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Busy busy and Visiting Akano

Posted by Tekulo , May 28 2013 · 98 views

brakalatasatafeedme :wacko:
So, over this past weekend, I was offered a position for the job I applied for earlier this month.  Plenty of good will and congratulations have already been crammed down my throat through social convention, so if it's okay with you guys, please keep the praise, glory, admiration, worship, confetti, store-bought cake and celebration to a nonchalant level. 
Thank you.
Now then, it looks like I will likely be working two jobs this summer as I already have an office job (the hours clash, but my current boss is aware of my new job and is willing to have me work whenever I can).  This means that I will likely have less time for projects, groups and whatnot. 
On the other side, my brother KK is finally being banished to the evil realm of electricity where he shall remain under the guard of Akano for a whole summer.  What some think as a horrendous torture of unfathomable trials I like to think as a daycare.  (If I ever had a kid, I would make such a great parent).
This will result in less of a social life for me, and thus I will have slightly more time to entertain on other things.  So, it's all kinda give-and-take with time, so we'll see just how well this all turns out.
So, in the upcoming week, I'm making the deposit (my brother KopakaKurahk) which should take from tomorrow morning until Sunday (Akano has his mailbox and house covered with hidden traps.  On the plus side, there isn't a mouse in sight or so I hear).
While I will be busy with my brothers and family during this time, I'll still be work-free, so I hope to get some good old fashioned writing done with my electronic laptop and word documents. 
Anyway, I think I've made one too many bad jokes which is a clear sign that I am tired and rambling about rambles. 
Whassat, Billy? 

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