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Chronic Obsessions


I am a BatPerson

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 30 2015 · 43 views


D&D Monopoly

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 28 2015 · 68 views
probably horrible and 1 more...
· Banker = DM.

· Speed determines what kind of dice you roll for advancement. You may choose to role a die equivalent to your speed in squares or any lower die. For example, 40 ft. speed means you can role a d8, d6, d4, d3, d2, or d1.
· Prices may vary. Prices are liable to go up or down by 50% based on your interactions with the NPC owner. You may try diplomacy, intimidation, bluffing, disguise, etc., just keep the interactions short.
· Community Chest gives you a random helpful item, rolled for with a percentage die by the DM.
· Adverse effects (jail, bad chance cards, luxury tax, etc.) may be avoided with a save.
· Stuff like selling land and trading cards is effected by checks and such.
· One escapes from jail as one would escape from a jail in a D&D session, given 4 standard actions per Monopoly turn to do so.
· Landing on a space another character owns would normally simply force you to pay the fee to stay there. Instead, you have options.

o Pay the price.

o Diplomacy/intimidation/other checks can do anything between doubling and halving the price.

o End up in combat with the owner. If you lose, you pay the price.

· Any time two players occupy the same square they may initiate combat.
· Any time combat occurs, it is between two PCs. Combat goes until a forfeit or one player’s HP is at 0 or below. The loser is mugged for ½ his money and restored to 1 HP. Before combat starts in earnest, either player may attempt to convince other players to help out. Only the initial combatants are mugged at the end of the fight.
· Daily resources such as daily abilities or daily spell allotments, as well as HP, are renewed only after that player sleeps at another player’s property. Do utilities and railroads don’t count.


The good news

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 27 2015 · 66 views

is that, now that Zelda Wii U has been delayed with no good release date, there's less chance of it interfering with any college exams.


Smearglelocke #3: Splash

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 25 2015 · 60 views
whyyyyyyyyyy, down with machop
Log Entry 3:

No no nonononono


It was going so well

Things stared out OK. Sure, I accidentally killed my first encounter on Route 6, and then accidentally killed the Snorlax of Route 7, but I had an excess of Smeargles anyway, right?

And Route 7 was fun! The riverside, the artists, the Smeargle-obsessed NPCs, hilarious 4-Smeargle double battles, great moves to sketch. Even a field move! I had despaired of ever learning Rock Smash, since Smeargle can't learn TMs or HMs.

Connecting cave brought yet another dead 'mon. I just play it too safe, I guess... or not safe enough. Route 8 brought Greanna to the team... or, rather, the PC box.

Then things went downhill. Literally downhill too, as route 8 goes down a slope, but even more figuratively downhill. Rising Star Rhys lead with a Pancham. A fighting type. I switched to Rafael. He had Harden, surely he could weather the storm. No! With Rafael near death I frantically switched my 'mons in and out, grabbing a hit here or there and taking near-lethal damage each time. The Pancham fell, I breathed a sign of relief... and then Rhys sent out a Skiddo that banished Rafael from this mortal coil.

There was much mourning and nursing of wounds. I started to sneak onward, weary of other trainers...

BAM! MACHOP! No, I turned to Trevon. My darling Trevon. My special sweeper, my coverage. He had Confusion. He would supereffective this monster to death.

...Trevon dealt less than 50% before falling. In a second that seemed to stretch forever, I saw my greatest hope die. Trevon. They killed Trevon. Do you know how hard it to get good special moves on a Smeargle? He sacrifice will always be remembered.

Leonardo would be my replacement special sweeper. I saw a Spoink with Psywave. I tried to get Psywave. I now have SPLASH. Why did a Spoink have Splash. whyyyyyyyy

In Team:
Sasha, Lv. 23, Own Tempo. Beginning to take a greater role as her comrades fall. Sasha, I vow to never let you leave me.
>Rock Smash Also she has a field move now! Thank you, NPC Smeargles! (so... how am I ever going to get surf...)

Ketchup, Lv. 26, Technician. I'm counting on you, man. Don't let me down. Your damage-dealing abilities are more important than ever.

Soft Ye Now!, Lv. 22, Technicia
>Leech Seed

Barium, Lv. 21, Technician. He's still a moveslot underdeveloped, but Brick Break is decent!
>Brick Break. Again, think you, NPC Smeargles!
Leonardo, Lv. 10, Technician. WHY
Wilhelm, Lv. 15, Technician.
>String Shot
>Vice Grip

In Reserve:

Rafael. He learned Metal Claw before giving his life. I'm glad he got a taste of the offensive life he always wanted.
Trevon. One of my earliest Smeargles. A great friend and the Special Sweeper I had dreamed of.


Smearglelocke #2: Reserves and Mistakes

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 23 2015 · 52 views

Playing Pokemon was, tragically, not a priority for this last week. But there has been progress!

New Smeargle's names are in bold, as are new moves.

Log Entry 2:

I'm realizing now that perhaps the greatest challenge of this Nuzlocke will be finding good moves to Sketch. They're there, I know, but I'm not going to use outside resources to plan out movesets, save for my memories of previous XY runthroughs. (Get hype for someone to sketch Oblivion Wing!) No, I'm finding moves the hard way. Encounter a Pokemon, let them use their moves, if there's nothing useful then kill it. Rinse and repeat. Route 4 brought access to Vice Grip, ever-so-slightly superior to the Tackle of Route 1. But I can't simply replace moves! No, I instead forgo redundancy and await even better moves in later Routes. Route 4 also brought an addition to the team, named Soft Ye Now!

Sycamore strikes fear into my heart, but Trevon pulled through. Electric/Fire coverage is... well, coming from a Smeagle, the damage is merely sufficient. But sufficient is exemplary in this run!

The Bulbasaur is quickly traded for Barium, and Route 5 brings Leonardo onto the team. As I reach Camphrier Town, I realize I must chose which six Smeargles shall compose my team! My gaze rests on Sasha. My first Smeagle, my most loyal companion... But made redundant, nay, useless by Ketchup! Both were meant to be physical powerhouses, but only Ketchup has been successful... I am in the very act of placing Sasha's Pokeball in the PC when a tear rolls down my cheek. No. Sasha shall stay by my side.

I console my Smeargles as two of them are placed in the PC. I know they shall be waiting for me when I most need them.

In Team:

Sasha, Lv. 18, Own Tempo. My moral support and loyal companion.

Rafael, Lv. 18, Own Tempo, @Poison Barb. from Route 2. Yeah, her poison barb doesn't let her actually deal useful damage, but ti's the thought that counts.
>Poison Sting

Trevon, Lv. 21, Technician. This guy earned his Sassy nature. He's the smart-alec teenager of the group, always nudging his way into battle with a smirk, knowing he'll deal some super-effective damage.
>Thunder Shock
>Sketch So exciting! Maybe a water move? Grass might be nice.

Ketchup, Lv. 21, Technician. He has a gentle nature but knows when he needs kill some stuff for the good of society. He's that usually gentle kid in gym class who would accidentally break a hockey stick with his hand, reminding you that he deserves a little fear.

Soft Ye Now!, Lv. 16, Technician. A passive, soft-spoken lady of a Smeargle. I'm thinking she'll be a more effective Rafael. I want to teach her Protect and eventually a healing move (Oblivion Wing?) for a good stall set.
>Leech Seed, sketched off of the very Bulbasaur that Sycamore gave me.

Barium, Lv. 14, Technician. Maybe I can salvage him? He wants to be out in the fray, so I'll keep him around.
>Sketch. I dun goofed. Accedentally leveled Barium up to 11 before having him sketch a move... Now he will never learn his 11th level sketch. He will forever be one move behind his peers, feeling like the freshman in a class of seniors... What have I done?

In reserve:

Wilhelm, Lv. 12, Technician. Sorry, Wilhelm, but I've got enough normal physical attacker already. I'm afraid it's time to invest in some new blood, with new move slots for me to mess up. You taught me valuable lessons.
>String Shot

Leonardo, Lv. 9, Technician. Naive is right, he's never even seen battle. Someday, Leonardo, when I need a hero, you will rise up.



Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 19 2015 · 96 views

For my big math paper, my IB IA, I decided to do a calculus project. Because statistics projects are too mainstream.

I decided to do something Lego-related, and optimized the cost of making a rectangular prism and a cylinder. Turns out, Lego has width and makes everything hard.

The upshot is that I got to cite BrickLink in a scholarly essay.


Smearglelocke #1: FORGET NUZLOCKE

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 09 2015 · 91 views

I'm sure someone's done it before, but I'm ditching my Nuzlocke in favor of a more interesting Smearglelocke of my own design.

Nuzlocke rules, but every time I catch a Pokemon, I must immediately trade it for a level 10 or below Smeargle.

Smeargle only learns Sketch. Once Smeargle uses Sketch to copy a move, he only learns Sketch again every ten levels. So, unless I make it to the move relearner with super low-level 'mons, no one on my team will even know four moves until level 31.

These are randomly bred Smeargles, of course. No hidden ability Moody, just a 50/50 shot at Own Tempo or Technician. Random IVs and natures and all that. And I can only Sketch what I find, no importing a Darkrai to learn Dark Void.

I, for one, am super-hyped to accidentally Sketch nothing but stat-boosting moves.

Log Entry 1:

My Smeargles and I have braved Satalune Forest and the Bug Gym. Being constantly surrounded by needy Smeargles is a feeling perhaps akin to that of the cliche cat lady. My team thus far:

Sasha, Lv. 13, replaced my starter. She served me well but has largely been surpassed by Ketchup as my physical damage-dealer.
>Tackle: Learnt from the first Caterpie I encountered. Learning good moves is hard, going without any moves is harder.
>Endure: Learnt from a Riolu. It turns out that it's actually tough to wait around for a wild Pokemon to use the move you want to Sketch when your only stalling tactic is switching out every turn, hopefully this move will alleviate that.

Rafael, Lv. 13, from Route 2. A female, inappropriate name notwithstanding. Taught me to be careful when using Sketch.
>Harden. Useful if I want to turn Rafael into a pseudo-stall Pokemon, but boy was Rafael useless until she learned a second move.
>Poison Sting. Yeah... Only made Rafael slightly less useless. She's a trooper, though.

Trevon, Lv. 15, from Santalune Forest. My first Technician Smeargle, and proof that Smeargle can be made into a Special Sweeper, given his speed-boosting nature. It's not Timid, but Sassy is close enough. I knew there were Pikachu with Thunder Shock around and that I could sketch some other offensive coverage eventually. I have big dreams for this guy.
>Thunder Shock

Wilhelm, Lv. 12, from Route 3. Oh, Wilhelm. I had such high hopes for you, with your Technician and excellent stats.
>String Shot. Be careful when you use Sketch, kids.
>Sketch. I'm saving this Sketch to get something awesome in the next areas. Wilhelm can be redeemed!

Ketchup, Lv. 15, from Route 22. Ketchup has become everything I wanted Wilhelm to be. You can only make base 20 attacking stats hit so hard, but Ketchup manages to pull his weight. He almost single-handedly defeated the first gym through liberal use of Rollout.
>Tackle. And easy Sketch of a common enough move, but between Technician and STAB it's one of the best moves available in the starting area.
>Rollout. As soon as I encountered a Dunsparse with this, I knew I had to Sketch it. I leveled up Ketchup specifically to learn another copy of Sketch for that purpose. It was a little perilous--I had to kill Dunsparse quickly before his Rollout became too powerful--but it was worth it. Noteably, the first couple turns of Rollout are boosted by Technician.


Nuzlocke Rules

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 07 2015 · 104 views

A couple of Youtubers I like are doing Nuzlockes, which really made me want to do another one with Pokemon Y. This meant spending most of today getting Zygarde, Mewtwo, and Articuno on my previous Pokemon Y Nuzlocke file to transfer to Omega Ruby. And while I was at it, I spend hours trading items and 'mons over to Ruby, so I wouldn't have to collect the Mega Stones again or save up battle points for items. Luckily I could borrow my sister's 3DS to do this.

Finally, it's time to start. Since everyone does it a little differently, and to hold myself accountable, here's my take on Nuzlocke-ing:
  • If a Pokemon faints, it's dead and must be released. Actually released, no RIP box or cop-outs like that. I broke down and made a RIP box last time, but this time a death is a death.
  • Only the first Pokemon encountered in an area may be caught. This excludes trainer battles, but static encounters like the Mega Lucario, Legendaries, and such do count. I'm not using the duplicates clause, if I get duplicates, I have to use duplicates. I'm using/inventing the Shiny Clause. Any shiny I encounter is presumably a gift from Arceus, and I'll catch it and use it.
  • No running away from battles, ever.
  • Change battle style to "set".
  • No Exp. Share. I used it last time, but this time I don't want any Pokemon I don't use to suddenly be high-level.
  • While in battle, no using items (obviously excluding Pokeballs), except when the opposing trainer uses an item, in which case I may match the opponent item-for-item.
  • Pokemon can hold any items.
  • I'll use Pokecenters as much as I like. I'm not ready to go that hardcore.
  • I'm choosing my starter. I'd like to go random, but one benefit to replaying Y is finally being able to catch Zapdos at the end of it, and for that I have to choose Fenneken. Though I hate the ear-hair.

Thus far my team is Magus the lv. 7 Fenniken and Killion the lv. 3 Pidgey. I'll probably update with my progress from time to time. It's a little cliche and boring in blog format, but I'd like a record to be kept of the brave Pokemon souls who will sacrifice themselves for me. Maybe. Hopefully there are no fatalities. Ha.


It's the little things.

Posted by Obsessionist , Mar 04 2015 · 84 views

I've been reading the comic Frazz from the beginning in between homework assignments. Frazz tends to wear different graphic tees, he finally wore one with a Triforce. Or a delta symbol, or something. I'm going to assume the cartoonist is awesome and it's a triforce.

What am I doing with my time.


Social Media

Posted by Obsessionist , Feb 27 2015 · 114 views

The fact that Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has an Instagram just seems wrong.

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