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This is My Lawn ♫♪


Tekulo: Mouse Catcher Extraordinaire

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Oct 23 2012 · 172 views
Cat Hunters Suck
My black cat has saved all of you from me rambling for half a page. XD I typed out a bunch of words, but then he stepped all over my keyboard and went to my homepage, opened my email and DVD player (I totes send emails when I'm watching Muppet stuffs).

Long story short: My cats found a mouse. It was stunned for a moment, and they actually started to lose interest and walk away when-

The mouse began to twitch,
The kits they took a swish,
They ran until the mouse was caught by Tekulo's simple stitch,
Which was not a healthy situation for the little kits

-cough- Sorry, with all of the scary stuff from Halloween, it appears I've caught Bieber Fever coupled with Sparkly Vampire Middle School Musical syndrome. D=

Anyway, to explain those poorly put together lyrics, I ended up catching the mouse with my superior thumbs and a cardboard cup.

Now, nearly everyone and I mean EVERYONE that I've been with in these situations always tell me to "KILL KILL KILL!" in these situations (be them mice, spiders, etc). I am a total wuss, a hippie, a tree-marrying sap (those huggers are lightweights. My husband may be 200 years old, but at least he listens! D= ), however I'm not vegetarian (though I really, really hate processed meats. =/ No flavor but salt and most of it just ends up in the garbage with my family anyway). Which reminds me; I could never go vegan. Dairy products are my favorite food group outside of bread (and my favorite bread is made with egg and milk anyway, so they overlap in my favorite food genre. If I ever become a vegetarian, It's lacto-ovo for me!).

ANYWAY, no; I do not kill vermin if I can help it. I once found a mouse in my toilet when I was living in a camp in the woods (and treefrogs this one other time. Though, everyone actually tried to save those "because those are frogs" VIVA TAUTOLOGY!). I got a plastic cup (which I wasn't a fan of to begin with) and set it next to the mouse. The poor thing hopped in (you should've seen it! It was shivering and afraid for its life. I couldn't just flush it; waaaay too cruel for my taste) and I took it out to the woods and let it go. Plus, mice, rats, etc are totally adorable. Like a chinchilla; both are rodents and both are totally cute. So, that's exactly what I did this time around. Got a disposable cup, managed to trap it when stunned/trapped by cats and then took it to the woods. It was curled into a ball when I took off the lid. SO ADORABLE! Field mice are always adorable. ^^

So, the moral of this story is; I may be just as lame as my cats in the "number of kills" department, but I can actually catch a mouse, so I make a better pet. XD


~Tekulo <3


Kanto and Johto Starters on Black 2

Posted by Tekulo in the Green , Oct 23 2012 · 318 views
Trade anyone?
So, after a few days of trading via GTS Negotiations, I somehow managed to get all of the starters for Kanto and Johto.

No, none of them are shiny.

Anyway, if anyone else here has the game and wants some pokemon, then just let me know sometime. I did put my friend code in my blog a few entries ago.

Let me know if you want an egg, special gender, special nature, etc and I'll see what I can do. No promises for nature or gender, though.

Just to be clear:

Have: Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Cyndaqul, Totodile, Chikorita (Additonal starters: Turtwig, Torchic and Treeko).

Wants: Mudkip, Piplup, Chimchar (if you've got 'em). I'll also take pretty much whatever pokemon I don't already have in my pokedex, so you can trade me whatever.

How did I get all of these? I honestly have no clue.

It all started back before color was invented. I had a Metang from my Black version and I traded it, gave it some candy and then it mutated into thing weird thing that wore four cleats. Probably a quarter back or something. Anyway, it had this huuuge X on its face, and I was all "Dude, I bet I could get some serious monsters for this X thingy" and so I traded it for a Meganium, which married my Ditto (Third wife) and so I got Chikorita which I traded for a Cyndaquil... Long story short, I now have my own army and I'll be taking over the Unova region in due time. So, I figured I'll implant some magical high-tech chip into the eggs and when they hatch, the pokemon will be zombified slaves to my will. The problem is, ember doesn't really cut it for world domination, so that's why I'll wait for other trainers to evolve them for me. I only have so many lucky eggs, you know. Plus with the trading boost, the leveling up process will be cut.


A shiny Pikachu appeared!

Tekulo used Roar.


Pikachu fled.

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