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Nether Doom Blues

Posted by Rache , Jun 27 2012 · 707 views

minecraft nether death pigwizard
More Technic fun.

I went tromping off through the Nether Portal I set up in a Siege Castle I captured a while ago, taking only weapons and food, with the intention of acquiring a few Blaze Rods so I could craft an Ender Chest or two... well, exactly two. Thaumcraft plans.

Knowing that a Nether Fortress would be the best thing to find, I set about the task of wandering aimlessly until I found one - finding, instead, this cheeky little pigman in a funky robe who immediately started setting me on fire, making me nauseous (a nasty little effect that makes your vision swim about) and spawning pigmen (not even zombie pigmen, just pigs on two legs) to rush forward and... I don't know, hug me? They weren't very good in battle, and judging by his swift death, neither was the Great Wizard Chuckles.

So more wandering ensued, followed shortly by falling in lava, dragging myself out, and burning to death. This resulted in a knee-##### expedition to find the site of my death, which resulted in abject failure, and the creation of a new escape Portal... which dumped me in a cave, under the ocean, more than three kilometers away from my house.


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Sounds like a usual day at the office.
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Pretty much. I am now using a compressor to get myself some ice, so I have a better shot at surviving in the Nether.

Nothing says "prepared for the Nether" like being able to neutralize lava.
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Did the same thing again, but this time I lost all of my weapons, all of my armor, the Philosopher's Stone, and two stacks of ice.

Definitely going to try a third time, but then, I'll hunt Magma Cubes first, make a few of the right potion, get to where I need to be, and then set up a Portal right next to the Blaze Spawner (actually found one this time, and then the Blazes dropped me in lava.)
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