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Let's Play a Game, Week 2: Six Step Association

Posted by Scott Sterling , in Let's Play a Game Feb 16 2014 · 395 views

Ooh, and this is educational too. There's a theory which states that anything can be connected with six steps. For example, soldiers and teddy bears.

Soldiers make me think of guns which makes me think of hunting which makes me think of woodland creatures which makes me think of bears which makes me think of teddy bears. That's five steps, but the point stands.

So here's how this game is gonna go. I'll start off one, then the second person tries to link what I give and posts two random objects of their own, and so on and so forth.

So, to begin. Commas and planets. Go, amigos.

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Commas make me think of periods, which make me think of circles, which make me think of spheres, which makes me think of Earth, which makes me think of planets.

(5 is still fine, right?)


Molten lead and cats

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-Toa Lhikevikk-
Feb 16 2014 04:29 PM

Molten lead can be forged into bullets.


Bullets are used by firing squads.


Firing squads execute people for their crimes.


Crime in many countries includes poaching.


Poaching often targets lions, tigers, and other large wild cats.


Maybe we could cut this game down to five steps and see if it still works.


Next round: cabbages and kings. (And no, the Lewis Carroll quote I got that from shouldn't count here.)

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Cabbages make me think of heads. Heads make me think of crowns. Crowns make me think of queens. Queens make me think of kings.


Exploding heads and space ships

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Exploding heads reminds me of that one GIF
GIFs remind me of the Internet
The Internet reminds me of Tumblr
Tumblr reminds me of fandoms
Fandoms remind me of Firefly
Firefly has spaceships
The next person has to link:
Mr. Rogers and a piece of celery
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Mr. Rodgers reminds me of children's shows.

Children's shows remind me of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street reminds me of Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster reminds me that they attempted to change him to liking vegetables.

Changing Cookie Monster to like vegetables makes me think of vegetables.

Vegetables remind me of celery.


Black Holes and Wallpaper

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Scott Sterling
Feb 16 2014 07:59 PM
Black holes make me think of dimensional rifts. Dimensional rifts make me think of time travel. Time travel makes me think of Doctor Who, Doctor Who makes me think of that hole in the wall, that makes me think of walls, walls make me think of wallpaper.

And any number of steps under six is fine XD
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