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This is My Lawn ♫♪


2013 Here I come!

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 31 2012 · 97 views
Okay, so I've been having a really good feeling about the next year lately and I had no idea why.
Then I realized it was 2013.  13 has been my favorite number for quite some time.
Friday the 13th has always been my favorite day ever.  Every time that magical date appears, I always, without fail, have a good day.  Nothing spectacular happens, but I guess it just brightens up my outlook on things.  ^^ 
Anyway, here's to a new year filled with wonderment and other fancy words!
Heck, you're even allowed on my lawn to celebrate!  But don't break anything.  >.>
~Tekulo <3


Tekulo is in his Happy Zone

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 27 2012 · 115 views
I feel glad, When I feel glad and 1 more...
For whatever reason, I am in my super-happy place.
I'm not sure why, though.  That is, it's not that I don't have any reason to be happy, nor does it mean I have a reason to be unhappy.  I'm just feeling wonderfully chipper.  ^^
So, for those of you that actually care, the passing of my holidays went like this:
Akano and KK are home tormenting me at every turn (I know you two will read this eventually, so I shall mention this now:  you are both my favorite and only siblings of all time.  Make of that what you will.  XP)
Cleaning my room and picking through tons of nostalgia and wanting to build lego stuff.  Good times.
My Aunt got me a fabulous mug which I love to death because it holds over a pint (Seriously, I think its capacity is around 24 fluid ounces.  For those of you who have no idea how much that is, let me put it this way:  it's a big mug that can hold a good deal of beverages such as tea, coffee or cocoa and that makes me sooooo happy).
My brother KK got me Ghost Trick; a DS game for those who aren't familiar with it.  I love it.  It's a very wonderful mystery game with colorful characters, a good plot, enjoyable gameplay, etc.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good story with their game. 
My brother Akano got me a few minifigs (The Space Queen whose brain piece is going into my Zombie set at some point and the Fairy) as well as an adorable little set with a piggy and a doggie.  ^^ 
Well, I'm still in a good mood, and I want to keep it that way, so

~Tekulo <3



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 21 2012 · 130 views
Tekulos thoughts, and opinions
I was really hoping for this.  COT has been far too cluttered for too long.
I know a fair portion of members thought it would be an empty forum that nobody would visit, but I for one will do my part to post new topics and to review and critique what other members put down (aside from RPGs because I'm not too interested in joining one at the moment). 
Also, did I mention awesome?  I think I mentioned awesome.
I'm in the middle of something, Billy!
~Tekulo <3



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 21 2012 · 94 views
Its the end of the and 2 more...
     Did the world always seem this… grey?  Wasn’t there a time where everything was filled with brighter colors?  Yes, there was something… music, that’s what it was.  It always sounded so pretty.  I think it came from a box of sorts.  I know that sounds a bit silly, music coming from a box.  But yes, I’m certain that’s what it was.  There were also other things as well…  We called them… laughter... bliss… hope… rapture… sorrow… pain… deceit… lies…  Yes, those were the colors that had filled the world. 
     Now it was as if all of those colors had been absorbed.  It’s as if the artist’s brush had retracted everything and… well, that was just it; and what?  Wherever those colors were now, they most certainly were not here.  Everything seemed blank; lifeless and barren.  The universe itself was now a blank sheet of paper.  What was to become of such a form?  Would the artist paint anew, or would it be decided that painting was simply not worth the time and effort? 
     How did the world come to be like this?  A world that was filled with such colors; how could they all just vanish?  It was all here just a moment ago, wasn’t it?  There was… there was a noise…  Yes, it was called… a shriek?  Yes, the woman in front of me; what did I call her?  Mother was it?  She was the first to go.  I think I held onto something…  I thought… it was important…  It had something in it…  I just can’t remember.
     Now the world filled with music, joy, wonder, suffering and pain is gone.  Now all that is left is me.  Am I the last to leave?  I close my eyes and I feel something.  It’s a key.  I turn it around and around then wait for the music to stop.
The world is over now, Billy, so
~Tekulo <3



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 16 2012 · 64 views
Wheeee a story, It kinda sucks
                The house was abandoned.  While it was abandoned, that certainly didn’t mean it was lifeless.  No, the cobwebs, droppings and moths scattered in the dust made that clear.  There wasn’t any natural light in the home.  The curtains on the windows had been drawn for, one could assume was, eternity.   In this main room furniture was knocked around and broken.  Portraits of the previous owners had been knocked down, torn and faded.  None of their faces seemed to hold a smile.
                It seemed like it was once such a large, lively manor.  A chandelier oversaw the ballroom which had now been littered with broken glass and dark stains on the marble.   It was wonderful to imagine what once was.  It was just so easy to picture a crowded room filled with women in flowing gowns and men in starched suits enjoying their lives at a wondrous social event.  Unfortunately, the surroundings told a different tale; of what was probably the last time the room saw any delight.
               Just outside, there was a large oak tree.  It had branched out higher than the house itself, which was quite a feat.  Although it was dark out now, one could still see its healthy leaves which now looked black at this hour.  The crickets and cicadas were silent around these parts, it seemed.  But most curious of all was a tombstone, faded and forgotten, which rested in front of the tree. 
               Yes, it was under here where it was discovered.  A casket, weathered and moldy, had been unearthed.  Beneath its lid there was nothing but a cushioned interior and an empty, open silver locket.  A blood curdling scream pierced the darkness of night.
... for you see, Billy, the body had been found, and it was moving!  And do you know what it said?
~Tekulo <3


I don't care...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 15 2012 · 173 views
too much drama and 1 more...
I don't care what you think.
I don't care what your opinions of the world are.
I don't care that you tell me what I can and can't do.
I don't care that you think ill of me.
I don't care that you think I think ill of you.
Because you're breathing,
You're alive,
You're human.
And that's enough reason for me to love the ###### out of you. 
~Tekulo <3



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 09 2012 · 99 views
Another Short Story
                The ship was often mentioned in lore.  She was built under a full moon on an island that doesn’t exist.  That is, the island is thought to be a myth.  None have ever found any trace of its existence.  Her name had been lost in an ancient tongue, eventually forgotten.  It was said she was beautiful, though; beautiful blue sails that would glow in the light of shimmering stars, wood that had been smoothed and polished so well that it could be seen at night.  Some say it ferried souls to the afterlife.  Others claimed it was a chariot of the gods. 
                Some versions of the story claimed the ship had a crazed captain.  After many years of sailing, he dropped by on land for one night.  He was so raptured with the world of land that when he returned to his ship he went mad.  His crew no longer trusted him and they decided to pierce his heart with a silver dagger.  After that the ship vanished almost as mysteriously as it was created.
                Few had claimed to see her late at night, far off of the shore, the witnesses drawn to the sea by the moans of the betrayed captain.  These stories always seemed to arise when the weather was clear when the stars were easily visible.  It was a laughable prank, really.  Nothing in the world could be so majestic, mysterious or magnificent. 
                Now, under the full moon, I stand here on the beach.  The wind murmurs gently in my ears.  The stars look beautiful now, and there is enough light to see the waves that cause the sand to shimmer in the night.  I hold in my hand a small, tarnished dagger I had found half buried.  Maybe the world was always majestic, mysterious and magnificent.  Maybe sometimes all you need to do is wait for the tides to bring something in.
There's your bed-time story, Billy



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 05 2012 · 164 views
I can read numbers and 1 more...
Whee, I got myself a Nintendo Calendar in the mail today!  8D
It's pretty small, but it has some pretty nice artwork.  ^^
Now then,
~Tekulo <3


The Tower (Ambage Short Story)

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Dec 02 2012 · 132 views
The tower was always viewed as the greatest of tests.  Many had entered, hoping to return a hero.  They never saw the light of day again.  Many said that after one reaches the very top, they would be granted a vast amount of treasure.  Others claimed there was a beautiful maiden that beasts had imprisoned, jealous of her beauty.  None had ever reached the top and lived.  That was the story, and this the beginning.

It all seemed so ordinary; that was what threw me off.  Regular sized doors, a few make-shift tables and some crates to be used as chairs lined the first room.  I had been expecting something a little more, well, grand.  My friend, an archer, raised his bow.

“Stay alert.” He ordered fiercely.  “We can’t afford to drop our guards.”

“Come on, surely you don’t believe this is the right place?”  I had been doubtful since I first laid eyes on the structure.  There only looked to be around ten stories, clearly not enough to be considered legendary.  

“It is.  I’m sure of it.”

“When you said we were going on an adventure, I had something more exciting in mind.  Well, I guess that’s what I get for being so gullible.” I picked my nails casually on the tip of my sword.  I was sure this would be boring.

The archer moved slowly toward a stairwell on the eastern side, checking ahead to see if we had company.  We did not.

“Let’s move.”  He began to climb to the next level.

“Yes, let’s…”  I rolled my eyes in disgust.  

The next level remained empty as did the one after that and the one after that.  Everything looked brown and caked in dust; not to mention calling the rooms furnished would be exaggerating.  No loot, no damsels, no threats; just a leisurely stroll through an abandoned graveyard that was once a building.
Eventually we made it to the very top.  The view was nothing special, and the roof was barren.

“Satisfied?  You dragged me all of this way for nothing.”  I hawked some spit off the side, counting the seconds it took until I heard the splat.

“On the contrary,” my friend chuckled, “We’re here.  The real test starts now.”

I looked up and gawked.   We had indeed found what we were searching for.

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