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Elevate and Detonate



Posted by Scott Sterling , Jul 23 2014 · 344 views
watch_dogs, holy crud
Posted Image

Can we just appreciate how GLORIOUS the Digital Trip "Spider Tank" is for allowing players to rampage through Chicago with this truly amazing vehicle?


Let's Play a Game, Week 2: Six Step Association

Posted by Scott Sterling , in Let's Play a Game Feb 16 2014 · 355 views

Ooh, and this is educational too. There's a theory which states that anything can be connected with six steps. For example, soldiers and teddy bears.

Soldiers make me think of guns which makes me think of hunting which makes me think of woodland creatures which makes me think of bears which makes me think of teddy bears. That's five steps, but the point stands.

So here's how this game is gonna go. I'll start off one, then the second person tries to link what I give and posts two random objects of their own, and so on and so forth.

So, to begin. Commas and planets. Go, amigos.


Let's Play a Game, Week 1: Sentences

Posted by Scott Sterling , in Let's Play a Game Feb 08 2014 · 345 views
not, talking, about, life and 1 more...
Instead of talking about why I'm not in the best mood today, let's play a game.
Here's the idea: I start with a line that somehow makes sense but is at the same time nonsensical, like my current status: "Unfortunately, I noted as I stared at the red and white striped banana on my coffee table, it most likely would not taste like a candy cane."
Then the first commenter posts something that's a continuation, such as "Nevertheless, I picked up the colorful object and peeled it, biting into it gingerly."
And the second would say something like "I was right. It tasted like a banana."
Comprendé? Okay, good. Proper grammar would be incredibly nice, and keep it a little wacky. I'll start off:
"Margaret," I said as I entered the room, "Turtlenecks made from green lace are not proper business attire."


My life, BZP, and how things stand

Posted by Scott Sterling , Jan 13 2014 · 430 views
school, crushes, sleeplessness and 1 more...
Oh, this is gonna be fun.
So, with the start of the new term I have Spanish 3 and English 2. I can't understand the first and my dad is doing his best to rectify that but... An extra hour and a half of homework every night is killing me. That, among other reasons is why I'm not as active. Yay.
On a personal level, I've fallen for a girl who's just amazing. I mean, she's pretty and smart and... This is the first person outside of my family who I can really talk to, and to be honest... I've said stuff to her I've never told even my dad. The problem is that I'm trapped in that area of not knowing if she thinks of me as a really good friend or would like to be something more... I really should stop fiddling with this relationship stuff.
I'm in the middle of wanting to beat the living stupid out of some people we know but my inhibitions won't let me, so that's always fun and frustrating.
My knee has been giving me trouble this past week. I'll be walking up stairs at school at it'll nearly give out then be fine five minutes later.. I'm only fifteen, this shouldn't happen.
As for BZP, I've got a lot of stuff I want to finish but am not sure about. Is anyone still interested in the Adventurer's Guide to Mata Nui? I might try it agai if I get the time. I need to rejoin the BZPRPG, actually staff Marvel: Rebirth, finish Twisted.
Life is fun out here in east Tennessee.


Regarding Twisted.

Posted by Scott Sterling , Jan 07 2014 · 455 views

I'm currently trying to finish Twisted, my long-in-development OTCrpg. Before English 2, the crusher of dreams, kicks in. Glorious.

To those waiting: I'll be a bit longer, but if I can skip out of my profiles it shouldn't take long.

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