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Lord Voldemort

Posted by Rache , Jun 09 2013 · 424 views

a thought occurs harry potter
Gets a whole lot less intimidating when you realize that, with a quick enough draw, Gilderoy Lockhart could have won a duel against him.
What's that? Most powerful Dark wizard in living memory? That's impressive. Shame he can't remember which way is up.

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Havelock Vetinari
Jun 09 2013 10:09 PM

You read that fiction I sent you I see.

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Quite so, and Lockhart triumphing over Voldemort would make a wonderful story. I mean, sure, he's capable of really neat, delicate work with that spell.


He's also, presumably, capable of causing you to forget how to walk.

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I'm pretty sure memory charms can be broken, considering he did that to that one character in the 4th book.  I'd say it would be a minor inconvenience at most.  :P



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With a powerful enough memory charm, you can't break it without completely wrecking the victim's mind - as is what happened to Bertha Jorkins, the character you referred to.

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Jean Valjean
Aug 21 2013 09:07 PM

:kaukau: This is true.  I support this thesis.


Question is, though, if it would work on a horcrux.



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I don't think it would need to, with them being pretty much inanimate apart from some ability to manipulate people. Destroy them through conventional means or put them under two feet of concrete and Voldie will go moldy after a few years - or you could let him be a gibbering vegetable for eternity.

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