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Some thoughts about having long hair

Posted by SwagtronYOLO , May 06 2014 · 1,143 views

Rapunzel Locked in a tower Mother Gothel
So I am currently growing my hair out.  Right now my bangs reach to my mouth.  My last haircut was a buzz sometime last year.
I have dreams where I cut it off so it stays out of my face.
It's also one of those things where people take notice once it's around three inches long.  Unfortunately for me, I happen to be a guy.  Apparently growing out your hair past three inches is a breach of unspoken law unless you're super attractive and you can pull it off (for guys anyway).  
Like, wow.  I expected some backlash, but it's kinda scary how much people can just hone in on one insignificant aspect of another person.  And, really, it is insignificant.  Maybe if I were still in my teens it wouldn't be too big a deal.  To be honest, I'm not seeing a whole lot of guys my age with long hair.  Even old friends of mine who used to have long hair now wear it short.  That's not a good or bad thing in itself because, like I said, hair is insignificant.  (And mostly it's just people saying I should get a haircut like if I don't my hair would rear up and attack people off the street.  Unfortunately I am stuck with plain, ordinary hair.  To be fair, some people seem more adamant about their opinion of my hair than others.  It isn't everyone coming across as rude, more like just a few that seem too eager to chime in with their opinion about something that isn't theirs to begin with.  In any case, the "he needs a haircut" vote is in the majority.)
As far as my work goes, I put mine back into three ponytails and tuck it under my hat.  Three because my bangs are only around four inches or so and don't fit behind my head.  Once it's all tucked away, albiet the occasional feather sticking out, you wouldn't guess that my hair is as long as it is.  My coworkers, when they see me with my hat off, tend to laugh.  And that's fine because it's not mock laughter, but the laughter that happens when you see your coworker with long hair out of the blue.  =P
So, why am I putting myself through more odd looks and the torture that happens when your bangs attack your eyes when it's breezy?
1)  I'm 22.  I'm starting my career, staying out of trouble and have little to no real social life.  I am due for a stupid decision here and there, so why not do something harmlessly stupid?
2)  Ultimately it's just hair, and it's never been this long before.  I think having long hair can be fun.  I'll probably try and rock a Southern Water Tribe do just for fun when it gets super long.  Maybe I'll dress up as Link (I have a hat for that too).
3)  I'm not going to have my thick, luscious locks forever, so I might as well enjoy it while I have it.  The entire point of having hair is to have fun with it in my opinion.  I'm still pretty young, and goodness knows my life could always use more fun.
4)  Most importantly, once it gets to be nine inches from the bottom of my neck, I'm going to donate it to a charity that turns donated hair into wigs for cancer patients.  Hair might be insignificant, but you never truly appreciate the insignificant things until you don't have them anymore.  The entire point of hair is to have fun with it, so once I've had my fun I can send it off to someone who will hopefully appreciate it even more than I ever could. 
I kinda don't like mentioning to people that I'm donating my hair, though.  Well, my dad normally brings it up for me half the time when we go out, but other people seem to clam up once it's mentioned.  Like, somehow I need to validate why I'm doing something that at first looks juvenile?  It's weird to look at it that way.  =/  I also think it's the wrong way to look at it.  
In my opinion, I don't think it's something people really should take notice over.  I mean...  it's hair...  Calm the Karz down, people.  =P
Whassat, Billy?  You have a Yugi Moto look and nobody calls you out for it?
Well, don't you live a blessed life, Billy?  >=/
~Tekulo <3

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My English prof for the last three semesters has long hair, he plans to grow it all the way down his back if he can get away with it.
    • 3
May 06 2014 06:31 PM

Why is that even an issue? If you want long hair than have long hair. It affects literally nobody else at all so why does anybody care?

    • 2
May 06 2014 06:35 PM

My English prof for the last three semesters has long hair, he plans to grow it all the way down his back if he can get away with it.

Haha!  Nice.  =P


Why is that even an issue? If you want long hair than have long hair. It affects literally nobody else at all so why does anybody care?

I was kinda surprised too.  =\  


Mostly it's coming from older generations, but other people my age have made comments about it too.  It's weird. 


My parents' eyes practically rolled out of their sockets once I told them I intended to grow it nine inches, though.  XD  My dad was screaming "Hair only grows six inches per year!" over and over.  XP

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I bleached my hair a few months ago and dyed it blue. Some people in my classes (I share all of my classes with the same group of people) gave me a rough time about it (they did it again when I bleached it the second time).


My advice: Just point out something about them; doesn't need to be abnormal or anything. Maybe just something like "you have freckles". And when they go "so what?" you go "exactly!"


Some people are more stubborn in their intolerance for not-really-that-strange-hair-things than others, but it usually does the trick..

    • 3
May 06 2014 06:51 PM

I've always toyed with the idea of dying part of my hair green.  Unfortunately I can't dye it because I'm donating it.


Thanks for the advice, though!  I might try it sometime.

    • 0
May 06 2014 07:02 PM

You had me at "dress up as Link".

Long hair can look really cool. Honestly, though, I find that most any hair looks cool and natural on anyone after a few days.

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