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Meiko's Generic Blog Name



Posted by Meiko , Jan 13 2013 · 439 views

Anybody got a Minecraft server I can join? I'd love a Tekkit or a Feed the Beast server, but Vanilla Minecraft is good enough for me.


New Chima Wiki Logo

Posted by Meiko , Jan 04 2013 · 426 views

Yes the old one was all beta and mostly a placeholder. It had a lot of things wrong with it so I made a new one.
Posted Image


More HD Chima Images

Posted by Meiko , Jan 03 2013 · 420 views
Here you go guys:
Cragger and his sister Crooler: http://chima.brickcr...and_Crooler.png
Eris, Laval, and a gorilla: http://chima.brickcr...and_Gorilla.png
GORILLAZ: http://chima.brickcr...rilla_Tribe.png
An adorable Laval holding Chi: http://chima.brickcr...al_With_Chi.png
Crug, with his metal jaw of glory: http://chima.brickcr.../68/TV_Crug.png
Razar: http://chima.brickcr...51/TV_Razar.png
And I'll probably have more to come!


The Chima Wiki Update

Posted by Meiko , Jan 01 2013 · 1,309 views

So today is the official launch of The Chima Wiki, however we have not yet made a universal database between The Ninjago Wiki and The Chima Wiki. Therefore, those of you who have a TNW account already, sign up on TCW using the exact same username and password. This will protect your account from being corrupted if anything goes wrong when we make a new database. Those of you who sign up for the first time on a BrickCraft.me site, go ahead and sign up on The Ninjago Wiki using the same username and password as on TCW. 
If you need any further assistance, let me know!


Yo guys guess what

Posted by Meiko , Dec 30 2012 · 357 views

Oh shoot I forgot about this thing.
Anyways, I'm working on a little side project that you guys might enjoy:
Please link to images over 500 kB. -B6
If anybody knows XAML, I'd love your help on this. I've tried making a JavaScript, C#, C++, and VB Windows 8 app, but the XAML in all of them... I just can't wrap my head around that language. <_<
So yeah, any help available would be nice. Heck I can even add you into the credits on who helped develop the apps and if you want you can be a Chima Wiki developer for more projects.
Also, just wondering... who here has Windows 8?


Mah New Computer

Posted by Meiko , Dec 26 2012 · 339 views
Computer, Christmas
Oh my goodness I love this thing. And yes it has Windows 8 but it's awesome.
I can actually play games now!
Posted Image
But since I've been at my grandma's house which has no wifi, I've been running a LAN network through the USB connection of my phone (4G speeds yay), but I have to wait to install my newly bought games like Max Payne 3 because that would cost me over $300 in data overages. :(


Merry Christmas!

Posted by Meiko , Dec 25 2012 · 387 views
Just wishing everybody in the BZP community a Merry Christmas! :)
And I guess I can post my loot.
A picture, not counting what was in my stocking:
Posted Image
Now the list:
  • A new computer. :D
  • Sweater (soft and floofy) 
  • Button-down shirt
  • Socks (yay?)
  • Agenda with a hoers on the cover
  • Mega-Bloks Lamborghini
  • Hobbit thingamajig
  • Some Ninjago stuff
  • Flash Drive (8GB)
  • Steam Money (thanks Aanchir and Lyichir)
  • Google Play money
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Chocolate and other candies
  • A LEGO City set
  • Money
  • Other Misc Stuff
And my dad got this set, and is continuously asking why this lady is smiling after her car is being put on a rollback.
Posted Image
My dad also got some other LEGO City stuff, like the garage.
And I'm guessing Aanchir and maybe Lyichir will post something about their Christmas, and if I'm right and one of them does post something, you all owe me a $5 bill.


Merry Christmas... Eve

Posted by Meiko , Dec 24 2012 · 379 views
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmasssssssss
So for those who have already been celebrating, yay. For those who will be celebrating tomorrow, I know how you feel; I can't wait either.
I have my eyes on one present I know I'm getting. My new computer. So this is the last night I'll be posting from this little guy.
And thank goodness my phone is so amazing because I'm running a USB LAN connection from it's 4G signal, because there is usually no Wi-Fi here at my nana's house.
It'll also be cool if I get some Ninjago 2013 or maybe even Chima, though the latter is less likely.
Anyways, I'll update you guys on how my Christmas goes tomorrow. Merry Christmas guys! :)


HD Chima TV Images

Posted by Meiko , Dec 22 2012 · 969 views
For your enjoyment
A flashback scene about when the animal tribes turned against each other. Also, we don't have a name for this lion yet.
Posted Image
The totally awesome Lion Fortress:
Posted Image
Cragger entering his Chi state:
Posted Image
Worriz, the leader of the Wolf Tribe:
Posted Image
The beautiful Crocodile Fortress:
Posted Image
The entire Lion tribe:
Posted Image
My favorite image, of the floating island:
Posted Image
Eris in flight:
Posted Image
I get more of these daily, so if you like these, I can share more. I have to say, the animation quality of Chima is much better than that of Ninjago, especially when you look at the image of Worriz.


Re: Ninjago Short Story Contest

Posted by Meiko , Dec 19 2012 · 505 views

I believe all of the judges have sent in their votes at this time. Hahli Husky will post the winners when she gets the chance.
Since I'm in charge of prizes, there may be a delay in shipping the 2nd and 3rd place prizes (spinners). The reason for this is that they are in heavy demand this holiday season, and I can't find a single spinner set anywhere. NRG Jay and NRG Zane seem to be some people's favorites, so I'll try to look for some of them. If I have to though, I'll order them online.
I'll keep you guys updated regarding the issue with prizes.


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