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Life is like a box of Grenades



Posted by BULiK , Nov 21 2012 · 353 views

I got something epic in the mail today :D

Vezon and Kardas!

So after two glorious hours of building this set, and I took some pictures.

About a third into the build, when you work on the main spinal column/torso/waist thing, it looks almost like a life size hilt of Tahu Mata's sword. Also, by bending the wing parts a bit, it looks like the start of a crossbow.

Then, after taking those pictures, I continued building. So, here is the finished product presented on my desk (Like a Boss!), and then I posed them for a picture of a hunt (You can decide for yourself which is the predator and which is the prey :P ), etc. etc. etc. Kardas could probably be modified into a Moc of the "King Kriptor", or a Cybran or UEF ACU. :D

Well, this was definitely worth the $27 it cost for me to buy this from Tazakk.

Um... sorry if I broke the blog entry title display thing :P


What I dream about...

Posted by BULiK , Nov 20 2012 · 465 views

Well, I fell asleep In school today, and I had some strange dreams. About half were related to BZP, half of the remaining were related to bionicle, and the rest are about thermonuclear warfare.

Anyways, tomorrow I'll go back to see my grandparents, and hopefully I'll get something done.

EDIT: Well, the guy who has been creating the models I use for my non-bionicle related stuff just churned out some more epic stuff. I can't wait until January, when I'll get a resupply of paper to make this epic new stuff.



I <3 Google

Posted by BULiK , Nov 19 2012 · 640 views

I found an epic new screensaver.

Totally better than my laggy Toa Mahri one I used previously.


Dradis Contact!

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Nov 18 2012 · 387 views

So, This weekend I've unfortunately only had today to work, due to yesterday and friday afternoon, my Grandparents went to a conference or something. But, I've got a bit done.

Viper MK II: I Finished Glueing the Wing and attached it, so it's complete!



Helmet: So my grandfather managed to have the time this week to Do some Paper mache. He's done the bottom half, and it feels a bunch stronger now. Hopefully he can get the rest done this week. The irregularities caused by the paper mache process actually add to the battle-tested look by making bumps and dents in it, which is awesome. While I was here I Did all the paper Mache on one shoulder plate, so when I get back next weekend I'll use it to experiment with the clay-like paper mache's detail method.


Shoulder plate
Inside of helmet
Another look inside

I didn't have time to add more paint to the Companion cube, but I'll do that next weekend. For now, I'll just be putting all my efforts into completing the armor I have built until I get more Cardstock in January. I'll have more time next weekend because I'll get a few days off this week of school for a holiday or something.


Hostess strike

Posted by BULiK , Nov 16 2012 · 412 views

I find the strike actually counterproductive. Those people on strike did realize if Hostess died, they would lose their jobs along with all the other Hostess employees, right? Not to mention make a bunch of desparate snackers pay %95 more for twinkles on eBay.




Posted by BULiK , Nov 16 2012 · 268 views

Well, I'm feeling slightly better, but am still sick. To make things worse, my grandparents are busy this weekend, so I'llhave to wait until tomorrow night to go to their house :c. When I do go there, I will focus on paper-macheing the shoulder pauldrons, so next weekend I can test the clayish paper-mache detail method i've been thining about. I also will paint the companion cube a bit more. But as I stated before, Unfortunately I'll be out of cardstock until january. But until then, I'll be focusing on finishing up this helmet completely, painting the pakari, and paper-macheing the other masks. I am also considering to paint the Gem-thingie black - like an essence stone.


Just saw the news. Bye-bye, Twinkies.


Guess what: I'm still feeling sick.

Posted by BULiK , Nov 14 2012 · 283 views

For some reason this accursed virus is still in me. Yesterday, we went to a doctor and she told us there is a virus in my left at. So we got some medication and now I'm still feeling suckish. Every time I cough, I feel like my head is exploding. My mouth is horribly dry. Swallowing tastes like acid reflux. And my nose is dripping uncontrollably. Well, I guess I'll go back to drinking my 2 liters of ginger ale.




Posted by BULiK , Nov 13 2012 · 264 views

This is another Brilliant documentary that I've seen recently that I think deserves a blog entry about. It's very interesting how many designers talk about their goals during their projects, examples of such, the successes of industry, and the failures of industry. It's very interesting to see the various innovations they come up with and the points they raise.


Sickness update

Posted by BULiK , Nov 13 2012 · 208 views

Well, it's worse today. My voice is rough and scratched, and all the previous symptoms are still there. :/

I'll see a doctor this afternoon to check if it's a virus or not. If I'm lucky and it isn't a virus, then I can take some antibiotics to help.


Feeling sick

Posted by BULiK , Nov 12 2012 · 337 views

My throat was sore this morning, my nose has been stuffed, I had pain in my mouth when I swallowed, and I coughed out some slimy blood-covered stuff a few minutes prior.

Not such of a good way to start the week.

Life is like a box of Grenades.

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