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Life is like a box of Grenades


New Spinny!

Posted by BULiK , Jul 31 2013 · 240 views

Even though this entry is a week late, I'm excited about getting my 5-year Olmak!  I'm also on the brink of reaching 3000 posts, so that's another thing to celebrate.


Well this was... unexpected.

Posted by BULiK , Jul 26 2013 · 282 views

I never thought BZP would allow linking to other sites, but I'm glad this compromise was made.  I think it's a good way to bring more activity to the site and an easier way to show the creative talents of various people.
Thank you, Admins.



Posted by BULiK , Jul 04 2013 · 241 views

It's been a year now since a close friend of mine died.  It's hard to believe it's already been this long.


Exo-Force RPG

Posted by BULiK , Jun 30 2013 · 360 views

The Exo-Force RPG is out!  I recommend playing it in the Lego RPG Forum.  Floridian Citrus and I have been working on this earlier this month, and I'm glad it was approved.


Various updates

Posted by BULiK , in News of Real Life, Progress Updates Jun 22 2013 · 521 views

Not much has happened these past 6 days.  I'v just been depressed in general, But I did manage to draw this for Kaithas.  Anyways, If you have any characters you want me to try to draw, Just comment below.
A lot of my old pepakura masks are falling into disrepair, And I am pondering possibly throwing away the old ones, for I now have more skills to do them better, and hopefully, strengthen them better.
Also, I want to use BootCamp on my MacBook, But I'm not sure how or how to get the installation disks for windows.  Any comments, guides, or tips related to that would be greatly appreciated.


Small Sunday update

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates, News of Real Life Jun 16 2013 · 340 views

I suppose I'll do a small update today.
I printed out another Pakari and finished the construction of the Skyrim Ebony Helm, but I was on vacation for the better part of last week.  The Pakari is about 1/2 cut out and 1/4 glued together by now, and I'm been feeling slightly motivated to work on it.  I hot-glued some toothpicks and a piece of wood to the Ebony Helm to keep it's shape.  During the vacation last week I found some neat buckle thingies at a store, and I bought five.  I can use these to make a strap around the back of the mask so I could wear them.  Neat, right?
Also, I remembered that I haven't posted pictures of my X-Wing Pilot Helmet Build, So here's one.  That's pretty much complete.
I also drew some stuff two weeks ago. (Warning, Massive filesize.)
I'm going to finish Kaithas's Art request sometime during this next week when I feel motivated.  I have the mask and the chest done, but limbs always seen the most difficult part of drawing for me.


What I've been doing the past month...

Posted by BULiK , Jun 02 2013 · 396 views

Well, I certainly haven't updated this in a while, but I have various neat things to show this time.  And yes, I already know the Photo quality is horrible.
First of all, I made this cartoonish Creeper out of clay in art class a month ago:
Also, I've been working a bit on the portal gun, But I've put that aside at the moment.
Place it's laying around.
Crunchy made me a PDF version of a file I found, another helmet from skyrim.  It's still a WIP.
Here's a picture
Or two.
If you haven't already seen my topic in General art, I made a Ta-Koronan Guard Ensign.
In other news, my brother and I rented our own personal Minecraft server, which is quite fun.
 I've also Drawn a bit (Warning, the scanner makes them huge.)
But I've been depressed and lacking inspiration recently, so if you have any comments or criticism, etc... Maybe even a character for me to attempt to draw, it might brighten my day.


School is Out!

Posted by BULiK , in News of Real Life May 15 2013 · 284 views

For me, anyway, this School year is over!  I have several things planned for the summer, including working on my Pepakura masks, which now I'll have a much larger amount of time to work (Weekdays FTW!) and also reading the Several months of BZPRPG I missed (Right now, on the staff plot, I'm around late February).  I feel excited, and also decided to make a new minecraft skin.  I also just recently discovered Star Wars: BattleCry, and am now hyped about that Fan-Made PC game.  I also drew something nice which I might post when I scan it on Monday.
And... That's pretty much it. 



Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates, News of Real Life May 04 2013 · 311 views

Well, School will be over within a week or so.  I have yet to get on my old laptop and use my skype account though.  Maybe in a month or so.  Found a neat TV series on Netflix Called "The Finder".  
I've started a new project.  Larger and more complex than the other pepakura models I've created.  32 pages.  I've had the PDF file of it for maybe... 8 months or so by now.  It's somewhat hard to visualize currently, since I just started it a couple weeks ago.  I just hope it isn't too big.  I would like to add sound effects and lighting, but I've never done such a thing before.  The former, especially, would be more difficult.  I looked around radioshack, and apparently they have blue and orange LEDs, So doing the latter is within the realm of possibility If I ever figure out how to do it and feel inspired.  Well, I've probably tipped you off to what it is by now.  The skyrim sword is just laying on a sheet of plywood,  doing nothing right now.  Puzzled how to reinforce it still.  I'm thinking of using a plastic mini M&M snack thing's plastic cylinder box thing to fit inside the handle, but I'm still speculating how I can get it to work.  
I watched "Shadows" yesterday, and Re-watched "Lab Ratt".  Pretty awesome.  I also found out that several history channel documentaries are on a certain video website.  
EDIT:  I can't believe I forgot to mention, yesterday's Planetary Annihilation Livestream was awesome.  I can't wait to see more combat


Not sure if anyone reads this anymore...

Posted by BULiK , in News of Real Life, Progress Updates Apr 19 2013 · 516 views

I felt compelled to post something here, even if I'll regret it later.
Beware: Rambling.
So, I've been considering how I should explain my absence from the forums from January to March, but it's quite difficult for me to think about the Horrific experiences I had then, and chances are nobody noticed me gone, or really cares anyway, so whatever.
So, I'll just state some things that have happened recently.
IRL-Unrelated:  Participated in a research study on OCD/Autism/Imnotreallysurewhich this week at, I think, the University of North Carolina (Earning $110, although I have yet to cash the check).  I may be wrong about the exact area, for I really wasn't paying attention to the location.  My brother gave me his 2nd Generation, 8 Gb iPod Touch (after he gets a 32 Gb fourth Gen one).  Bought that Lego Star Wars set with the small artillery installation and commando droids.  Considering buying Super Crate Box iOS after realizing it's compatible with my iPod.  Caught up on all the Planetary Annihilation News.  Considering Pre-ordering Planetary Annihilation, but not sure If I should get the $40 Pre-order, or the $60 one (Which has Beta Access).  Not really sure if It will run on my Grandfather's MacBook, or if I'll own the Laptop by the time the game is released (Due to a back surgery and other unforeseen calamities, He isn't sure if or when he will be able to get a newer laptop and give the old one to me).  I bought Three Tiger Lazer Tag Guns for around $30 on Ebay a few weeks ago.  Two of them were green Team Ops guns, and the other was a Blue Phoenix LTX (With shotgun attachment thingie).  This adds to my arsenal of two other Phoenix LTX guns I got last year.  Now I wish I had 18 more AA Batteries so they would work. :P
RPing:  I've still been trying to read the many months of BZPRPG I've missed, but have had limited time to do some.  I'm still only at the end of January on some topics.  Until I finish reading to the current point, I won't be RPing.  Having the ability to read it on my iPod Touch might speed my efforts, though.
Pepakura:  I've been working on the Steel Sword model (From Skyrim) the past few weeks, and am thinking of how to reinforce it.  But I'm feeling really depressed about my novice-like attempts at all these creations, and it might just sit uncompleted, gathering dust in the basement for who knows how long.  If readers want, I might post pictures, but I'm not going to waste time on that if nobody really cares anyway.  It's embarrassing to me when I talk about this hobby with other people, and because my Grandfather can't lift anything larger than 5 lbs. for the next year and a half (Due to his back surgery), cutting plywood or a stick for the handle is out of the question.  I'm thinking of building another Pakari.  Oh, and I built an X-Wing pilot helmet a month or so ago, but I'm not sure how I should reinforce it, for the way I did my Medieval Helmet project seems too cheesy now.
Um, yeah.  Forgive the rambling.

Life is like a box of Grenades.

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