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This is My Lawn ♫♪


Dual Destinies of Pokemon X and Y

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Oct 30 2013 · 98 views
Video games, Wheee
Okay, first off;  I've noticed you whippersnappers running across my lawn for a while now...  WELL I WON'T HAVE IT!
As of today I'm officially building a fence around my property to keep you troublemakers out!  Hah!
Anyway, I've recently purchased the new Pokemon games along with Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.  To refrain from spoilers, I shall not reveal anything major that pertains to the main plot for either game's story.  Let us begin.
Pokemon:  Despite there only being 69 new pokemon, the game is pretty fun with loads of new features.  I'm sure a lot of you have been keeping up with updates since the game's release, so I won't talk your ear off... yet...  (Muahahaha)
I decided to start with Chespin, and I am so glad I did!  I love everything about Chesnaught from design to in-battle.  As for the new fairy type, I've decided to celebrate by naming all of my pokemon after figures in Fairy Tales, Folklore and fictitious mediums of story telling.  Luckily for me, that covers a wide range of names to choose from, but I can only do six pokemon per team, right?
Chesnaught:  Johannes from the Brothers Grimm tale "Faithful Johannes" where a Prince's servant sacrifices his life to save his master.  Later in the story he is rewarded for his loyalty.
Blaziken:  If I could give him a nickname, it would probably be Midus in reference to the golden feather color in Blaziken's design.  King Midus seems to fit because when he mega evolves, I can't help but think the red spike on his head resembles a crown. 
Raichu:  Allfur based on the Brothers Grimm tale of the same name.  Allfur was a princess who, due to a complicated situation, was forced to dawn a fur coat containing a pelt of every animal known in her kingdom and flee to a far away land.  Eventually becoming a cook serving a young king, she never once stops trying to change her fate for the better.
Charizard:  Pendragon based on the Brothers Grimm tale "The Two Brothers"  The main villain in the second part of this story is a vicious five-headed dragon (Pente + Dragon).  Pendragon (apparently) is also a title that refers to one as a leader.  While it doesn't exactly fit with Midus in the group, I'd also like to think of him as the leader of villains.  It's an unfortunate fact that Charizardonite X does not give Charizard four additional heads.
Espeon:  Siegfried based on Prince Siegfried from "Swan Lake"  Originally I wanted him to become a Sylveon, but it turns out you need eevee to learn a fairy move plus maxing out its bond in Amie, so I ended up with a super fabulous Espeon instead.  I regret nothing.
Sylveon:  Mythos based on a character from Princess Tutu.  Mythos is a prince from a story who broke free along with his eternal rival to resolve their never ending battle in the real world after their author's death (He died before completing their tale).  Mythos is also based off of Prince Siegfried, however he is a prince without a heart and it is something he quests for (in his own way) in the events of Princess Tutu.
Lapras:  Odette based off of Swan Lake's princess.  Odette is a beautiful young princess who is cursed into the body of a swan.  She rules the lake where she is kept as the Queen of the Swans and can only transform back into her human form at night. 
Snorlax:  RipVanWinkle because he sleeps.   A lot. 
I have even more, but I don't want to fill this entire entry up with Pokemon stuffs.  After all, I still have Ace Attorney to nerd about.
Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is the newest game in the Phoenix Wright franchise.  I have to admit that I was worried when I learned Apollo Justice was still alive in this game.  However, being three cases into the game, I have to admit his character got a lot more appealing.  It's not just because he's covered in bandages either; he really seems a lot better than he did in his debut. 
The cases don't get any less bizarre, however they are definitely worth playing through.  The game also has a free bit of downloadable content where you can change the outfits of Athena, Phoenix and Apollo.  Each character only gets one additional outfit, however, but it's still a cool little add on to brighten up and customize your game. 
Speaking of Athena, she's really growing on me as a character.  She's definitely no Maya, but her skills and personality are very much entertaining.
What's that, Billy?  You decided to play these games on the 2DS?
~Tekulo <3


Equestria Girls

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Aug 19 2013 · 127 views
WAHOOO, it sucked, it rocked and 2 more...
I finally saw this movie within the past week.  And then I saw it again.  And then I saw it one more time after that.
Now, before I get into my thoughts on the movie itself, let me explain to you why I was so excited to see this movie in the first place. 
The show was doing fine up until the season two finale.  After that there were many instances where I thought the show could have done a much better job with the stories themselves if, instead of two-part episodes, they were movies.  Such episodes such as The Crystal Empire and especially Magical Mystery Cure.  Those episodes were, in my opinion, highly crammed in terms of story (The songs were fantastic, though, aside from  BBBFF). 
That's why I've been craving a My Little Pony FiM movie, and when I heard one was in production I was over the moon (poor Luna). 
When I saw that the story would include Twilight turning into a human (along with human-counterparts that looked like the mane six) I thought "interesting."  I have noticed a lot of negativity from fans and such assuming it would be terrible (though I'm not sure if any of those people had actually seen anything more than the trailer), but that didn't make me any less excited to finally witness this movie with my own two eyes.  And ears. 
As for the story itself, I rather enjoyed the beginning.  We saw Twilight's thoughts and fears about her new status as a princess.  In the episodes I'd mentioned earlier, I felt this sort of exposition was highly lacking or put to the wayside.  To see them not just show the characters acting a certain way as a hint and the fact that this exposition had more than five lines of dialogue was refreshing. 
MMC:  "Can't you fix it?"  "Nope, they're all doomed and it's my fault"  -insert song-  "They're your friends"  "You're right, now I know how to resolve this situation instantly by glowing for no reason!"
-womp womp-
Anyway, Sunset Shimmer's presence as a character brought some things to light about Equestria.  We now know that Celestia had a second student, and possibly has more out there.  As for traveling to another world, we have learned that this is possible through magic and that no matter what form he's in, Spike is doomed to be puny forever. 
Now, as for the Fall Social Dance plotpoint, well...  I had to snicker to myself that the fate of two worlds hinged on a teenaged girl winning a popularity contest.  XP 
Concerning the identical characters, I got some serious deja vu from the very first two episodes of MLP FiM.  The main difference was that instead of everyone knowing each other beforehand (and seemingly getting along), the main cast held grudges between each other.  I was interested until the truth between their fighting was revealed.  I had my hopes set too high for Pinkie Pie stealing Rarity's boyfriend to be a plotpoint in this movie (hint:  that doesn't happen in the movie). 
And now this brings us to Brad, as I want my final spoiler-filled stuff to be lumped together at the end.  I wish he had a more prominent role in this movie.  My impression of his importance to the story was to be a love interest and little else.  Granted he did come in handy a grand total of one time, but that role could have easily been given to someone else. 

So, those are my in-depth thoughts on the movie.  Overall, though?  It's a pretty solid movie for what it is.  The songs may not have been as strong as others in the show (although "Helping Twilight Win the Crown" is catchy and enjoyable) and there are still a few elements of the story that could use work (love interest, silly drama such as not-Brad being Sunset's exboyfriend which isn't brought up by Sunset at any point in the movie making it a moot point altogether, etc), but overall I did think the story was executed better than some of the two-part episodes out there.  This had the room for exposition and the right amount of tips of the hat to fans which I've been dying to see for a while now.  It's not as rushed as Magical Mystery Cure, more personal than A Canterlot Wedding which threw new characters at us left and right and focused on them, and handled the fate of a complex new world better than throwing a fun festival for ponies at the Crystal Empire (in this movie, you could definitely tell there was a lot at stake, especially towards the end). 
Is it perfect?  No, but it's definitely a good first movie for the series.  I know I enjoyed it, and I sincerely hope another movie is in My Little Pony's future. 
What's that, Billy?
You think the dolls look spot-on to their cartoon counterparts?
~Tekulo <3


Tekulo Gets Hit by a Rock

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Aug 07 2013 · 128 views
like a po-matoran
Let this be a lesson to you all:  When you go swimming at a lake, be sure you tell your brothers not to skip stones within the general area. 
What's that, Billy?  You're a po-matoran?
~Tekulo <3


Fire Emblem: Awakening

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Aug 05 2013 · 96 views
Thanks to the Nintendo E-Shop, I've been able to obtain a few new games such as The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages (which is pretty fun with a pretty cool game mechanic of time travel), Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles (I got this one fairly long ago, but it's still a cool game.  Not my favorite story in the series, but still fun) and most recently Fire Emblem: Awakening. 
I've finished my first playthrough of the game (I cannot for the life of me play while having the characters die, so I'm being a newb by having them all come back after defeat), and I'm starting on my second one.  This time I'm focusing on the characters I didn't get/didn't beef up and I'm marrying off different couples.  Lon'qu/Panne is still, however my OTP.  (My second OTP is Lucina and Yarne).
Seeing all of the different conversations and interactions between the characters is really fun and I love the mechanics. 
What's that, Billy?
Your OTP is Chrom/Sumia? ...
~Tekulo <3


The Bestest Fair Ever

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jul 30 2013 · 72 views

Long story short: I spent yesterday at the Ohio State Fair eating great barbecue chicken, lemonade, butter pican ice cream with cashews, a turkey leg and a candy apple; I went on rides that spun me around and flipped me upside down and I went down a huge slide; I went on a relaxing sky ride (and my anablephobia was kind enough not to show up); I saw sea lions balance balls on their noses, catch rings and dance and the entire day was fun and awesome.
I did not, however, get to ride the Crazy Mouse (if anyone knows what this ride is or has been tossed around by its sharp turns, then you will feel sorry for me that I missed out), nor did I win a live crab (not that I tried in the first place, mind you). 
Also, after the turkey leg, I was done with meat for the day, so for dinner I decided to be sensible and eat a hearty, healthy serving of vegetarian buttered soft pretzels and rootbeer.  (Note: eating vegetarian in general is a far cry from eating healthy =P).
So, I'm back home from Columbus today and I go back to my final day of work tomorrow for my office job. 
The good news there is I'll probably have some more free time (because I'm only working part-time baking right now, and I don't think that's going to be changing until later this year). 
Whassat, Billy?  You thought this entry was going to be about BrickFair?
~Tekulo <3



Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jul 26 2013 · 52 views
~Tekulo <3


I felt I needed to blog...

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jul 24 2013 · 109 views
I have no idea why, Life update
Okay, so I just wanted to blog.  I have no reasons for doing so as nothing eventful has happened in my life lately. 
I'm still working an average of 6 days a week (though, my seasonal job is coming to a close, so probably by the ides of August I'll have more free time until my baking career demands more hours out of me.
I still have two cats and a dog who are adorable. <3
The avocado tree I'm growing is making progress, so that's cool (it's germinating and its sprout is around two inches long now.  If I am able to grow avocados I will be eternally happy). 
The basil I planted still seems to be doing well.  Rapunzel, my spearmint which was purchased at the supermarket, is purple, but still appears to be doing well (I named her Rapunzel because she's about four feet or so off the ground and her branches touch the floor).  I think she may be suffering from Phosphorus deficiency. 
I got a few new Lego sets yesterday (The Chima game, a notebook, the Springtime scene, Valentine's heart box amongst others), which are always sooo much fun to build.  =3
I have a driving lesson this Friday which will be so much fun.  Yaaaaaaay...  ...
So, yeah...  My life's pretty boring.  I kinda like it.  ^^
What's that, Billy?  You want to go partying?
~Tekulo <3


Tekulo's Day at Work.

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jul 14 2013 · 63 views
WHY, WHY, WHY?!?!?!
So, how was your day, Billy?
~Tekulo <3
(I was totally going to elaborate on this and explain my occupation in greater detail, but I thought this was waaaay more fitting).


Tekulo Ranting Hour

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jul 02 2013 · 80 views
Okay, time for a simplified illustration of what happened recently. 
I lost my wallet, it was in my shorts, I am living happily ever after (I wish). 
Anyway, while I was looking for it, everyone else was trying to help me when in fact they just aggrivated me.  Ever have one of those days?
"Oh, did you leave it at work?  Does someone else have it now?  OH MY GOSH, IT'S IN THE HANDS OF A CRIMINAL AND YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER RECOVER!"  (I might be exaggerating a bit in this entry, folks). 
"Is it in the couch?  It's in the couch.  I bet it's in the couch."
"Did you leave it at work?  Are you sure it's at home?  You might want to cancel your card."
"Did you leave it upstairs on your night stand?  You know, that place you already checked five times?"
"Now, you're sure it didn't run away?  If you have a picture we could put up flyers."
"How did you even lose it in the first place?  Why are you so irresponsible?  You suck."
"Is it upstairs?  You should check ten times just to be safe."
"You should move the couch.  I bet it's under the couch."
So, the way my brain works (when I'm problem solving" is to calm down and think through things logically.  In other words, I do a process of elimination based on where I've checked and my usual habits.  It's sort of like solving a mystery, only instead of murder it's a misplaced item.  Also, I should mention I knew I had it on my person when I was at home, so I wasn't worried in the slightest. 
In other words, all of these "helpful" questions and concerns only ended up hindering my thought process throughout the entire time I was doing anything productive.  It's kinda like Professor Layton about to find the Golden Apple and then Luke says "Professor, what's the Golden Apple?  How do you think we should go about finding it?  Why is it here?  What's that guy's name again?  How long have we been here?  Do you like the color blue?  I like the color blue."
O_____o  (My face the entire time this was happening due to pointless questions).
If there's a moral to be learned here, it's this:  People screw up in life.  It happens.  This time it was just a misplaced wallet at home which really wasn't a big deal.  Let people work it out themselves if they don't want your help right away.  Once they've run through everything they can think of and then they ask for assistence, THEN act on the urge to help them.  Every person has a brain and every person is capable of using them.  Have a little faith in humanity.
If you'll excuse me, I'll be banging my head against the wall regretting I ever mentioned to anyone that I was missing anything ever...


Choosing a Starter

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Jun 17 2013 · 128 views
Pokemon X
So, I decided that this October I'll be getting Pokemon X because I love Pokemon Games and this one is looking pretty fantastic so far.
I've decided I'll want to raise a Sylveon (because Eevee is my favorite pokemon ever and I love all of the eeveelutions), a Talonflame (for sky battles and the fact that it's a normal flying type with a second type attached.  I think that's pretty sweet), a Gogoat (because Gogoat's concept is awesome), a Clauncher (it looks awesome) and most likely a Flabebe (Flower Sprite Pokemon?  YES!).
Anyway, I'll also probably name them after Fairy Tale characters due to my obsession with Grimm and Andersen works.  Talonflame is so going to be a name from The Juniper Tree.  
Anyway, due to my pokemon decisions above, I already have each starter type covered.  Not only that, but I actually do like all of the initial designs for each starter pokemon.  Yes, even Froakie.  I didn't like it at first, but the little guy's grown on me.  Chespin is awesome, Fennekin is a Fennec fox pokemon (awesome) and water starters are some of my favorites in battle (though I do love the grass type for their designs and concepts).  
So, yeah.  I'm torn.  I have no idea which one to choose...

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