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Life is like a box of Grenades


Halloween (and small progress update from last weekend)

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Oct 31 2012 · 313 views

Ya know, if I actually had the bravery to celebrate this holiday, I would put my masks to better use. Unfortunately It might be kinda embarrassing telling people I'm an insane teenager dressed as someone from a toylike that was made a decade ago :|

And now, the progress update. Nothing has changed since I last blogged about it other than my companion cube. Just barely an hour before I left my grandparent's house on Sunday evening, my grandpa and I came up with an ingenious way to support my companion cube. He was using a special half-foam-half-cardstock material on his latest train layout he was working on, and I realized that I could use it to support my companion cube. We quickly hot-glued the support structure onto the 4 faces of the cube (I made it a few weeks ago) and presto! It suddenly wasn't a slumped, saggy piece of paper anymore, but a structurely stable box! Before I left I glued another face onto the box, and when I get back on Friday I'll finish the job. After that, I'll just need to attach a few more pieces and paint it :D

Unfortunately I didn't have time to take pictures on Sunday, so you'll have to wait until the weekend.


Also, I found some awesome Skyrim files, so If I can convince CrunchBiteNuva to put them in PDF form for me, I'll have some new stuff to work this weekend :D


Another quick drawing

Posted by BULiK , Oct 28 2012 · 304 views

This time for a McToran build I made the upper legs and mid-torso more like pistons instead of the bland pipe-ish design I used before. I also made him wear a kakama.



It was only a matter of time...

Posted by BULiK , Oct 27 2012 · 270 views

...Netflix wasn't working, I had no posts to reply to in the BZPRPG, I had 26 minutes to kill, there was a pen and some paper... and then....Uh...



911: In Plane Site

Posted by BULiK , Oct 25 2012 · 539 views

This is probably the most interesting documentary I've seen in a long, long time. Even if you don't usually watch conspiracy documentaries, I recommend you watch it. It puts up a very interesting argument, and I'm glad this is on Netflix.


The birds and the bees

Posted by BULiK , Oct 23 2012 · 410 views

So, today I went with my mom to se my mom's friend. She owns some bee farm thingies and wanted to show us how they did it. When my mom and I got there, they had already got the raw honey. That's good with me, 'cause insects scare the Karzahni out of me. I tasted the honey, not yet drained from the wax. The wax had a gum-like effect, and the honey was as sweet as sugar. But it was incredibly sticky. I had told them a couple months ago not the throw the wax out, like they did before, so they could make it into candles 'n such. Now, in a few days they are going to give me some raw wax to see f I can make it into something. This week my grandparents took down their hummingbird feeder and put up a reular birdfeeder. They told me they had seen a woodpecker on the deck a few times. And my teaches kidsare sick so I
had 2 hours less school today.

Just 3 days left until I go see my cousin at my grandparents.



I'm very disappointed

Posted by BULiK , Oct 22 2012 · 357 views

That the majority of people seem to want reproduction in the BZPRPG. I'm with Katuko on this one. That kind of stuff just isn't appropriate for this site.


Progress Update for Non-Bionicle projects (with pictures)

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Oct 21 2012 · 446 views

The companion cube is rolling along nicely, although the only reason is isn't finished yet is because I haven't figured out how I'll reinforce the inside.


Other view
Needs back surgery

The Viper MK II is going great, And right now I'm using all my resources on it. I've finished and attacked the top engine/rudder, and am currently working on the side engines/wings. It's close to completion now, and It should be done in 1 to 2 weeks (I can only do this on weekends).

Front view
Back view


Another Progress Update (With even more pictures)

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Oct 20 2012 · 300 views

So, yesterday and today I've been finishing the build on the kakama, and It's build has been finished. My Grandpa and I will Prime that this evening.

(Pictures below)

Better picture of my hand holding it.
For the record, that's my chin, not a giant adam's apple :P

Progress on my Pakari is speeding up as well; While I was at my parent's house during the school week my Grandpa had enough time when he wasn't volunteering for the elections to continue paper Mache-ing the pakari. Phe paper mache process isn't entirely done yet, but he did an amazing job compared to before on the horizontal Part, and there are only a few things to straighten out. I hope we will finish it next week, and possibly even this weekend we might be able to paper mache together.

(Pictures below)

Me, holding the mask.
Fikou attack!

As for the Kualsi, It was primed last weekend, and my Grandpa and I will try to paper mache that one (Luckily the Kualsi should be easier to paper mache, speeding up the process) after the pakari's paper mache is finished.

(Sorry, I have no new pictures for the Kualsi)


I wish I was FEmale

Posted by BULiK , in Attempts at Jokes Oct 17 2012 · 503 views

Science lovers should get this joke...


So I was watching this movie...

Posted by BULiK , in Attempts at Jokes Oct 15 2012 · 347 views

...And This scientist is on a mission to disable a nuclear bomb with this scientist and:

Commando: How many missions have you been on?

Scientist: This is my first mission. Well, How many nukes have you disabled?

Commando: A couple dozen.

If they added a trollface in there, it would have made my day.

Life is like a box of Grenades.

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