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Meiko's Generic Blog Name


Oh right I have a blog

Posted by Meiko , Jun 01 2013 · 174 views

Well, as you can see, I'm mostly inactive here on BZP anymore. :( Aside from BioniLUG, I've barely read a single topic recently, nor have I posted much at all. I guess it's three main causes for that...
First, I really do not care one bit about Bionicle anymore, and it seems that any time people get the chance, they get all dramatic with "I guess this is the end", "I will wait for its return", etc. When I see that, I try not to be rude, but all I wish to say is "Grow up and move on". I know it's okay to have a strong passion and to have a love for a certain fandom, and I often vouch for others who feel that way, but all this has been carried on waaaay too long in my opinion. There are plenty of other good LEGO themes, and if you only liked LEGO for Bionicle, then deal with the fact that it's over, move on, and find something else to do...
The second reason, and probably the main reason I've been inactive here is the lack of general LEGO discussion. Like I said, I really don't care for Bionicle anymore. There are other LEGO themes and topics I like to discuss. I've been more active on other forums and websites recently, and I really wish BZPower had a better community to discuss what I am interested in.
Third, a lot of my time has been pre-occupied with other things. First of all, school has sucked this year (academics-wise; I've made a ton of awesome friends). I also got involved with the Brickimedia Network after they recognized me for my development and server administration skills. It's definitely been a fun experience, just because of how successful it's been, and I absolutely love engaging in their community. I've also been working with Swert on server and other backend work for BS01 and HS01, such as a new skin for HS01.
I am still trying to keep up with BioniLUG, since that does seem to be the one thing holding me on BZPower, but at this point my attachment to the site is dwindling, and I'm starting to feel bad about it. I've always loved BZPower, but I don't find much to do here anymore. :( I'll see how I feel at BrickFair VA this year...
Thank you for listening to my rant. Feel free to reply. :/


Introducing Brickimedia

Posted by Meiko , Apr 25 2013 · 227 views
LEGO, Wiki, Brickipedia and 1 more...

Posted Image

I'm proud to announce a new network for LEGO fans and sites (primarily wikis, which is all we host at the time, and plan to host): Brickimedia! Brickipedia, the popular LEGO wiki hosted on Wikia and several other LEGO Wikis have moved to Brickimedia by today, completing the current network of the sites.
I did a lot of work with some people I just met when starting this project to set up the server and the wikis. If you're curious, the interface and experience may be similar to what you know on BS01, The Ninjago Wiki, or other independent wikis. Brickimedia will be cooperating with many other sites, including sites like Brickset to integrate information from the Brickipedia wiki to bring a more unified, easy, and complete online LEGO information on various sites you visit.
Sites like BS01, Brickset, The Ninjago Wiki, or The Chima Wiki won't be moving to Brickimedia, but will support each other as 'partners'. I plan to talk to Black Six some time this week about what can be done with the Brickimedia network to make it BZPower-friendly, and what could be integrated on the sites.
More information regarding the Brickimedia network can be found at http://www.brickimedia.org and if you have further questions, be sure to ask in the comments.


Update on The Ninjago Wiki and The Chima Wiki

Posted by Meiko , Apr 17 2013 · 284 views

As many of you have likely noticed, The Ninjago Wiki and The Chima Wiki are not accessible.
The reason for this downtime is that we just bought a brand new server, with much more RAM, bandwidth, and space! :D The downtime wasn't planned to be this long, so I wanted to give you an update if you don't follow any of the sites' social network pages.
When the sites come back up though, everything will be the same, and the site will be much faster than before.



Posted by Meiko , Apr 01 2013 · 114 views

I got a new spinny!
Posted Image
Oh and happy April Fools' Day. I don't have any pranks to pull though. :P


Happy Easter and...

Posted by Meiko , Mar 31 2013 · 140 views

First off, Happy Easter everyone! Go eat chocolate and watch bunnies even though that has nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ. :P
Also, tomorrow is my 6th anniversary of joining BZPower! Why does it feel like it's been longer than 6 years?


BioniLUG Update

Posted by Meiko , Mar 26 2013 · 153 views
So apparently my purchase of a membership isn't in the system, according to Black Six. Thank goodness I have the PayPal order receipt to prove I bought that. I'm not going to re-purchase something like this, let alone something I have to continuously pay for every year. I hope this gets resolved soon. Has anybody else had problems like this with the BZPower store?


I'm Bored

Posted by Meiko , Mar 24 2013 · 188 views

So here's a picture we can all enjoy.
Posted Image



Posted by Meiko , Mar 20 2013 · 241 views

So I can't join it? Wow this store app on the site sucks. I didn't buy it, it says I did, and now I can't actually pay for it. What a let-down.


My Weekend at KidsFest

Posted by Meiko , Feb 17 2013 · 144 views
LEGO, KidsFest
This weekend I had the privilege of going to KidsFest in Richmond. Even with my pilonidal cyst making it annoying to walk or sit, I had a good time. Sometime once I finish Toy Fair coverage, I'll put up coverage on The Chima Wiki.
With permission from Black Six, since I reached my Flickr upload limit, here are all of my photos on The Chima Wiki's Facebook: http://fb.me/1x9zhik8M
The Chima section was really fun. It seemed quite popular, though I suck with Speedorz (I'm practicing though), but the kids seemed to be good at it.
I got me a nice KidsFest Tour T-Shirt, 2 large Ninjago posters, a Legends of Chima Laval poster, a Legends of Chima Cragger poster, LEGO Club and Club Jr. magazines, and an exclusive Friends comic. I also bought 70100 Ring of Fire (review here), 70503 Golden Dragon, and 70013 Equila's Ultra Striker. My dad bought two Horizon Expresses as well.'
Overall, it was an incredibly fun experience. Now I understand why tickets sold out so quickly, and boy was it a large, crowded event. I'm definitely going in the future.



Posted by Meiko , Feb 13 2013 · 169 views

So I've been having this killer pain in my tailbone, and it's gotten so bad I can't walk or sit without pain. I went to an urgent care center and they diagnosed it as a pilonidal cyst. So long story short, I might be out of school for a while, or at least gym. If it worsens, it'll require surgery. .__.
Also I'm working on Toy Fair 2013 recapping for The Chima Wiki. Stay tuned for that, though this recent complication may get in the way of that.

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