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This is My Lawn ♫♪


Zelda Fanart

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 30 2012 · 73 views

More fanart...  Because Colors! 3D.
Posted Image
A Link to the Past hair FTW.


My Little Pony Fanart

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 29 2012 · 142 views

Posted Image
I love Colors! 3D.  I really do.  ^^
Anyway, I was doodling a bit (just some shading practice on a sphere) when I got bored and made that sparkly background.  Then it reminded me of Pinkie Pie. 
This is the first pony I've ever really drawn...  I was never meant to draw ponies.  D=
~Tekulo <3


My Dream Last Night

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 29 2012 · 81 views
It was kinda like Red vs Blue meets Princess Tutu meets Kim Possible meets a Halo team match.

So, previously I've had recurring dreams about a Halo map where there's this really big circle space and in a cliff area there's this really high-tech alien base. So many Elites... so impossible to defeat them... Anyway, the open area is like a large crater covered in grass and surrounded by mountains. There are around four or five entrances into the base; three of which are obvious being located at the very top, the middle and the very bottom of the map.

Now, in this dream, instead of swarms of Elites (red Elites, that burn with the fires of a thousand evils), it was more like two small teams. One of them consisted of three heroes (one android that highly resembled agent Carolina from RvB) and the other two dudes in black suits who were clearly the villains because they wore sunglasses indoors.

So apparently the Sunglass Goons wanted their android back to erase her memories because she knew something or whatnot. The heroes, of course, wanted to take down the large conspiracy composed of two inept guards. For truth. For Justice. FOR- uh... an android, I guess...

Anyway, two of the halo guys (one was the android, who could turn into a bird and fly up to the top, only that was moot because she was already at the very top when she used this power) went in the base through the top entrance after using a bird as a key to open the door... (Best security ever? Quite possibly). Once inside the rooms with ceilings around 40 feet off the ground with steel gurters and pipes and things everywhere, they used the grappling guns from Kim Possible to swing around and hide to ambush the Sunglass Goons when they were to enter. Of course the non-android started to sweep the room for ammo and weaponry.

But suddenly the Sunglass Goons catch the human red-handed! But wait, the android is still concealed 30 feet above them. She has an opening... And then she totally blows her cover and practically gives herself up. Oh, and the other hero made his way up from the bottom entrance of the base. Apparently there was an elevator or something.

Anyway, the Sunglass Goons' presence in the room prevents our heroes from actually fighting for some reason and they reprogram the android.

"Please access-" some file or another. I forget what he said...


"Delete memory."

"Data not found"

"... You no longer exist."

And then the android pretty much goes "Okay, cool" and continues swinging around the room with the grappling gun.

Best dream ever. Of all time.


~Tekulo <3


What I miss about the city...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 27 2012 · 85 views

Pigeons... Pigeons everywhere...

Dang birds,


~Tekulo <3



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 23 2012 · 122 views

  • Active Posts 1,286
  • Profile Views 1,285

That's right; my post count and profile view count are only one number off from each other.

I feel like this is a record. Not only is my post count pathetic, but it's equally as bad as my profile views. That's what I call nine years of consistency. ^^


~Tekulo <3


Thank You

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 23 2012 · 98 views
One karz of a year and 1 more...
Today late in 2012 I'm still alive. That means more to me than I can even comprehend right now...


Doomsday Entry #1

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 20 2012 · 108 views
Apocalypse is here and 4 more...
The battle thus far has been overwhelming. Several casualties have occurred including my beloved soldier, Frank. He was the finest lawn gnome I ever had the pleasure of buying for $5 at a garage sale. -sniff-

I've managed to bunker myself down in a safe house which consists of a number of cardboard boxes in my room that I've duct-taped together out of sheer brilliance. My bedroom is the only area where the terrain is hazardous enough to fend off the invader. Unfortunately, my laptop is located in the lower level of the house, so I'm taking a risk being her-AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! THE BROTHERLY LOVE HUGS! THEY BUUURRRNNN! CURSE YOU, KOPAKA KURAHhhhhh~~~


Transmission fail. Please throw computer out of window.



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 17 2012 · 164 views
No! D=, NOOOOOO, DOOMED! and 2 more...
My brother Kopaka Kurahk will be visiting... He'll be here tomorrow...

And worse.

He has backup... After about three days of weakening my defenses, Akano: Toa of Electricity will arrive to finish the job...

I... I don't have much time... D'=

It's been so wonderful knowing all of you... Before I go, I just want to say-

~Tekulo <3


The Point

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 16 2012 · 164 views
Why am I so goth? and 4 more...
And it's colorful TieDye too-oh wait... I'm out of tags... XD


So anyway, I do like gothic scenery and generally I'm irreverent regarding dark subjects in stories (Like Matoro dying. I still can't think about that to this day without cracking up. XD). The key phrase there is "in stories." I know it's not real, so I laugh because I find it funny. However, I've cried before over the loss of pets in the past, and losing a close friend in real life (actually, I'd rather not talk about a recent event in my home town because of fatalities); I wouldn't really be able to comprehend what I'd be feeling.

I'm not sure why I'm bringing this up (nobody here has really called me out for being heartless or anything, though I don't recall being overly dark and irreverent on the site). Still, it's just something that crossed my mind for whatever reason today.

I love fictional tragedies. They are the most influential, in my opinion, especially if I grow to love the characters over time (I'm sorry to say I did not fall in love with Matoro. For starters, I'm already married and Gerard is a jealous, jealous tree. Especially in the summer when his leaves turn green with envy and chlorophyll). One personal favorite is the original The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Heck, anything by Andersen is my favorite story. XD To be fair, though, the endings in his works are a lot more bittersweet than truly tragic... A Brothers Grimm story where everyone dies is more tragic... and funny because the characters are under-developed. XD (Not kidding. Look up the story The Flea and the Louse or Death of the Hen. They're hilarious!)

Anyway, here's why I don't normally like it when people complain about sad events in fiction because it makes them feel bad:

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman. Nothing bad ever happened. They got married and lived happily ever after. The end.

Ermagerd... BEST STORY EVER!


You see what I mean (and don't try to copy that story and pass it off as your own. That's a Tekulo original, baby! And Gerard is the father).

I have a similar philosophy about life. Without getting too far into it (because I've already rambled quite a bit), there are a few sayings along the lines of "You can't make an omelett without breaking a few eggs." And, I mean, who doesn't like eggs? Those things are used in so many recipes! 1,000 ways to cook 'em! Meringue, poached, Holondaise sauce, scrambled, etc.

And now I want eggs...

GET OFF MY LAWN, BILLY! I WANT TO COOK EGGS ON THE SIDEWALK IN NOVEMBER BECAUSE I CAN TOTALLY MAKE IT WORK! (I have an electric sidewalk. I wanted gas, but let's just say that decision ended in tears... and fire... for the surrounding plants... and houses).

~Tekulo <3

Edit/Post-Lawn: FTR I also find the death of Twinkies to be hilarious. I am saddened due to the loss of jobs and all, but... Wonder Bread, Twinkies, etc are nothing I'll be missing any time soon. XD


Judge Tekulo Deems Ye Guilty! (And delicious)

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Nov 15 2012 · 125 views
Order!, Order on the Lawn!
So, today I judged a pastry competition at a local get-together in town. Most of them were pies, a couple of cakes and a few cookie entries.

The best of all was a beautiful poppy seed cake. ^^ My personal favorite was an apple crumb pie, though. Then again, I didn't mind those pumpkin snickerdoodles (that's right; pumpkin snickerdoodles)

The desserts went up for auction, so I only had a tiny bit of each dessert. The total probably amounted to one slice of pie, a few cookies and a quarter slice of cake. XD

Anyway, YOU ALL ARE GUILTY FOR NOT GETTING OFF MY LAWN! -swift gavel of injustice swish-

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