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Meiko's Generic Blog Name


I did a thing today

Posted by Meiko , Apr 06 2016 · 387 views
Ferrari, LEGO, F40
And for once something I did is related to LEGO:

Posted Image


Making a Christmas Wish Come True

Posted by Meiko , Dec 27 2015 · 410 views

This isn't Bionicle or LEGO-related, but yesterday me and my car enthusiast friends got together to help a local boy's wish come true. Ryan, an 8 year old boy from my town suffering from a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, had one wish this year, and that was to take a picture with a Lamborghini, his favorite type of car. Through the help of the car community, we made this happen, and put together an event that gathered tens of Lamborghinis and multiple other types of high end sports cars that Ryan liked (Porsches, Corvettes, Vipers, etc). The event was generously catered and the location was supplied by Lamborghini of Washington, who opened up the showroom today just for this event. They even let him Facetime with Valentino Balboni, Lamborghini's former chief test driver from Italy, and a huge icon in the Italian car world. I put together a video of this event which you can view on YouTube:

The video has already started to go viral, and I had the privilege to have it aired on multiple TV networks last night and this morning. But it doesn't have to stop here. If you're feeling generous this holiday season, Ryan and his family still can use your help to get through this hurdle in Ryan's life. When Ryan was diagnosed earlier this year, he was given 12 months to live, but was put on an experimental treatment plan. If this works, Ryan has the chance to recover and go back to living a normal life, but if it doesn't, this very well could be Ryan's last Christmas. With the generosity of others, we can continue to make this a very special season for him. The following GoFundMe pages help support the cause:


Thank you for your time and thank you ahead of time if you choose to help support Ryan and his family through this time in their lives. If you aren't able to donate, please go ahead and share the video anyways to help spread the word about Ryan and his disease, and to help spread awareness about pediatric cancer.


McLaren P1

Posted by Meiko , Nov 21 2015 · 416 views

not many people get hands-on with two McLaren P1s in one day... I guess I'm lucky in a way

Posted Image

Quite an opportunity to see such a magnificent car in person and I just happen to have a LEGO set of it in a similar color! This McLaren P1 is a one of one in this satin orange finish and is chassis number 005. MSRP is $1.34 million USD and is easily worth much more than that already. Owned by a 21 year old here in Virginia.



Posted by Meiko , Nov 10 2015 · 359 views

As most of you know, I do professional automotive photography as my job/hobby outside of the LEGO community. Turns out I do more car-related stuff than LEGO-related stuff nowadays though, but some people asked me about my work while I was at BrickFair New Jersey, and while I had just bought 10248 Ferrari F40, I decided to try combining my two hobbies.

Posted Image

You can see my other work (of real cars, not LEGO) at https://www.flickr.c.../georgebarnick/. This was the first time I've tried photographing LEGO and the first time I've done any sort of "automotive" photography at such a small scale. The settings for this shot were:

30 sec
ISO 100

It is a two-image composite, one exposure focusing on detailed shadows and the other focusing on detailed highlights and mid tones.

Just wanted to share that with anybody who'd perhaps be interested in seeing it. :)



Post-BrickFair Virginia 2015

Posted by Meiko , Aug 05 2015 · 916 views

Last blog I left off at the start of the public days of BrickFair. Nothing particularly special happened on either day. I did, however, get a delicious fish.

Recapping on the weekend, I told myself not to spend any money at BrickFair this year because I have other priorities to spend my money on. I successfully did not spend any money on LEGO. However, taking into account the wings, taco bell trips, gas, and fish dinners, I spent over $100. Woops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At the LEGO Group Q&A at BrickFair, Kevin made me take pictures since I'm a "professional" photographer. Unfortunately these were people that I was photographing and not cars, so they're not exactly all spectacular photos. There are some great photos in there, but then there are also the goodies (including this good one I took) that we can turn into more Kevin memes. :) Keep an eye out on the LAN Blog and Kevin's Flickr for some of those photos.

I spent most of BrickFair with my bros at Beyond The Brick so keep an eye on their YouTube channel, as I made a cameo appearance in several of their videos (including the Christmas of Creation building activity brought to you in part by Brickipedia).

I also just found this dank photo of me at the Organizer's Dinner that Kevin got.

In other news, a friend told me to read The Fault In Our Stars (I'm only a few years late to that right?) so I did. I have revoked her privilege to suggest books to me for the time being, as I do not wish to be hit in the feels like that.

*abrupt end to blog*


BrickFair (so far)

Posted by Meiko , Aug 01 2015 · 443 views

Guess I'll make a blog for once about my BrickFair adventures

Day 1:
  • Didn't really do anything at the con besides check in and help set up sound system
  • Did not bring any MOCs.
  • Bailed on the con to go take car pics (what else is new) and get free buffalo wings courtesy of my northern virginia friends
Day 2:
  • Did a seminar that I did not plan for ahead of time. Winged the whole thing and according to some audience members I nailed it.
  • Starbucks "chill sesh" with Beyond the Brick and Kevin Hinkle
  • Organizers Dinner with BZPower ppl and LEGO ppl #darnitdanny
  • Finally met Marcos Bessa in person
  • Made Kevin Hinkle memes as per his request
  • Got the biggest sundae I've ever seen as dessert. To quote Marcos, "that's not a sundae, that's a whole week".
Day 3:
  • Hung with Beyond the Brick fam
  • Received sad news that one of my friends was killed in a motorcycle accident :(
  • This.
  • Hosted a "Christmas of Creation" activity with Beyond the Brick to give away ~100 LEGO sets in a community engaging activity. Christmas in July!
Day 4:
  • Have not done anything notable today
And that's all for now ✌️


Miscellaneous unopened LEGO sets

Posted by Meiko , Dec 21 2014 · 1,360 views

Hey guys so in my further ventures of cleaning out "old" stuff I've been accumulating over the years I've got some unopened LEGO sets that I was looking to see if anyone had any interest in. Please note I'm not selling any of these yet and might not any time soon. I'd just like to know what any of you would be willing to pay for these. All are brand new in their packaging.

Posted Image
40084 Accessory Pack (x2) - 2013

Posted Image
Exclusive Tahu Mask - 2014

Posted Image
1668 Special Offer Trial Size - 1992

Posted Image
9440 Venomari Shrine - 2012

Posted Image
5002203 Radio DJ Robot (x2) - 2014

Posted Image
9557 Lizaru - 2012

Posted Image
850487 Halloween Accessory Set


Selling some LEGO shirts

Posted by Meiko , Dec 08 2014 · 469 views

Hey guys, I've been going through all my old clothes that are way too small for me anymore and a few of them happen to be LEGO or BZPower related so I figured I'd see if anyone would like to buy them before I send them to Goodwill. None of them are torn and they're all clean and well-laundered over the years. I'll probably just ask $10 for each (covers shipping which is usually around $5 for a package and allows me to make a small amount of money off of it) unless you don't live in the United States where we'll have to work something out in regards to international shipping. If you want to name your own price offer, go ahead and I'll consider it unless it's lower than the cost of shipping. If you're so lucky as to want the shirts and live near me (Northern Virginia) I'll let you do local pickup and give you a lower price because I won't have to pay for shipping.

Posted Image

1. Ninjago "Spin" Shirt

Red - (size not on label; probably Youth XL)

Posted Image

2. Ninjago Year 1 Shirt

Navy Blue - Youth Large

Posted Image

3. Ninjago Ninja Shirt

Black - Youth XL

Posted Image

4. LEGO Logo Distressed Shirt

Black - Adult Small

Posted Image

5. BZPower 2013 Shirt SOLD!

Grey - Adult Small

Posted Image

6. BZPower Shirt SOLD!

Green - Adult Small

Posted Image

7. Brickshirts Minifigure Patent Shirt SOLD!

Blue - Adult Small


Birthday recap and more

Posted by Meiko , Nov 29 2014 · 439 views
birthday, stuff
I remembered I have a blog here.

If you didn't know, yesterday was my birthday. Thankful it wasn't on Thanksgiving this year like it was last year.

This came in the mail yesterday. It was super fun to build, especially since I was on the Creations For Charity 24 hour live stream while I built it. I'll be reviewing it on Brickipedia soon.

The live stream was a lot of fun. I was in it for around 13 hours out of 24, with some sleep in the middle of it. A lot of fun people were on it too including Josh and Matt from Beyond The Brick, Kevin Hinkle, Nannan Z and various other great MOCists, Bryan from BrickWorld, and many others.

I've been listening to Korn and Five Finger Death Punch songs an unusual amount lately.

My first semester of college is almost over. Most memorable moments so far have been completing Crysis 3 over the course of all my Student Development classes, countless hours of GTA in Biology, and back to back Family Guy episodes in English class.

I can now legitimately call myself a professional automotive and portrait photographer having made decent cash on various photoshoots recently. You can follow my photography on the following sites: 500px - Facebook - Instagram - Flickr

About a month ago I was in a bad car accident where a large deer ran into the car. No substantial injuries (except for the deer), and the EMS, police officers, and insurance agent were all surprised that, given the conditions, I kept the car under control and everyone inside safe which is good though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm looking at buying another car soon.

At the start of this month, the LEGO Ambassador Network launched, being my first official year as a LEGO Ambassador. It's been a great privilege.

I've almost certainly left some things out but most likely nobody reading this cares (and frankly I don't either).



Brickipedia Skype Group + Zatth = crazy things

Posted by Meiko , Aug 27 2014 · 486 views

This is what happens when I show Pablo the best (actually the worst) of YouTube's LEGO fan community:

Posted Image



Posted Image
Posted Image

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