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Life is like a box of Grenades


Progress and not progress.

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Aug 18 2012 · 200 views

Well, thanks to Cruchbitenuva, I'm going to try to make a companion cube and portal gun, but for some reason I'm low on inspiration for the cube, which I'm doing first. I'm doing paper mache with the kakama, and I can feel it becoming stronger. The avohkii is rimed, but I'm too lazy to upload pictures now.


The Boredom: Part 5

Posted by BULiK , Aug 16 2012 · 116 views

So, Tommorrow is The day the boredom ends! My grandparents will pick me up after my hour of school and then we will go to my parent's house for What I'm Guesstimating will be an hour, give or take 15 minutes. Then we leave to conquer the world, I mean go to my grandparent's house for the weekend. Nobody PMed me about skype ( :( ), So I've been 10%-20% more bored these past few days. I think I'll continue priming the Avohkii and hopefully by now my grandfather has found the right type of paper to paper mache to do the kakama.


The boredom, part 4

Posted by BULiK , Aug 15 2012 · 120 views

I'm still bored. Today, I Sprited Frii'Glokk in Rayg for when he joins the ILS. I've been watching netfix... I did my Hour of school..... WHY U NO INTERACT IN BZPRPG?!?!?! 0 notifications in two hours!?!?! It's so SSSSLLLOOOOWWW Today!
The skype offer from the previous entries is still open.

I just need to survive until friday.....


Anticipation (and boredom)

Posted by BULiK , Aug 13 2012 · 122 views

So tommorrow, I'm going to Public school again! Hopefully that's a good thing. We'll start out slow by doing 1 period a day for a bit, and then I'll do 2, etc. over a period of I-don't-know-how-long to re-integrate me back into society. But unfortunately that means I'll be stuck at my parent's house until the weekend D: . So that means there's about 4 days of boredom until I have fun for a change. The skype offer is still available, because I have way too much time to kill.


Bored still

Posted by BULiK , Aug 11 2012 · 119 views

That skype offer in the previous entry is still available, 'cuz I've got alot of time to kill.

Tommorrow I will go back to my grandparent's house, while my other grandparents (the ones from florida) go back to florida, both events after another birthday party for my brother. I'll probably try to primethe other side of the avohkii when I get back.



Posted by BULiK , Aug 10 2012 · 200 views

I'm having a terrible time at my parent's house. My grandparents from florida that I only see about twice a year are here, but considering I'm confined to 3 rooms in this house, I haven't seen them that much. And now another food situation has arised, but not before everyone else goes swimming while I get ready to swim, which was delayed greatly by my dad's stupidity, so I wasn't even ready by the time they got back. and during that, my glasses broke, so I worked on them for an hour to no success. So tommorrow we'll have to go to walmart and get them fixed! I wish there was a ragequit button that I could press that would teleport me to my grandparent's house. Oh and my headphones are half broken.

Thesis: Life sucks.

And now I'm sitting here bored, which Is why I'm mentioning that for the next 2-4 hours, I'll be on my computer. If you want, PM me is you want my skype name and I just might tell you, If I know you well enough.


My Avohkii so far.

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Aug 09 2012 · 262 views

Here is the folder. It should be public by now.

Yup, It's done. for now. I took these pictures earlier today, so by now the mask is half-primed. but I'm at my parent's house for now, and my other grandparents are here, so I won't be making progress anytime soon.


From: Bzprpg News And Discussion

Posted by BULiK , Aug 09 2012 · 121 views

That's it, I've heard enough. Now you've forced my hand.

Posted Image

And I mean it!

OR ELSE! Thank you :)

Source: Bzprpg News And Discussion



I am Bored

Posted by BULiK , Aug 08 2012 · 151 views

Come on people, comment, ask questions, skype, eat pancakes, think of something to do, etc.!

I need ideas people!


Mask Progress

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Aug 08 2012 · 218 views

Last night and today I've been working alot on my avohkii. as of now, it's mostly finished, but I have to glue the top half to the bottome and then do the eyes. My grandpa and I and priming the low-quality kakama and the pakari today. this night or maybe tommorrow morning, we will probably attempt to use paper mache on the low-quality kakama as a test to see how effective it is. I haven't uploaded any new pictures yet, but I might upload more by the end of the day.

Life is like a box of Grenades.

Posted Image

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