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Elevate and Detonate


Oh, tomorrow.

Posted by Scott Sterling , Jan 05 2014 · 202 views
not, a good boy scout
Tomorrow is the beginning of my greatest endeavor.
Tomorrow, I begin my attempt to pass Spanish 3 H without taking Spanish 2. Fun times.
Tomorrow, I really hope we have a snow day. XD


Jingle Harmonica (Christmas Stuff)

Posted by Scott Sterling , Dec 31 2013 · 188 views

I hate the word loot.

A full list of what I got:
Nexus 5 as a combination birthday-Christmas. (Yes, my birthday is in July, no, this doesn't have sanity)
Google Play gift cards.
Packing peanuts. My cousin packed a gift card in peanuts.

The pun war has begun.

A ton of wrapping paper (my other cousin has way too much time on her hands and decided to wrap my gift card in like fifteen different layers, all different patterns).

A hundred dollars worth of guitar lessons.

A trip to Great Wolf.


Phone case.

Doctor Who socks.

And, finally, a harmonica. I don't know what seized my aunt to get me a harmonica of all things, but I like it.

My family on the other hand...

There's only so many times one can hear a horrendous first line of Let It Be without wanting to kill the harmonica player.


song lyrics

Posted by Scott Sterling , Dec 23 2013 · 204 views

Ever felt that fear?
The fear you'll never be good enough, never be strong enough, never compare-
That she's just too good for you, just too beautiful, just Up There...

Longing to know that
No matter what you can see
No perceived inadequacy
You may be able to leap
Up There.

Trying not to fall
Heartbreak below, that rift under you
Taunting, beckoning
And you'll be flying, flailing, falling

Just wondering if this chunk of a song was any good XD

Comments appreciated.



Posted by Scott Sterling , Dec 11 2013 · 460 views

I got my PSAT scores back yesterday. I actually managed to net a 216, which is four points above the qualification number for National Merit Semifinalist.


I'm a sophomore, so it doesn't count. Bleh. Well, at least I have practice.


The RPG Mentorship Program

Posted by Scott Sterling , Aug 17 2013 · 366 views

Tired of being dismissed as a hopeless noob without being given a shot? Want to improve your skills?

We can help!

(with that bit out of the way)

Tyler (Aegon Targaryen) and I decided to make the RPG Mentorship Program.

Basically, what will happen is this, if we get off the ground:

Applicants: You'll PM me and you'll be assigned to an experienced RPer to learn the written and implied rules, as well as improve your writing skills. They'll be there to answer questions, help you understand what you did wrong if you can't figure it out.

Mentors: You'll be paired with an applicant to guide them until they're satisfied with the result. Please be aware of what you're getting into, and that this isn't something you should sign up for and expect to not do anything. It won't be terribly hard, but...

If anyone is interested in applying for either of those spots, PM me or post here.

This is currently BZPRPG exclusive.

Aegon Targaryen
The 14th Lakefish
A billion kittens
Lloyd: The White Wolf
Pending: Hubert

Lt. Obvious- Assigned to Kittens
Emissary- Iskander
Mr. House- Aegon Targaryen
The X- Lloyd
Varren Rehn- Kughii
Kughii- The 14th Lakefish

If I missed anyone, tell me.

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