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This is still active? Well, I made the seven assassins.

Posted by The Iron Toa , Jul 30 2012 · 755 views

Huh, I thought the anniversary celebration was over. Well, I have no reason to complain about this continued free blog. As I haven't gotten any replies yet, I probably won't buy a premium membership and make my own blog when the free term is up, but we'll see. Anyway, I do have something to post, because last week I finished the seven Brotherhood assassins that make a brief appearance in End of Yrenta. Another step to having models of all characters, major and minor.

So, here they are:

I never named them in the story, but each of them has a distinctive feature I use to identify them. First up is the clawed assassin (not the only clawed one, but the one with the biggest claws):


In case you can't tell, he's supposed to be the same species as Axonn. Really, that should be pretty obvious. :P He puts those oversized fingers to good use with these horror villain-esque hedge trimmers of his. Like Axonn, he can also release a blast of energy from his hands. I'm not sure if that's a natural ability of his species, but if not, this assassin happened to get a similar implant that lets him release beams that can vaporize beings and leave glass-lined craters in the ground.

Next we have the duelist assassin. No, he's not an assassin that challenges his targets to a fencing match -- he's just the best with a sword out of the seven:


I must say that I hope ankyfdarkness does not mind that I tried to copy his pre-Pit Mantax's head design to create this being that's meant to be of Mantax's species. I've never communicated with him, and I hope he'd be flattered that I took inspiration from his model. That Pakari is pretty ugly on that big head, I admit, but I didn't want to give him a Toa head just because he wore a mask. In addition to the sword and the Mask of Strength, this assassin can fold his legs and hover, like Krekka, Nidhiki, and the Rahkshi can, but in a much more limited way. He can't fly, just hover short distances. I recently bought Zaktan and was looking forward to using the sand green pieces. Personally, I think the black and sand green combination worked out really well.

Next we have the red and blue assassin (I couldn't think of a better distinctive way to identify him):


Meant to be of Guardian's species, of course. I couldn't copy the Guardian model as well as I could Axonn's (I only had one picture of Guardian to work with, after all) but I think that worked out better in the end. I ended up starting over on this model a couple times in the middle of construction, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. It's reminiscent of the being it's based on, but not as much a copy as the clawed assassin was.

Next, we have the Rhotuka assassin:


Those slender curved blades don't quite fit in that axe, but maybe they're flexible enough for it to work. Besides that, I think the design's decent. The assassin himself is meant to be of Mimic's species, though there's no proof that this being also has photographic reflexes (and I'm quite certain that was something special about Mimic, not something common to his species). Now, I got the inspiration for this one's Rhotuka power from certain MMORPG bosses that put an effect on one member of a group that will explode into something that afflicts nearby group members if the targeted one doesn't move away. When it strikes, this assassin's spinner seems to have no effect for a few seconds, then bolts of red lightning course through and out of the target, frying or at least stunning the target and all beings struck by the bolts.

Next we have the robot assassin:


Now, I know pure robots in Bionicle aren't as common as droids in Star Wars, but we know they exist, but I can only think of... Vahki, Exo-Toa, Maxilos, those Ta-Metru fire drones we don't know enough about, automated cargo haulers (like miniature, automatic airships), Bohrok (which, though purely mechanical, aren't any more artificial than Matoran are) and the 'Fohrok'... 7 types from the Matoran universe, if you count the cargo haulers and Fohrok as separate from Bohrok. Plus the Baterra. More kinds than I was thinking, actually, but still, I thought the story could do with another robot. This one's supposed to be a unique experimental assassin. It can launch lightning bolts, and its hollow chest contains weak explosive shells that aren't usually strong enough to do much damage but meant to distract its opponent with flying metal shards. It also has lots of blades on its body, is very agile, can split each of his legs into two limbs, and its feet are actually prehensile hands holding claws that it can let go of to use those hands.

Next we have the shapeshifting assassin:


Two rather different forms there -- the first for wielding those large projectile launchers, the second for breaking through a barrier of plasma to fight in melee combat. I had Triglax's species in mind, of course, we don't know what his natural form is if he has any, so who's to say this can't be a member of his species? One of those launchers is a Zamor launcher and the other fires missiles that go off in green explosions. He can't form such fancy weapons by shapeshifting, so they are separate weapons, but the swords in his second form are part of his body, and so is the part of his face that's disguised as a Kanohi.

Finally we have the winged assassin, the only one of the seven to have wings:


This one was inspired by Vanisher and Dweller. He's meant to be of one of their species, or both if they're the same species. Upon finding the Barraki eye fits into the Noble Matatu that's used for his face, I added one. I guess it's a sensor of some sort, infared would make sense I suppose, as this being is sneaky and a way for him to see in the dark would be useful. He wields daggers to sneak up on and stab his victims, and if they fight back, he can fly into the air and drop daggers on them from above, knocking them off balance while he swoops down to finish them off. He also carries a sword in case he needs to defend himself in melee combat, but he's not as good with it as his black and green comrade.

So, there they are. I hope you all like them. I'll be building more models soon, hopefully. Next, I think, is the Vortixx Dark Hunter known as Jutsu. I've started turning my partly-constructed Roodaka model into him, but I'm not quite sure how to make his feet...

Oh, and before I forget to mention it: it's not too late to have your Toa or allies of the Toa featured in End of Yrenta. Message me for details.

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