM
For that "Every single Pokeman game" thing; does that include Pokemon Pinball and other such knockoffs?

If so, best of luck to you.
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For that "Every single Pokeman game" thing; does that include Pokemon Pinball and other such knockoffs?

If so, best of luck to you.

A bigger question is, does it include games which never made it overseas? Like the Japan-exclusive WiiWare Mystery Dungeon games?
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>Eat five Big Macs in a single outing

Make sure you do this last. That's sort of suicidal.

I thought that was actually a pretty good idea. Thank you, Hu. Gonna try that now.
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Tyler St. Francis
Oct 24 2012 04:06 PM
I salute you Mango for doing such a thing.

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  • Win 100 gold medals at the Olympics. In a single summer.
  • Repeat five times
  • Become a five-star general
  • Achieve a dozen doctorates
  • Become president
  • Retire
  • Come out of retirement
  • Become the next Tolkien/Shakespeare/Dickens/Rowling/Christie with a giant book series that sells 7 billion copies
  • Write a song that remains #1 for 53 weeks
  • Direct movies that win Best Picture every year for two decades straight
  • Direct another movie that wins 17 Oscars
  • Win the Nobel Peace Prize 33 times in various areas
  • Change the Erdos Number to the Kraggh Number by publishing ten times as many math papers as him
  • Be the first man to walk on Mars
  • Be the first man to exit the Solar System
  • Invent warmholes and be the first man to exit the Milky Way
  • Be the first man to travel to other dimensions
  • Evolve into the Star Child
  • Have "Also Sprach Zarathustra" play for me
  • Get smitten by God when I've gone too far.
  • Maybe, just possibly, be remembered
And I know this is technically after my death, but I'd like to come back as a ghost and slap whoever writes a Wikipedia entry on me and introduces me primarily as the president.


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Kraggh, you forgot "Change name to Mary Sue." :P

And yes, this is a bit of an old entry to comment on, but I was browsing around this blog and . . . yeah.

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