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The Thoughts of a Dragonfly


Early Christmas Presents

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , in Pony Dec 24 2011 · 406 views

So as a family tradition, we all open our presents on Christmas Eve (I would like to believe that it's because my eager Dad cannot wait).
So, being the only pony fan in my household (while the others remain neutral about it), my parents got me a grey t-shirt with Rainbow Dash, and under her are rainbow letters that read, "20% Cooler." I love it :lol:. And to match that, they got me a Rainbow Dash toy as a lighthearted joke. :P
I got a couple of other things, along with three Portal shirts, making a total of four for me. :D

Also, my sister got an Ezio toy, and my brother got a Halo Hammer Brute toy. As we were discussing, which one would win if those two were put in a cage match? I'm placing my bets on Ezio. :P


Still Considering ...

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , in Pony Dec 24 2011 · 355 views
Math = Logic
There are many times where I think, "Well, maybe I don't have to close my Pony Boutique, because I really don't want to." Seriously, I really don't want to at all. I love drawing ponies for you guys.
But then this equation brings me back to reality: College + Drawing requests = Disaster.


But I'm glad I got the requests I did! :D


Beware My Bohrok Army

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , Dec 18 2011 · 494 views

:smilebahrag1: :smilebahrag2:

:smiletahnokkal: :angrypahrakkal:

:smiletahnok: :smilepahrak: :smilegahlok: :smilelehvak: :smilekohrak: :smilenuhvok:


I recently discovered that the emoticons have Bohrok! But only two Bohrok-Kal.
I really do love Bohrok. :wub: If LNU is reading this, can I adopt Nok? (I'm not being 100% serious ... not 100%) :P


Finished Sprite

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , in Sprite Dec 16 2011 · 439 views

I finally finished my sprite! I'm so happy that it turned out right! I'm getting better with recoloring these things!
So I changed everything I said I would, and I fixed some details that I missed before. I'm sure I'm keeping it this way now. ^_^

Okay, so the link actually goes to the same place as the other links to my sprite, but I figure I'll get people's attention that it's finished by making a new blog entry about it. :P

So happy! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Sprite Sheet Still In Progress!

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , in Sprite Dec 16 2011 · 390 views

This blog entry is directed to my comic maker friends, Utah, Biocryptid, LNU and Darcsyde.
Do not use my sprite sheet yet! I just figured out something that I can do! I'm sorry for the inconvenience if you began using it, but I'll probably get it up tomorrow, on December 16th. Sorry again, but this is my first sprite sheet I made, so I'm still figuring out what I can do. After this, I'm sure I'll be done. ^_^

Changes I'm making:
Eye color from light green to light blue.
The wings are clear in some places (a.k.a., they technically have holes in them, but they appear to be transparent).
Arm colors. I'm making the shoulder and bicep white, with the hand and forearm minty blue.
I'm also trying to make the eyes look more feminine, but that's difficult with tiny pixels :blink:

I will post and update when I have it finished. Thanks for waiting. :D


New Sprite! Yay!

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , in Sprite Dec 14 2011 · 167 views

Whoot! New Sprite sheet FTW! But most of the credit should go to Shadonix for making the sheet in the first place (Yes, I mean Shadonix. I know who's who now :P). Credit also goes to Tavaki and Gerlicky for the wings which I later modified. I don't know who made the Ignika, so credit goes to an unknown spriter, but I made the profile view and the back views.
This is my first time successfully recoloring a sprite, and I actually six-shaded the Ignika ... wait, I think it's five shades ... But anyway, I'm happy. :lol:

Now before everyone shrivels up and dies thinking I'm a major noob (which isn't completely false), the white color in my sprite is actually extremely light grey. I found out while making my sprite that you can't have pure white in the character at all, if you expect to cut out the white surroundings.

As for a tiny bit of story to the character, my excuse to use her without the wings for standing and walking poses is because the wings can "fold up" in that infinite "pack" the Bionicle characters use occasionally in the movies. Remember when Lhikan could fit two Great Fire Swords in his back? If he can fit that, then my character can fit four wings. :P

I suppose some CC might be nice :D


Name Issues ... Suggestions, Friends?

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , in Sprite Dec 13 2011 · 339 views

Toa Mata Nubie, or Dragonfly? Toa Mata Nubie, or Dragonfly?

Oh, I see someone noticed me arguing with myself. Would you like to know? Of course you would.
I started out as Toa Mata Nui, eventually changing it to Nubie because it was funny. :P I got used to it, and, don't get me wrong, I like it.
But after drawing my Dragonfly pony, I want to be called some variant of Dragonfly, since it is more fitting for me, and I think custom characters are more fun. ^_^


I don't change it because of two reasons:
1. I would want to change my sprites in the comic series that I'm a PGS in, and I don't know how troubling that would be for the authors.
2. Depending on how much my friends are used to TMN, they may not prefer the change.

So, friends, what do you think?
Let's make a makeshift poll, shall we? Tell me your vote in post, please, if any of my friends happen to be reading this ...
How inconvenient is it for the comics if I did change my name/sprite? I don't want to slow down any story progression, and that's my biggest problem, because I don't know the answer. Honestly, how will a name change/sprite change affect the comics? A good or bad way?
Truth is, I'll be looking for reasons to change my name/not change my name, not a total number of votes/posts. I'm wondering about the effects of changing my name and staying Dragonfly permanently. Or should I just stay TMN? I'm hoping for answers from LNU, Darcsyde, Biocryptid, and Utah, because I don't want to slow down any stories just because I changed my name and possibly sprite.

:blink: Wow, that ended up being longer than I thought it would.


Pony Process

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , in Pony Dec 11 2011 · 1,499 views
Just in case anyone cared
I figure I might as well put my blog to use.

So here I shall show you people how I draw ponies. ^_^
This isn't a strict order, but it is the basic idea. The order of how I draw the details gets swapped around a lot.

Here is the gallery, but it's fun to explain the stages. So let's explain:

Stage 1 - First I need to draw three basic circles to place the pony's body correctly.
Stage 2 - Then I begin to sketch in the legs, nose, and larger details.
Stage 3 - I add the basic facial expression and more detail.
Stage 4 - Then I draw the mane and tail (and beard for Necro's pony), but the position of these can and most likely will change frequently.
Stage 5 - Now Almost finished with the sketch, I add the smaller details, such as the guitar cable around his neck and chest, guitar details, cutie mark and wings. Here I added a bit to the mane - told ya it changes frequently :P.
Stage 6 - Then I finalize everything, tweaking the details. The mane changed a bit (again), and I drew hair lines in the mane and tail, which I find very fun. I repositioned the cables around his chest, and I erased extra lines I didn't need anymore.
Stage 7 - I outline the pony, putting much more pressure on my pencil.
Stage 8 - I love this stage because of how much it scares people. I erase the lines because the pencil's pressure left indentations in the paper which I can trace with markers.
Stage 9 - With colored markers, I draw over the indents. If I left the pencil marks there, it would show through the marker, giving it an unclean look. And pony outlines are very clean, as everypony knows.
Stage 10 - Once all the outlines are done, I color in the iris with usually three colored pencils. One for the shine towards the bottom, one for the main color, and one faded into the top for the darker shading.
Stage 11 - Now I begin to color in the pony with colored pencils, which is the longest stage of completing it.
Stage 12 - The pony is done, but not complete.
Stage 13 - I go over the colored pencil with a very light grey marker, filling in the tiny gaps of the pencil's coloring, giving it a smoother look. Then I scan the picture, photoshop it to bring back the colors the scanner seemed to forget, and I upload it.
Finally, I show my fellow bronies! :D



Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , Nov 27 2011 · 304 views
Bueller, Anyone?, Ideas?
What kind of group is "Frowned Upon by Hapori Tohu???"
What? Wat? ... Wait ... wat?


New Blog ... Thing

Posted by Dragonfly the Luminescent , Nov 25 2011 · 1,130 views

First of all, how illegal is it to make a blog with the intention to try to figure it out? (Keep in mind that me messing up is inevitable)
It's not like making a spam topic or post, because the blogs are personal, right? Sorta? Man, I need somebody to help me out here ...

Anyway, here goes nothing!
(Yeah, more like "here goes the inexperienced noob!")

Oh right, I should click publish ...


Posted Image
Drawn by me and vectored by Sonu Nova!
I actually drew her hair reversed, so by flipping it I fixed it ^_^

Toa Mata Pony

Posted Image

Drawn by me, vectored by Sonu Nova a.k.a. Calamity!

My Buggy

The most adorable creature in Spore

Posted Image

Posted Image

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