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Not sure if anyone reads this anymore...

Posted by BULiK , in News of Real Life, Progress Updates Apr 19 2013 · 523 views

I felt compelled to post something here, even if I'll regret it later.
Beware: Rambling.
So, I've been considering how I should explain my absence from the forums from January to March, but it's quite difficult for me to think about the Horrific experiences I had then, and chances are nobody noticed me gone, or really cares anyway, so whatever.
So, I'll just state some things that have happened recently.
IRL-Unrelated:  Participated in a research study on OCD/Autism/Imnotreallysurewhich this week at, I think, the University of North Carolina (Earning $110, although I have yet to cash the check).  I may be wrong about the exact area, for I really wasn't paying attention to the location.  My brother gave me his 2nd Generation, 8 Gb iPod Touch (after he gets a 32 Gb fourth Gen one).  Bought that Lego Star Wars set with the small artillery installation and commando droids.  Considering buying Super Crate Box iOS after realizing it's compatible with my iPod.  Caught up on all the Planetary Annihilation News.  Considering Pre-ordering Planetary Annihilation, but not sure If I should get the $40 Pre-order, or the $60 one (Which has Beta Access).  Not really sure if It will run on my Grandfather's MacBook, or if I'll own the Laptop by the time the game is released (Due to a back surgery and other unforeseen calamities, He isn't sure if or when he will be able to get a newer laptop and give the old one to me).  I bought Three Tiger Lazer Tag Guns for around $30 on Ebay a few weeks ago.  Two of them were green Team Ops guns, and the other was a Blue Phoenix LTX (With shotgun attachment thingie).  This adds to my arsenal of two other Phoenix LTX guns I got last year.  Now I wish I had 18 more AA Batteries so they would work. :P
RPing:  I've still been trying to read the many months of BZPRPG I've missed, but have had limited time to do some.  I'm still only at the end of January on some topics.  Until I finish reading to the current point, I won't be RPing.  Having the ability to read it on my iPod Touch might speed my efforts, though.
Pepakura:  I've been working on the Steel Sword model (From Skyrim) the past few weeks, and am thinking of how to reinforce it.  But I'm feeling really depressed about my novice-like attempts at all these creations, and it might just sit uncompleted, gathering dust in the basement for who knows how long.  If readers want, I might post pictures, but I'm not going to waste time on that if nobody really cares anyway.  It's embarrassing to me when I talk about this hobby with other people, and because my Grandfather can't lift anything larger than 5 lbs. for the next year and a half (Due to his back surgery), cutting plywood or a stick for the handle is out of the question.  I'm thinking of building another Pakari.  Oh, and I built an X-Wing pilot helmet a month or so ago, but I'm not sure how I should reinforce it, for the way I did my Medieval Helmet project seems too cheesy now.
Um, yeah.  Forgive the rambling.

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Hey, you're back! I have kinda missed seeing you and your Wheatly avatar around the forums. Welcome back to the forums! =D

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Reading through everything you missed in the BZPRPG? That sounds quite painful, to be honest. :P

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Reading through everything you missed in the BZPRPG? That sounds quite painful, to be honest. :P

Well, only pretty much everything in the Staff plot, plus anything relevant, characters/plots/writers I follow, etc.  Man, those Joske Posts are tough to get through :P

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