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Chronic Obsessions


Done with Undergrad

Posted by Obsessionist , May 08 2019 · 69 views

Last night I turned in my final undergrad assignment before getting my BS in Mechanical Engineering. It was a 100-page research document entitled "Motivations, Values, and Creative Processes of Participatory LEGO Bionicle Fan Community," which feels like an appropriate way to cap things off.

Might try to get it published. We'll see if I have the motivation.



Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 16 2018 · 453 views

Posted Image

Ehhhh character design is not my strong suit but I was trying.

Not sure what kind of legs to do; I've had a couple of horrifically poor prototypes.



Posted by Obsessionist , Oct 31 2017 · 343 views

The best Legend of Zelda character. Well... Guru-Guru come close. But I relate to Shad so much, and adore his character design.

Anywho I changed my profile pic, which gives me a grand total of one pic change and one name change in the seven years I've been here. All ya hooligans with your name contests every month give me vertigo.



Posted by Obsessionist , Sep 01 2016 · 472 views


I was going to get a New 3DS XL, but obtaining all four of these is my #1 priority. They are so beautiful and I cannot not have all Zelda amiibo.


LEGO Solutions

Posted by Obsessionist , Jun 08 2016 · 596 views
Hat Rack, Deck Box, Amiibo and 2 more...
I needed some things, so I built them out of LEGO. It's cheaper that way, until you need the parts later.

A hat rack.

Posted Image

A deck box. (Green-Blue counter multiplying deck, by the way.)

Posted Image

An Amiibo Stand.

Posted Image

Sensor bar holder.

Posted Image

In other news, I'm in the middle of making some changes to my LEGO storage, which is not the ideal time for a really cool BBCC to pop up. Ah well.



Posted by Obsessionist , May 24 2016 · 623 views

Posted Image

If you can type 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 WPM or more, you'll just have to resort to scientific notation.



Posted by Obsessionist , May 10 2016 · 464 views

It's exactly what it sound like. Alternating three minute intervals of chess and boxing, you win if you checkmate your opponent in chess or knock out your opponent in boxing.

I had no idea this was a thing.



Posted by Obsessionist , Apr 29 2016 · 481 views
Critical Role, doors, final boss



Posted by Obsessionist , Apr 27 2016 · 484 views
zelda, NX, Wii U, Really? Again?
As I see it, there are two possible timelines:
  • The year is 2036. Zelda NX/Wii U is consistently lauded as the best game of all time, praised for its visual design, sprawling and interesting overworld, and masterful combination of open world gameplay, satisfying combat, and engaging narrative. All children play it as a rite of passage, and most gaming sites have a week, if not a month, dedicated to discussing and celebrating the game. There is many a humble reflection on how frustrated we were when the game was originally delayed, and how grateful we are that Nintendo knew it could not rush art.
  • The year is 2036, and the game formerly known as Zelda Wii U has been announced for a tentative 2037 release on the New Super Nintendo GameIsocahedron U.


Terry Pratchett

Posted by Obsessionist , Apr 19 2016 · 389 views

If someone could retroactively introduce me to Discworld ten years ago or so, that'd be great.

Loving these novels.

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The Fellowship of the Ring
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The Martian
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Some H.P. Lovecraft stuff
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Picture of Dorian Grey
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The Dawn Treader in particular
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Most all of Ray Bradbury's short stories
(I'm terrible at remembering what books I like)

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