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Life is like a box of Grenades


Guess what: I'm still feeling sick.

Posted by BULiK , Nov 14 2012 · 289 views

For some reason this accursed virus is still in me. Yesterday, we went to a doctor and she told us there is a virus in my left at. So we got some medication and now I'm still feeling suckish. Every time I cough, I feel like my head is exploding. My mouth is horribly dry. Swallowing tastes like acid reflux. And my nose is dripping uncontrollably. Well, I guess I'll go back to drinking my 2 liters of ginger ale.




Posted by BULiK , Nov 13 2012 · 281 views

This is another Brilliant documentary that I've seen recently that I think deserves a blog entry about. It's very interesting how many designers talk about their goals during their projects, examples of such, the successes of industry, and the failures of industry. It's very interesting to see the various innovations they come up with and the points they raise.


Sickness update

Posted by BULiK , Nov 13 2012 · 231 views

Well, it's worse today. My voice is rough and scratched, and all the previous symptoms are still there. :/

I'll see a doctor this afternoon to check if it's a virus or not. If I'm lucky and it isn't a virus, then I can take some antibiotics to help.


Feeling sick

Posted by BULiK , Nov 12 2012 · 356 views

My throat was sore this morning, my nose has been stuffed, I had pain in my mouth when I swallowed, and I coughed out some slimy blood-covered stuff a few minutes prior.

Not such of a good way to start the week.


Vote for which Pakari Color! (BIG Progress update)

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Nov 11 2012 · 553 views

Okay, So here is the progress I've achieved this weekend:

For the Greek helmet: I glued a small strip of paper between the two sides of the cheek plates to keep them in the correct positions while my grandfather will paper mache the helmet (hopefully) this week. We've also hot glued two pieces of the same foam/cardboard hybrid I used to support the companion cube (Credit goes to him for that brilliant Idea) to the cheek plates. I'm touching up a bit of the lining on the bottom by re-glueing a few tabs that weren't entirely glued properly. I also printed out the two pieces of the back head twice again, which I assembled yesterday as makeshift shoulder plates. My grandfather said that sometime after it's fully paper mached we can buy some metallic bronze paint to paint the armor. Also, it seems less big now than I originally thought, so I'm glad about it's current size. I'm hoping sometime I can figure out how some other people are able to to Incredible detail like some people have put on this thing I found in a google search. (I wish I knew how people did that!)


Helmet in comparison to shoulder plates.
Tie between cheeks.
Foam/cardboard slices.
Primed shoulder plates.

For the Companion Cube: Recently I've just been adding more layers of light grey paint to the corners and sides of the Companion Cube, So there hasn't been much progress for that overall.

For the Pakari: Last weekend Due to a commercial paper mache that is sorta like clay (And takes 50 times longer to dry) we have paper mached the pakari to my satisfaction. We have Primed over the paper mache and now I just need to paint it to finish the job. That's the problem. I'm not sure what color I should paint it, So I want to hear your opinion, for that might influence my overall decision. I'm split between painting it Light blue like Takua or Black like Onua (Although I'm leaning towards Takua). So it would be nice if you would comment your opinions on which color you like best.


Re-Primed backside.

For the Kualsi: We are adding the same /foam/cardboard thingie on the long pieces of the kualsi for stabiltity, and Repriming it.


Cardboard/Foam Slices placing.

Also, on a more unrelated note, I have beat my current save file in Hammerfight (Without any uses of the gold Bulla B-)) after a few weekends of toiling away for the glory and honor of doing so. I might retrace my steps and do the other story combinations for fun sometime.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints, I don't have enough cardstock to make anything else until I'm resupplied in january, so until then I'll focus on painting, paper macheing, and whatnot on the projects I already have finished. When I do get resupplied in January, My order of projects from then on will be: Portal gun, Steel sword, Ancient Nord torso armor, and then the Nightingale blade. By then I'll probably have found something else to do after that :P.

Also, In late January My grandfather has decided that he will buy either a new Macbook Pro or a Mac Air, so he will let me use his old mac in my room then :D.

Please comment your opinions and other thoughts.


I had a dream...

Posted by BULiK , Nov 09 2012 · 532 views

So, last night I had a very strange dream. Apparently in the dream I was listening to NPR while Checking BZP where I saw Frost Dragon had replied in Le-Wahi as Spyder doing backflips and whatnot, There was a robot carrying a Maxim, and Kraggh had a MacGyver avatar and commented on my profile. I can't remember much else after that.


McDonald's must be drugging their hot chocolate...


Lightstone Build Complete!(Pictures)

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Nov 05 2012 · 373 views

So, I printed this out yesterday, but didn't start cutting it or anything until around noon today. It was surprisingly easy to build and I glued it together in just a few sessions. Later at some point I might paint it yellowish. Again, thanks to CrunchBiteNuva for getting my a Format of this file that my printer can use.

Holding it
Holding it to light
Size comparison with remote

Also, I did this, just for kicks:

Amon is Spartan!

Also, I'm now attempting to paint the light grey on the Companion Cube. Right now I'm letting it dry to see if I need to add more white to the paint mix.


For (Insert name of classical Greek city/state here)(Pictures)

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Nov 05 2012 · 204 views

So, yesterday I printed and completed my helmet thingie. It was surprisingly easy and simple. Although, it's an inch or so too big on all the axis. First time is not the Charm, apparently :P


How it would be nice for it to fit
How it actually fits



Progress update for today

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Nov 03 2012 · 268 views

So today we primed the Companion cube twice, making it look ever closer to completion. I haven't gotten the Skyrim models yet, but when I do I'll get to work on them. Unfortunately I didn't have time to hand-paint the light grey areas, due to going to see Wreck-It Ralph With my little brother. It was a nice enough movie, although there was a saddening lack of portal references and a half-dozen plot twists. I also did a bit of paper mache on the Kualsi while listening to tonights Prairie Home Companion show. Unfortunately I didn't have time to take pictures of the little work I got done today. Tomorrow I'll mostly be doing homework and hopefully painting the light grey areas of the CC. I still need ideas on how to do the hearts.


Companion Cube Build Complete!

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Nov 02 2012 · 563 views

So half an hour ago I finished Hot-glueing the side-thingies to the companion cube, completing the build! Tomorrow I will put on 2 coats of primer (Which luckily is dark grey so I don't have to paint some of it Lol) and then hopefully paint the light grey areas by hand or something, and maybe even the hearts. I'm not really sure about the hearts because I suspect I will fail and mess them up, So I might wait on that until I figure out how to do the outline in a systematic fashion. I might make a stencil, but I'm not sure how and to what size. Any ideas in this (Or with creating a stencil) would help.


On the Board (Along with some tree stumps my grandfather made for his model railroad)
In my Hand
Cuddle :3
On the table

Now press the shiny comment button (You know you want to!).

Life is like a box of Grenades.

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