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This is My Lawn ♫♪


The Difference Between Earth and Stone

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 28 2012 · 308 views
Vampires, But no sparkles... and 2 more...
Okay, so this is a pretty old post I made in an old topic (it just resurfaced in S&T and I was hit with a gnarly wave of nostalgia, dude! Chaa') but it's also one of my favorite posts I've ever made on this site ever. I would put it on the side of my blog somewhere, but... It's a bit lengthy, so I figured it deserves its own entry.

Here I present the absolute truth of the difference between the elements Earth and Stone! True story.

It's simple, really.

The earth element is a sort of "vampire" element while the stone element is more conventional to the regular elements in the way they feed off of energy.

You see, most matoran gather their energy from other rahi through their kanohi. The earth element, however, absorbs energy from other matoran. Because of this, the earth element has been cast deep underground away from many of the others so they do not drain their food supply completely. You see, if they were allowed to roam free the casualties of matoran would drastically increase. Luckily they have adapted to conserve their power and only use it when need be in strong bursts (hence why strength is associated with their element as well).

This explains why Onu matoran do not normally show themselves in daylight (see above) and also explains why the archives existed in Metru Nui; they needed something to attract other matoran to their area. This would be perfect to lure in scholars and teachers (mostly ga and ko-matoran, however all matoran would probably visit the archives at some point such as ta-matoran making mask deliveries or le-matoran dropping off a new shipment of rahi for the archives).

Ever notice how Onua is always calm, collected and understanding? He has to be. It keeps his character approachable and generally liked. If he were, say, as hot-headed as tahu other toa and matoran might flee him and then his power levels would suffer. It's better for him to keep to the shadows and chime in where needed to help resolve conflict and keep the team unified. It's for his survival.

Other than that, though, the elements are more or less the same. You might be told something crazy like the difference deals with particle size or some other nonsense, but those are just illogical conspiracies bent on keeping the true nature of the earth element a secret as to prevent mass-panic and racism from arising through the other elements.

And that, dear friends, is the true difference between Earth and Stone.


Slowpoke Entry

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 26 2012 · 161 views
I reiterate; Lin Befong is awesome.

(Also, Korra. Can't wait for the second half of season one to be released).



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 24 2012 · 178 views
Do de do de do, la la la la and 3 more...
debating whether i Should make a super secret club. Has anyone else ever made a club before? On the other hand, has anyone not made a club before? Understanding, of course, I can't exclude anyone, does that mean all members are officially a member of said club? Lemme think... Drat, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that...

In other words, I'm still in debate...




(post lawn: if you thought there was something odd about this post, then you are Correct. remember the code: Other Oshawts don't like Kellogs cereal, so Ines will tell Emily about Sally. those who figure it out will get the prize listed previously).


Random Thoughts About Stories...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 23 2012 · 206 views
Reading the same story over-and-over gets boring after a while. I guess that's why I'm not into really mainstream things like Doctor Who or Glee (ugh, I hate that show), Lady Gaga or Harry Potter. I guess that's why I like to read, see and hear other things like Baccano and The Looking Glass (Brandy, you're a fine girl indeed. ^^), Princess Tutu, Cat Laughing Last and it may play a role in why I'm still a member on this site.

I'm not saying the popular stories are boring... It's just... well, thinking about it there are several fans of the popular things. It's not uncommon to find a fan of Lord of the Rings or someone who worships Star Wars or Star Trek. It might sound hipster of me to say, but because those stories are so popular they have thousands of people who share common threads. In other words, people share something more in common and it becomes a "norm." It boggles my mind a bit to think so many people could have something like that in common sometimes. It's like they're one small step closer to being the same human, however small the trait they share turns out to be.

Consider life to be a story; a story is interesting with the events that take place and the philosophy tied in, respectively. In the mainstream world, hearing the same songs over and over again and seeing the same stories unfold gets a bit... dull, I suppose. Once not long ago I worked at an office where co-workers would play the radio every day for eight hours. Now, where I worked there were around six to seven people working together depending who had the shift that day. One of the employees, when she could have her way, would play a radio station that exclusively played songs including "Moves Like Jagger," "Firework" and other mundane garbage. Though, to be fair, they did also play Adel... once every few hours... Those were the only good songs on the station in my opinion. The radio station, only sporting around a total of ten or so songs, would repeat day after day after day. In other words; I was listening to the same music time and time again. Although I did enjoy a few songs, I would have preferred more variety.

Looking at popular culture as a whole, I suppose I view mainstream entertainment as I do that radio: I don't deny that the stories have potential and that I could easily enjoy them. I just prefer to have the many, many existing fans to have their fun in my stead. One less Doctor Who fan isn't going to kill anyone. Oddly enough, I have received some backlash for this way of thinking, however. I was in conversation with a group of my peers once, and I mentioned that I didn't like Lady Gaga. It was then I was attacked with the question "Well, what do you listen to then?!" to which I replied "video game music" as I had been listening to a lot of remixes at the time. The reply was "You're going to limit yourself to that?" The funny thing was, I thought they were limiting themselves to Lady Gaga. XD

There was also another incident where one of our older peers (a very kind woman and a great friend) mentioned to the younger generation that she had not read, and didn't intend, to read the Harry Potter series. Like a pack of wolves everyone in the room seemed to pounce for the kill, bombarding her with "OMG, Y U NO READ THE BOOKS?!" and "WHAT?!" the tone was along the lines of blasphemy for just not following the crowd. I chimed in and said that I too had no intention of finishing the series past book four (the last book I'd read as a kid). They seemed to grumble to themselves and quiet down. I was just thankful that they stopped with their prejudice (and over something as trivial as a book series no less XD).

So, I suppose that's why I'm not into Stargate or The Avengers and why I have little interest in Batman movies or other things of the sort. There's already quite a following for those titles, and I've heard of those stories before. What catches my eye, when I walk into the store, are strange things I've yet to see. I love being strange and learning new things. I suppose I've seen a Harry Potter fan before, and I have met Lady Gaga fans before. It isn't every day I meet someone else who likes Erik Satie or Dancing in the Moonlight or Princess Tutu or Rin. I love people that I think are interesting and I prefer it if everyone could expand their horizons a bit and let other things define them. Complexity is a wonderful thing, and I just wish people could see the full spectrum of light instead of the shades of gray in the world.


Ask Tekulo!

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 21 2012 · 183 views
Anything you want, Philosophy and 3 more...
Yeah, so I've seen this new-fangled blog whatsit around lately and I figured "Eh, why not? Wait... but why do it to begin with? ... WHOA!"

Anyway, after an epic battle involving a coin flip, a rock-paper-scissors tournament, an intense eye-spy contest AND the stop-hitting-yourself game; I finally reached an agreement with myself to post this.

So, I'll answer any question with truth honesty seriousness credibility integrity and most likely all around goofiness.

I figure there are probably only like five people who bother to read this blog and out of those normally three people that bother to comment, so I should be safe from a bombardment of questions (I am so popular on BZP, I can just feel the fame... By the way, my blog has approximately twice as many views as my profile. XD).

Now then, Danny... Wait... What happened to Billy?! DANNY, WHY?!



Wow, guys, that was fast. XD

You are transported to an alternate universe where Satie's Gymnopédies do not exist. Everything else is consistent between this universe and that one. What becomes your new favorite something?

What? ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Seriously, I'm looking forward to the dead of winter so I can gaze into the snow while listening to that song. Best. Idea. Ever.) Anyway, my new favorite something becomes the works of Hans Christian Andersen (and don't you dare take that away from me!)

Toxic Waste Bunny or Radioactive Rabid Rabbit?

Toxic Waste Bunny! <3 It just sounds soooo cute! =3 (You can tell how thoroughly I thought that one through...)

June 31st or or September 31st?

Hmm... June 31st, I suppose. That's the last day I can make the horrendous pun "HEEEY, JUNE, DON'T MAKE IT BAAAAD!" whilst watching a certain Avatar episode and have it be on more than one level. XD

Did you not dream about farm animals?

You know, I dream about a lot of things. Farms animals, however, are not one of them, I'm sorry to say. D=

Rock-Paper-Scissors has been expanded into the much more complex Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. Your are tasked with adding more to this paradigm. What do you add, what is its hand signal, what does it defeat, and what defeats it?

I was actually tempted to add the lizard and Spock to my previous allusion above. XD Appreciated. Anyway, I add in the dragon. It defeats all previous options and its signal is similar to a Spock symbol rotated 90 degrees while bending your fingers inward slightly into a claw (three digits). I also add in enchanted bunny. It is defeated by everything except for dragon; it defeats dragon. Oh, and it's signal is basically vertical scissors with flopped ears.

If a tree falls in your room, and there aren't any cats to spazz out about it, does the toaster go off?

If the cat does not spazz, the bird does not chirp. If the bird does not chirp, the dog does not laugh at such sport. If the dog does not laugh at such sport, the dish does not run away with the spoon. If the dish runs away with the fork instead, the zombie apocalypse is not initiated. If the zombie apocalypse is not initiated, the human resistance does not develop MacGyver weaponry. If the human resistance does not develop the toaster canon, then no, the toaster will not go off. It's all right there in the logic, good sir.

I was looking through some music books yesterday and I found Satie's Gymnopédie #1. Do you think I should learn it?

(This is a stupid question because I'm doing it either way, but whatever.)

Dooo iiitttt. The mustache commands it!

Giant spiders or Jester hats?

Giant Spiders WEARING jester hats FTW!



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 20 2012 · 80 views
My computer, IT IS FIXED!
So, starting yesterday my laptop decided to go on strike/got sick/was lazy (it's hard to read emotion over computers... =/) by not starting up and instead displaying A GRAY SCREEN OF DOOOOOOOM!

Anyway, thanks to some searching the intermawebs, I managed to try running safe mode time and time again until finally an image (not a gray image mind you) popped up saying "Your Computer is being an cool dude. Please hold." and after around an hour or so of diagnostics, it's back up and running!

... For now at least... I've never come across this issue before, but apparently the issue was with one of the drivers. I also found advice to keep things clean (I did get a cooler for it a while ago, so I wouldn't find it strange to have accumulated some dust. I'll be keeping it clean for a while, so hopefully it'll remain working).

Here is a very accurate recreation script of what transpired during the events of the Gray Screen Fiasco:


Tekulo: ... Eh? Curse this new-fangled do-thingie... Wait, this isn't my lawn! CURSE YOU, BILLY!


~Tekulo <3

(P.L. aka "Post Lawn;" New art is happening soon. Will upload shortly to General Artwork
Edit: It's posted: Get off the lawn and go here


My Creeper Sense is in Affect...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 18 2012 · 137 views
hehehe, effect vs affect and 3 more...
(So, I totally want to see Effect and Affect in a violent battle to the death one of these days... I just find those nit-pickers to be so adorable <3)

Anyway, my friends have always called me a creepy person. XD I suppose it's because in school I was always the gloomy kid in the corner, plus I had very awkward social skills and such (cue the tiny violins for tragic ambiance. I want the tiny violins!)

So, I just recently discovered you could creep on other members on BZP by scrolling over their names. It's actually quite fun. ^^

(The duck is always watching... and she's also a magical ballerina princess!)

Now then Billy...


~Tekulo <3

EDIT: OMG, I can also creep on myself! This is great! 8D


New Member Title

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 15 2012 · 159 views
And the rejects
So, thanks to some random hobo my good friend who is smart, beautiful, cunning, clever, wise, handsome (I mean, that's some hand), nice, kind, great... uh... (uses Thesaurus beyond this point) amusing, funny, waggish, witty, sharp, intelligent, scholarly, bookish, pedantic, obscure, vague, scatterbrained, careless, senseless, futile and all-around hopeless, I was given a free ticket to change my member title. ^^ (In an unrelated note, playing the telephone game via thesaurus in Word starting with the word "amusing" can be fun. XD).

A huuuge thanks again. ^^ I'm honored. (The thanks... IT'S TOO HUGE! GET THE TANKS! THE TANKS! D= )

So, I went with "Illusory Instigator" for a few different reasons. Illusory meaning "based on illusion" or "based on fantasy" and instigator being "a person who initiates a course of action," I decided it to mean something along the lines of "Someone who begins actions in a world of fantasy" or simply "someone who creates fictional stories" (it's a bit of a stretch, I know... Okay, maybe a large stretch).

Though, the other, more literal meaning of the phrase implies "A person who uses deceptive means to cause trouble."

I'd say that also fits me quite well in certain circumstances (ask Akano. He can vouch for this I'm sure. XD).

I also liked the alliteration. ^^

Anyway, here's the list of titles that, unfortunately, did not come to be:

The Surreal Forger (I didn't quite like the flow of the words together and "Forger" has a connotation of "a falsifier" or "someone who creates counterfeits." That didn't seem to mesh with what I was going for in the double-meaning).

The Rock that Killed Teridax with his Ninjutsu (It just seemed a bit too long, plus Nuile and Hahli Husky both agreed to retract the title if I chose something too silly. XD).

Super Mega King of Awesome (Though a fact, it would just seem like bragging. XP).

Kawaii Desu Plushie

The Duck in Ur BaSE

Cat; I'm a Kitty Cat

And I Dance Dance Dance and I Dance Dance Dance

I'm Firin' my BWAAAAAAAA!

This is an Original Title (You know... because everypony wants to be original).

Insert Title Here

Old Man Jenkins (Mainly to fit with my Blog Title, though I thought it was too goofy. XD. Kudos if you get the reference).

Hmm... That reminds me...


~Tekulo <3


My Dream Last Night...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 12 2012 · 148 views
There was a battle and 1 more...
So I don't remember all of it quite clearly, but I remember it dealing with BZP in this weird glitch thing... Basically all of the words on the site were like this and the links didn't work. I remember finding a link, but it somehow turned me into super-mega-great-being-decide-who-lives-and-who's-banned-kawaii-desu mode. I think I was trying to tell the staff about it, but then the dream changed...

INTO WRESTLING MANIA! Well, it was a bunch of chibi peeps (so kawaii) sneaking into this wrestling show by pretending to be the pro wrestlers themselves (those two dudes were so easy to fool in THE BEST DISGUISES EVER! -TBDE include sunglasses with wigs that matched the owner's hair to a T. I never knew my dreams could be so funny XD-).

So, after we stole some costumes from the gift shop storage room (no joke. I was the shark guy... Steel Blue or something like that? The name involved the second word being "Blue" of that I'm certain). So then after raiding through more merchandise (even some fake Lego sets which featured Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow, etc (nice quality too for a knock-off brand), we gathered our footballs, tennis rackets and other totally logical items for wrestling (did I mention I'm not a sports fan? They all look the same to me), the real, much larger and less kind wrestlers sure enough arrived fashionably late, brushed us aside and got ready for some WRESTLING!

Of course after that the gang raided the clothing department, got some legit disguises (and because we were wearing masks at the time they didn't get our faces) and blended into the crowd.

Best BZP-related dream ever. XD

Oh yeah, that island I made is now available to the public (trying to sound like a big-shot).


Now worship it in fear and all of those other happy emotions. ^^


Advice for Cats...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Sep 09 2012 · 146 views
... If you ever get a cat tree sort of piece for your adorable ball of fluff and they just ignore it after a while, then no fear!

Follow my easy instructions to ensure your cat will rediscover and adore their old scratching post!

Step 1: Relocate cat tree to a new location.

Step 2: There is no step 2

Aaand presto! Your feline friends will spazz like it's raining catnip (please note that adding catnip into this equation may result in your cats surpassing the speed of light and defying the very laws of physics).

I know from experience...

Now then Billy,


~Tekulo <3

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I remember wheb (edit: wheb is totally fetch and is in no way a typo)

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