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Posted by SwagtronYOLO , May 03 2016 · 1,040 views

Gay LGBT+ Rant
I just need to rant for a bit. So, recently Once Upon a Time (finally) introduced a LGBT+ couple into the show. And the writing for it was lack-luster, but I don't think it was because the couple was LGBT+ but more so that the show's writing has been pretty much awful for a while now.

Once is a show I watch with my family. We watched it then and no one made any comments. And to be fair, while it was bad writing, the relationship itself was cute enough and harmless. My biggest gripe is that one episode is not enough to develop a true love relationship fully.

Now flash forward to today and someone told me there were people who speculated that in Frozen 2, Elsa should have a woman for a love interest. My response?

"Hmm, yeah I could see that."

My reasoning being I think Elsa's story, namely how she kept a part of her identity hidden (her ice powers) from everyone including her own sister could be considered parallel with being closeted for an LGBT+ person. And that's not really solid for saying Elsa isn't heterosexual, but personally I think it fits and I would be fine if that's the direction the movie went.

Anyway, my response was met with a look of disgust and the phrase "No, not everyone is gay."

Hah. Well thank you for that brilliant insight. I will truly need to reflect on that. Boy golly I sure learned a bloody lesson today. That put me in my place. Oh, and by the by;


Number of openly LGBT+ characters in Disney: Zero

Number of LGBT+ role models I had growing up so I didn't think I was a freak and gave me even the slightest bit of "don't freak out it will be okay" mentality? Zero.

No instead I got a giant parade of heterosexuality trapsing around me, and then when I found out I was gay it all turned to a big deal. So big that my closest family members didn't know I was gay until less than a year ago. Heck, I still worry that I'm going to be a victim of a hate crime.

It's not like those LGBT+ kids need any form of support. It's not like the kid with two moms needs to see that their family can be represented as normal. It's not like I needed to feel like a regular human being growing up.

But hey "why do we need to expose children to that anyway?"

Yeah, it's not like that group is being bullied to death in their youth or anything.

And as for the LGBT+ ship in Once? "Yeah, that was just too much for me."

And it's not like I have anyone in my family to talk about this stuff with, because if it hasn't become apparent by now in this entry, my family just does not understand anything about this area.

A list of every LGBT+ member of my family: me

So yeah I kinda hate the world right now. Seriously, screw that place.

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Terrorsaur: Drunken Khan
May 03 2016 09:04 PM

Don't worry about not being able to talk to your family. A strapping young lad like you will find a nice fellow to chat with over coffee in no time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hang in there dude

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Hahli Husky
May 03 2016 11:09 PM

I wanted to comment on this entry earlier but couldn't think of anything to say other than yeah, I agree 100% and seriously, Go Off, Dude. So I figured there's nothing wrong with coming in and saying that. :V The only person in my family who knows I'm pansexual is my sister, and there's nooooooo way I can even begin to discuss LGBT+ stuff from the stance of supporting it with the rest of them. It's honestly so frustrating and tiring. Totally feeling it.

    • 5
May 03 2016 11:10 PM
Eh, to be honest I've given up on the idea of me dating. But thanks, I appreciate it.

Edit: @Hahli Husky

Thanks. I'm sorry to hear you have similar issues. It sucks. =/

Also, this is extremely random, but the other night I had a dream that you came over to visit and I was like "I HAVE A SISTER FOR A DAY!" and when I woke up I was very confused because why were you invading my dreams?
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May 03 2016 11:15 PM

Man, popculture seriously needs to gay it up.

    • 6
May 03 2016 11:21 PM

Man, popculture seriously needs to gay it up.


-defenestrates television-
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I bet you'll be GLAAD to see that you aren't the only one who wants more LGBT characters.

(Also what the heck I first heard the word defenestrate on Friday and now its everywhere)

    • 2
May 04 2016 03:19 PM

Oh, defenestrate has existed well before Friday.

    • 1
Hahli Husky
May 04 2016 09:48 PM

Also, this is extremely random, but the other night I had a dream that you came over to visit and I was like "I HAVE A SISTER FOR A DAY!" and when I woke up I was very confused because why were you invading my dreams?

OMG gay siblings for a day

    • 6
Sucks that your family can't be more open-minded and understanding. :( I grew up with a really warped understanding of sexuality, since my health/family life classes at public school were really vague about it and I had to suffer through weekly after-school religious education classes that were rather backwards-thinking. I'm also straight, so I didn't have any real internal pressure pushing me to question the heteronormative status quo that surrounded me. But as I got older and met more LGBT people, I also found out that my parents were generally pretty progressive about that kind of thing — they just never really talked to me about sexuality or LGBT issues as a kid because I had never brought it up.

It would be really, truly amazing if Elsa got a girlfriend in a Frozen sequel. As soon as I heard it suggested my brain lit up with story ideas. Copying and pasting from a Facebook thread where I was discussing it with a friend:

"Would the "family bonds tested by a new romantic attraction" trope be too cliche for this? Because that could for sure be an interesting direction to take things. Anna, having been Elsa's only friend for so many years, could feel threatened by a new person in Elsa's life — on the flip side, Elsa's new girlfriend could feel intimidated by Anna and Elsa's closeness and feel like there's not a place for her in a family that already shares everything. Elsa, meanwhile, would struggle with political pressure to find a partner that others (including Anna) would approve of while also following her heart.

In the end everybody learns a valuable lesson about how romantic and familial love can coexist and strengthen each other instead of being in conflict, and the value of following your heart and being true to yourself. All very great family-friendly Disney messages. :) "
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