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Chronic Obsessions


It's a good Pokeday

Posted by Obsessionist , Sep 12 2014 · 64 views

I finally bred that perfect Torchic that had been evading me for weeks...

and then got a shiny Porygon on Wonder Trade. Trace, 5IV, everything but defense, not hacked. I think that's the second shiny I've received there, the other being a Leavanny, and that looks almost identical to its normal form.


I giggle at the most pointless things

Posted by Obsessionist , Sep 11 2014 · 63 views

Related: I get curious about the most pointless things.

The journal "Polymer Mechanics"

Was it intended as a pun? Because I hope it was.


Well that's nice

Posted by Obsessionist , Sep 08 2014 · 61 views
:br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br: :br:


So School Happened

Posted by Obsessionist , Sep 06 2014 · 77 views

Then I bought Super Mario 3D World with the Super Smash sale.



Zelda Kart is actual DLC

Posted by Obsessionist , Aug 26 2014 · 111 views

Posted Image

I... Was not expecting this. Nintendo UK has honest-to-goodness announced Mario Kart 8 DLC coming out in November. (one comes out in November, the other doesn't come out until March 2015). It's starting to look like the Smash Kart people have always wanted, too. Link and the Villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing will be among the downloadable characters, and Zelda and Animal Crossing inspired tracks have been promised. Plus an F-Zero inspired kart.

Here's the page, but long story short, there will be two DLC packs available for ~$12 each, (see edit) including three characters, four karts, and two cups (eight courses) per pack. It certainly seems reasonable to me.

I'm more than a little surprised. I could see Nintendo making Mario Kart 8 an all-out Super Smash Kart, but to just dabble in non-Mario content like this seems odd. For some reason I feel compelled to dislike the idea of mixing in other franchises like this, especially when it means putting Link on a motorcycle... But I can't make myself dislike it. It's just too cool! I'll take all the HD Link I can get! I am very excited for race on some Hyrulian tracks. I've never played Animal Crossing, so I'm ambivalent towards that side of it, but more Mario Kart is more Mario Kart!

In related strange Nintendo news, apparently there's a Pokemon-Tekken Tag crossover "Pokken Fighters" slated for arcade release in Japan? So that's a thing.

Rapid Edit: As I was writing it, the North American page happened! First off, it's $12 for both packs! That's an entire four new cups (including a TRIFORCE CUP), meaning a 50% increase in track number, for just twelve dollars. Props to Nintendo, I expect this will get some people who haven't already to buy the game. There's also more pictures (including the Animal Crossing characters)! Pack 1 (the Zelda one) will release in November, the second will release in March 2015. So there will be waiting. I you haven't gotten a Wii U and Mario Kart 8 yet, you should, because the you can race me as Link. Plus, of course, the Wii U has other great games, just sayin'.


Smash Bros Roster

Posted by Obsessionist , Aug 26 2014 · 60 views

I'm still waiting for the Guru-Guru and Hapori Tohu leaks.


That Painful Feeling

Posted by Obsessionist , Aug 14 2014 · 125 views

When you have vague recollections of something nostalgic, but don't remember enough about it to pin down what exactly it was or search it out.

I know that as a kid we had a couple of VHS tapes with a particular children's program. It started out live-action, with this man in a cool house and, I believe, some sort of VCR player that looked impressive. This man introduced whatever that episode's classic tale was, and then we saw an animated feature of said tale. I clearly remember Peter Rabbit and the tale of Paul Revere being shown. I vividly remember the old US flag with the segmented snake being featured, and I believe there was a snake character in that episode as well. If anyone remembers this show or knows how to research it, I'd really appreciate it.


Off to Ecuador

Posted by Obsessionist , Aug 05 2014 · 62 views

Be back the 13th.


Cosmo Destroys OoT Any%

Posted by Obsessionist , Aug 03 2014 · 71 views
Zelda, Speedrun
I'm a pretty late in realizing this, but Cosmo Wright, video game speedrunner, has performed a near-optimal run of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, in 18:10.3. He's made a pretty educational and touching video of the gameplay with commentary on speedrunning, the history of speedrunning OoT, explanations of glitches and optimizations, and the like. It's a beautiful watch if you're familiar with speedruns and a very accessible/educational watch if you're not, so I highly recommend it. See it here. It's totally clean language-wise, which is another advantage it has over the live stream.

I've never done speedruns or anything, but it awes me to see such a good run, and in some ways saddens me that it will be near-impossible to improve in the OoT Any% category now. Of course, that's been said before. :) It may take a few years, but I hope some new glitches are found someday. Well done, Cosmo.


Notes on Brickfair

Posted by Obsessionist , Aug 03 2014 · 67 views
Brickfair VA 2014
-The Le-Koro display was fantastic
-Retinence's Leafeon was great, I hadn't seen that before
-Sumiki is more desperate for hats than I realized
-I still don't think a Wal-Mart bag counts
-Zatth! Kongu Mahri Kanohi guy is Zatth!
-Kudos to B6 for sorting the brick parts-draft style, which made it ten times cooler
-I now own four dark orange Kohrak-Kal shields
-Also 23+ pairs of dark orange 2x6 slopes
-SpaceSHIP, SpaceSHIP, SpaceSHIP
-Meeting BZPers is cool
-So is streetpassing BZPers... I really should have cleared out my Mii Plaza halfway though my visit
-Why must Chick-fil-A be so crowded

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