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Meiko's Generic Blog Name


BZP TF2 Event #3

Posted by Meiko , Dec 07 2013 · 566 views
How about some BZPower TF2 Sunday night, same time as usual (9pm Eastern)
What kinds of game modes would you want to play?


TF2 Event #2

Posted by Meiko , Nov 30 2013 · 700 views
Anybody interested in playing tomorrow night? I might make it a regular thing on Sunday evenings. 9pm, feel free to come early or later.
^ there's the IP. There will be an invite thing to everyone in the BZPower Steam group. Is mvm_mannhattan and mvm_rottenburg good?


BZP TF2 Event #1

Posted by Meiko , Nov 08 2013 · 1,338 views

Who's up for a preplanned TF2 event on the BZPower server I'm hosting? How about Saturday evening/night EST?
Server IP has been changed, for those who have to old IP saved:
Hit me up on Steam if you're interested, as I'll have to make sure the server is set up and able to handle enough people. Give map suggestions in the comments, and let me know if you want to participate (or if a different time/date would work better for you.)


BZPower TF2 Server?

Posted by Meiko , Nov 03 2013 · 753 views
Title mostly self-explanatory. I'm considering hosting a BZPower TF2 server. Anyone interested? It'd be on the east coast (Washington DC area), so for those a significant distance from there, be mindful that you wouldn't have the best ping.
Some things I need to know:
  • First of all, who is interested?
  • Should I leave it running 24/7? I have no problem with doing so, just want to know though.
  • Should it be password protected?
  • Should there be occasional scheduled "events" that would be planned ahead of time?
  • What kind of map cycle should there be? What maps do you like?
  • Any SourceMod plugins that should be used?
Also, if you aren't already, be sure to add me on Steam. :)


Month in summary - November 2013

Posted by Meiko , Nov 03 2013 · 471 views
  • I don't blog enough
  • I've been really inactive on BZPower lately
  • My birthday is this month
  • 20 days until Doctor Who 50th anniversary
  • I got a job at Brickset as a news editor and database administrator today
  • I left my position as administrator at Brickipedia for a while for various reasons
  • I need a new phone (Nexus 5 pweaaaseee)
  • I found this really catchy song by We Came As Romans
  • I still don't understand why boys like My Little Pony
  • Halloween was boring this year by the way
  • Is it Christmas yet?
  • If anyone wants me to, I'd be gladly willing and able to host a Team Fortress 2 server for BZPower
  • Or a Minecraft server
  • Or really any online game
  • Leave your comments below please
  • Thanks



Posted by Meiko , Jul 25 2013 · 309 views

Look the policy changed! :o So I can actually link to sites like Facebook without having to annoy Black Six on AIM now! :D
  • Facebook (mostly posts about my personal life, but some LEGO-related stuff too)
  • Twitter (same as Facebook)
  • Tumblr (mostly just bands and fandom stuff)
  • Instagram (my boring self and pictures of where I go)
Oh and I changed my blog name



Posted by Meiko , Jun 25 2013 · 533 views

is awesome
So I pre-ordered the game last night at midnight, and have been playing it all afternoon. It's so awesome!
I took screenshots too:


Update on the Brickimedia network

Posted by Meiko , Jun 17 2013 · 577 views

As many of you may have noticed, Brickimediahas been down for almost 48 hours. The cause of this is that our host, RamNode, was attacked by a competitor webhost company. More info can be found at the two links below:RamNode had many backups of most of their servers, but, sadly, Brickimedia was not one of these. What this means is that all content has been lost from Brickimedia, all of its wikis, and any other content hosted on our server. We are doing what we can to recover some of the losses, but sadly, many of it will be lost. Although the users are not worried about the loss of their contribution history, many are upset by the loss of their customs and the encyclopedia.
I will keep you updated, but you can get more up to date information at our Twitter @brickimedia


Chima Online

Posted by Meiko , Jun 09 2013 · 507 views

So I spent all day playing the closed beta of Legends of Chima Online with some friends from Brickipedia. It's really fun and addicting and glitchy.
Anyways, check this topic if you want beta access! http://www.bzpower.c...showtopic=10010


Oh right I have a blog

Posted by Meiko , Jun 01 2013 · 546 views

Well, as you can see, I'm mostly inactive here on BZP anymore. :( Aside from BioniLUG, I've barely read a single topic recently, nor have I posted much at all. I guess it's three main causes for that...
First, I really do not care one bit about Bionicle anymore, and it seems that any time people get the chance, they get all dramatic with "I guess this is the end", "I will wait for its return", etc. When I see that, I try not to be rude, but all I wish to say is "Grow up and move on". I know it's okay to have a strong passion and to have a love for a certain fandom, and I often vouch for others who feel that way, but all this has been carried on waaaay too long in my opinion. There are plenty of other good LEGO themes, and if you only liked LEGO for Bionicle, then deal with the fact that it's over, move on, and find something else to do...
The second reason, and probably the main reason I've been inactive here is the lack of general LEGO discussion. Like I said, I really don't care for Bionicle anymore. There are other LEGO themes and topics I like to discuss. I've been more active on other forums and websites recently, and I really wish BZPower had a better community to discuss what I am interested in.
Third, a lot of my time has been pre-occupied with other things. First of all, school has sucked this year (academics-wise; I've made a ton of awesome friends). I also got involved with the Brickimedia Network after they recognized me for my development and server administration skills. It's definitely been a fun experience, just because of how successful it's been, and I absolutely love engaging in their community. I've also been working with Swert on server and other backend work for BS01 and HS01, such as a new skin for HS01.
I am still trying to keep up with BioniLUG, since that does seem to be the one thing holding me on BZPower, but at this point my attachment to the site is dwindling, and I'm starting to feel bad about it. I've always loved BZPower, but I don't find much to do here anymore. :( I'll see how I feel at BrickFair VA this year...
Thank you for listening to my rant. Feel free to reply. :/


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