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This is My Lawn ♫♪


Frozen Figs!

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jun 07 2014 · 128 views

Anna and Kristoff
Anna back
I used Cinderella's dress from her carriage set because it had sparkle prints on it, and a design at the base of her skirt similar to the movie.  I don't like that she has gloves, but it's not possible to switch arms with friends torsos.  
With Anna I used Merida's skirt and the cape from the roman series minifig.  Her hair helps keep the cape in place fairly well.  I wish this piece came in orange.  Also, while I don't have a wide variety of torsos in the friends line, there is one in the Pet Salon that would really work for Anna.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can order that specific piece from Lego, nor do I want the Pet Salon set.  The dark grey was the closest I could get.
I like that Kristoff isn't from the Friends line.  It gives him a more solid build, which fits with his tough guy muscleliness.  That is totally a word.  
So, are these figs perfect?  No.
Am I happy with them?  Heck yes!
I have yet to get my pick-a-bricks, so it may be a little while until I continue work on Rapunzel's tower.
However, I am looking forward to getting a Frozen work underway.  I'm thinking inside Elsa's palace so I can reenact Life's Too Short (I totally did that with the Elsa and Anna figs earlier today.  I regret nothing!).
~Tekulo <3


The Fault in Our Stars

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jun 06 2014 · 97 views

Can I just cry for like twenty hours nonstop?
Must read the book...
Yet I haven't started on Harry Potter nor have I finished the two I am currently reading...  this poses a problem...  ;-;
I just need to digest this story for a while.  I didn't hear about the author or the book before, so I went into this movie blind.
I just...    augh.  No words...
Should have sent a poet.
~Tekulo <3


New MOC project

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jun 03 2014 · 155 views

Frozen is coming
I haven't abandoned my Rapunzel's Tower remake.  Quite the contrary: while ordering pick a bricks for the base of the tower, I was browsing through sets and I realized something.  Cinderella's carriage set could make a wonderful palace set for Elsa.  Not only that, but Cinderella, with a bit of work, could be made to look like Elsa.  I don't have the set in yet, but I have been toying around with some pieces I do have and I figured out Elsa's train!  Wahoo!
I also have an Anna prototype done.  Her color scheme so far is darker than what was in the movie, but I kinda like it better.  Actually she might be as good as she's going to get since Friends torsos are limited compared to regular figs.  
Anyway, I'm hoping to turn the carriage into either a mini version of the palace or just a small room.  It won't be as extravagant as Rapunzel's tower.
~Tekulo <3


Thoughts on why I hate myself.

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , May 27 2014 · 178 views

You know that person who, despite all of your flaws, just doesn't care?  You know, the person who looks past your faults and motivates you to do better.
That person is so not me.
I mean, sometimes I might act that way towards other people.  I honestly don't care about someone's orientation or beliefs or whatever.  But that's not because I'm a nice person.  No, the reason I don't care is because I am genuinely apathetic.  The reason I don't care is because I am so self absorbed that I am too busy dealing with my own stuff to care about other people.  
Whenever I goof up, my mind goes into "self hate" mode.  One time when i messed up at work, I was yelled at and the only way I could live with myself was to bash my head into a wall just to feel pain.  Another time when I messed up at work (I burned a tray of cookies), I chanted "I hate myself, I hate myself..." around five times... in front of my boss.  I guess that's how I work.  I sweat the small stuff enough that I'm overcome with so much guilt that I either have to bring myself to physical harm, or, more likely, be a bully with self-slander. This is why I am not that kind of person that I mentioned earlier.  I do not motivate myself to do better.  I do not see past my own faults.  I stress out so much that I become emotionally exhausted which makes me apathetic.  It's how I live with myself.  
I hate it.
My anxiety and depression probably didn't help me in this respect.  Like at all.  Not even a little bit.  And even though I've gone through treatment and I'm feeling pretty fantastic, I'm still not over it entirely.  It also doesn't help that my family has a low tolerance for my being a ditz.  And don't get me wrong here, I love my family.  They've supported me, raised me, and loved me.  And they're awesome.  Wonderful.  Fantastic.  Buuut they could also be a driving force for my want of self destruction (so I take them with a grain of salt.  But hey, what family is perfect, right?)
Case in point:  Yesterday my family and I went over a family friend's house to celebrate the holiday (which is the most depressing holiday of the year).  While I was there, I did something.  Something horrible.  Something major.  Something that could have potentially forced an evacuation of the entire planet to Mars.
I broke a glass.  
Once I did, my family (whom I love!  Really, I do!) moaned my name in that tone that just says "Oh god, he did it again, why do we put up with him?"  You know the one, right?  That one quiet, subtle tone that screams shame and humiliation which is so loud it can be heard in any room of the house.  Now, it was at this point that my family dropped everything and came over to where I was.  Not helping, mind you, but just standing there to watch the freak of nature in his natural habitat.  
Now, my method for cleaning broken glass is as such:  Carefully try to piece the shards back together to make sure nothing is still lingering around.  
"You know you can't just glue it back together (moron)."  (I added in the moron because they do think I am this stupid).
So, recap.  I screwed up.  I am now overwhelmed with the agony of twenty tortured souls because that's just how my brain works.  I snapped.
"Shut up.  You are not helping me.  Shut up.  I have this under control.  Shut up.  I already hate myself enough for literally every other human being on the planet.  Just.  Shut.  Up."  (Okay, so I didn't actually say all of that.  I just said "Shut up"  Whenever I'm losing my mind, I speak in between the lines).
So, shortly after this, our lovely hostess walks in and asks what's going on.  Once she learns about the broken glass, her first question, her first instinct is "Are you alright?"
I said I was fine.  I mean, no shards of glass had cut my skin or anything, but I was lying.  I wasn't alright.  I was giving myself way too much guilt over something insignificant. I was being harassed with one snyde comment and that was enough to make me flip out at my family.  Above all, though, I was almost moved to tears because I was so unused to anyone asking me if I was alright that that one small gesture of kindness actually felt significant to me.  
You know what, I would love to be normal.  I would love it if I could just not sweat the small stuff.  Alas, the damage is done, and right now I am that guy who thinks something so small as breaking a glass is important enough to write this entire entry about.  
Ugh...  I don't care anymore.
... I guess that's apathy for you...


Dungeons and Dragons

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , May 24 2014 · 99 views
RPG, video game ancestor
So, a couple of old friends of mine are in town this weekend.  I've known one since my earlier school days and the other is his girlfriend (and they are adorable <3).  Anyway, all day today, he, his dad, his girlfriend and his dad's old friends played D&D.  I had to work, but I joined in this afternoon once my shift ended.  
The recap I got went something like this:  All characters started in a forest, and after searching around, they found only one single town in the entire area with a castle.  The castle was mean and did not offer any lodging, so they went to an inkeep, who took them in reluctantly after they mentioned they were broke.  So, he was angry, but whatever free lodging, and then they learned about a cave system from the locals where adventurers would enter, but never return from.  So, naturally, they all decided to loot the place and explore.  Then they got some treasure and paid the inkeep their bill and kept going back for no reason other than to survive.  They fought an Ogre and a horde of goblins and won, and when I came in, my character (as played by his girlfriend who is awesome at keeping three characters alive) was injured slightly.  
So, I started the game when we went to a chapel to get healed by acolytes.  Then we went into the caves again and explored, found some treasure in the Goblin Leader's room (they beat the Goblin Leader earlier) and then I used my infrared vision (as I was a half-elf warrior) to scout ahead to check if anyone was coming.  After a while of this, we ran into eight gnomes who shared some information about the unexplored corridors ahead among other things.  They were interested in using the caves (which had many dead ends) for mining, as they thought the cave system we were in showed signs of being mined previously.  They mentioned around forty hobgoblins ahead past a secret door, and they heard them coming so they started to run away, so we started to run away, but we weren't fast enough to outrun the hobgoblins.  Anyway, we could outrun the gnomes, but we decided to stay and fight the hobgoblins in order to help save the gnomes.  The gnomes decided to stick with us and help us battle.  One I named Sir Puff n' Stuff of Fluff and Stuff, who sadly was killed shortly after his naming.  The other, Sir Pointy, was an archer who climbed upon my shoulders and fired arrows at the enemies as I swung my battle axe and took out two hobgoblins with ease.  Then I spent forever trying to kill the Leader of the Hobgoblins who had super thick armor and required a roll of sixteen or higher on a twenty sided die to hit.  I managed to get two hits in while Sir Pointy slowly but surely chipped him away with arrows.  Eventually the other members of my party and the remaining gnomes finished off the other hobgoblins (eight males and four females total), and we won.  The six living gnomes celebrated as I commented "You know two of you died, right?"  Anyway, we ended the day there after looting what we could.  
We came back the next day to find the Leader of the Hobgoblin's body and one of the females was missing.  A trail was left behind in the dungeon, and we followed it to a corner of an empty room.  After finding a hidden door, we found two circular rooms.  One had a giant bag of seven treasures in it and in the other one there was apparently a bear.  After looting the first room, I investigated the supposed bear with my Bullseye Lantern and discovered it was merely a bear pelt which was used by the Hobgoblin Leader as a blanket.  Anyway, the trail led outside to another cave opening.  We decided to exlpore another end of the caves which we didn't get to before, but as we were leaving, we heard voices coming from the newly discovered cave entrance.  Things like "Where is this trail coming from?"  I suggested we use the bear pelt as a disguise to scare them back outside of the cave.  Surprisingly it worked, and we caught a glimpse of them running away.  Five humans.  Two with leather armor, three with plate mail.  (I was all "rawr!" and they were all "BEEEEAAAAAR!!!"  Good times). 
So after that we explored and looted the cave further after we made sure we were not followed.  After returning to town, we learned rumors of a traveling priest who was very charismatic and well received by the town.  Everyone but a local Cleric, that is, who got a bad vibe.  The priest always traveled with two acolytes in chain mail and supposedly traveled with travelers to the caves.  Only the priest and acolytes returned, and the adventurers were never seen again.  After that, I sold a keg of brandy to a bartender (I got it from the circular room) for 55 gp.  He originally offered 50, but I haggled, despite one of my teammates urging me to just take the 50.  
Unfortunately I have work tomorrow, so that's as far as I got, which is a shame because we just got into the plot.
Anyway, for my first time playing, it was fun!  Very imaginative, and I like how the game is mapped out.  The only thing is the game pacing is slow and leveling up seems like it would take weeks of playing.  
~Tekulo <3


You either love it or you don't

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , May 21 2014 · 134 views

You know that thing that you really get into that you're really excited about?
Well there are people out there that don't like it.
It could be because they hate everything popular, or maybe it's just not their thing or who knows.
And most of them probably don't really care and don't waste their energy fighting over trivialities.  You know, the ones that are mature.
Well, some of those guys are rude and essentially give off a vibe that says "that is terrible, why do you even like that?  You should stop having fun because I said so."
I am guilty of this myself because I can be smug.  Ask anyone in my family that thinks Glee is a good show (it so isn't), and they will verify this.
However!  It is important to chill and not take everything so seriously.  It is fine to not like things, but if you are a grump that constantly takes pleasure in pointing out extensive flaws in something right in front of the fans just to watch them squirm in discomfort, then you are just being mean.  (Note I said "in front of the fans," because when it's so bad it's good, I will laugh and pick it apart.  Viciously.  In private or with friends)
Also, opinions, despite how popular they may be, are not facts.  I don't care how extensively some guy I never heard of before wrote about why he thought story x had bland characters and ripped of popular story z.  I still like it and it's all about the eye of the beholder.
tl;dr -  Don't be a grump.
This wasn't really based off of anything that happened here, just a bunch of random things I've seen before at various points in my life.  It baffles me how much people can go out of their way just to be unhappy about something trivial. 
~Tekulo <3


If ever there ever a Wiz that was

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , May 18 2014 · 164 views
the Wizard of Oz is, one because and 2 more...
Because of the wonderfu-oh. Out of tags.  
Saw a stage production of Wizard of Oz with the folks last night.  Then, because every other place was closed at eleven at night, we dined at Pizza Hut.  The Riesling was an excellent pairing with pepperoni.  (Tekulo is lying.  That is a horrible pairing)
The play was good.  The actors had talent, the stage props were well done and they used an outtake from the movie, a number called Jitterbug which was pretty fantastic.
As I get older, though, I really have to keep in mind that the original story was a satire. (Edit:  wrong about this.  Sorry.  More info in the comments) It's really a strange story compared to the fairy tales I'm used to (and this one is different than a fairy tale, but has similarities and could be called one because it's pretty fantastical and deals with romanticism in terms of the overall story).  The story is about a young, brave heroine that can't really do anything for herself, who ends up a murderer by the most dubious of means while she demands someone else do her bidding and expects that service to be for free because she had to walk like five miles to see him because catching a cab or hitching a ride never occured to her also she stole a dead person's shoes and wouldn't give them to their next of kin.  Also the good witch is actually a manipulative schemer who takes advantage of opportunity to have an innocent lost girl do her dirty work for her by offing her competition.  Good is a very grim thing, apparently.  The wicked witch seemed kinda innocent to me.  She had like five million chances to off all of the characters and never took advantage of any of them and instead gave them a fun musical number because of her guilty conscience, which is more than Glinda has.  She just wanted her dead sister's shoes.  Like, come on, you killed her family and her nature is clearly benevolent.  Give her the shoes.
Did I mention I like Wicked?  Because I do.


Once Upon a Time

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , May 11 2014 · 150 views
Once Upon a Time, Emma/Hook and 1 more...
Tonight's season finale was wonderful
Everything I wanted it to be and more.  Despite the show's over-use of fantastical and overly intricate plotlines, it still finds a way to be heartwarming.  
Also I totally ship Emma and Hook.  I have for a while, and Aaaaaa so happy.  ;u;
Regina really really needs a happy ending, oh my gosh...  (though she kinda had this one coming)
~ Tekulo <3


Just a nerd thingy.

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , May 09 2014 · 127 views

So, I watched a video recently about mlp songs and it pointed out how the instrumentals in "This Day Aria" were really powerful.
I had never listened to the instrumentals alone because I normally don't do that for most songs I listen to.  Glad I did for this, though.

Note:  my music education ended at highschool after playing the flute, so if you don't think it's anything special that's fine by me.  I just found this interesting.
~Tekulo <3


Just thought I'd put this here...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , May 07 2014 · 151 views

Anyone else getting excited for Rainbow Rocks?
~Tekulo <3

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