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I forget what I was going to blog about...

Posted by Unikitty Tekulo , Jun 04 2013 · 69 views
Here it is anyway, BRILLIANCE!
Yeah, I know I want to blog about something, but I totally can't remember what it is.
So, while I remember, let me tell you a story.
I forget what the story is.
Okay, so all of that aside, I suppose I could talk about my vacation with Akano and KK.
We saw stuff, did stuff, had some delicious gelato, went to the lego store and got the Palace Cinema (well, I did anyway), and I haggled with Akano over Lego sets.
I ended up getting a Lego Iron man minifig for free with my purchase at the Lego store (Well, I ended up getting two, but this was before I got the second.  I wanted to trade him away because I'm not a Superhero fan at all except for Batman because his story is literally the only one that makes any bit of relatable sense to me in any way, but I'm getting off topic).  So, I traded my first Iron Man away for the LEGO Set DJ Pirate Fez Crab.  The fact that this is not an actual Lego Set makes me question the sanity of LEGO's set creators.  Basically I got the better end of the deal because DJ Pirates are cool enough, but one with a fez who is also a crab?  Best.  Figure.  Ever.
Anyway, I also managed to build the Palace Cinema over the span of two nights before it was time to leave.  It is amazing and I love it so much.  <3  It's my first really big set that I've ever gotten, so I'm super excited.  I'll probably make a quick review sometime if anyone's interested.
Anyway, I think that's pretty much it.
I don't think I covered what I originally wanted to blog about...
What did I want to tell them, Billy?
You don't know?!  Well then...
~Tekulo <3

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My Characters are Silly (Taka Nuvia Rocks)

TP: Let's see here... giant sword, no... Partical canon, no... Bazooka, no... ship anchor, no...

TT: Ship anchor? O.e

TP: Yeah, I like shipping! -ba dum tsst-

Narrator: And so TP and Jalina enter the Wizard's tent. There they find all sorts of mystical items.

TP: Hmm... Eye of newt, bat wings, I don't even know what this is -holds up glowing green jar labeled "Necklace remover"- eh, it's probably worthless, -tosses on ground and breaks jar. The contents ooze into the ground-

Jalina: uh wait - oh okay... what about this? *holds up something that looks like a giant can opener* it looks dangerous D=

TP: Oooh, let's try it! 8D

Narrator: -watches intently-

TP: ... Aren't you going to tell us how it turns out?

Narrator: Nah, i wanna see you guys epically fail on your own. =3

Jalina: *keeps on searching* Ooooh, cool! *lifts a box makred "cursed armour - don't wear"* *opens box* Ooooh it's dark! And there are skulls on it! 8D

TP: Ooh, put it on! I bet you'd look sweet in it! 8D

Narrator: -watching intently-

TP: You hush! D=

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