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Running My Mouth


Bye for now!

Posted by The Legendary TNT , Jul 27 2013 · 358 views

So, It's time to say good bye to the blog for a while, I said all the important stuff, anyway. But this blog will be back either next anniversary or when I go Premier (which might be a while since I'm, ya know...poor). So, until next time, C-Ya!


QftT Kit

Posted by The Legendary TNT , Jul 21 2013 · 597 views
More plans revealed
So, I want to try to make a Quest for the Toa Kit, but I can't do it without you. Anyone who has a GBA emulator on their PC, please take as many PNG screenshots as possible and PM them to me. Don't edit them, just leave that to me. Thanks, guys!Posted Image



Posted by The Legendary TNT , Jul 20 2013 · 730 views
All my plans, Revealed!
BIONICLE: New Dawn So, for a while now, even before I joined BZP, I had a concept. A concept to take BIONICLE into a whole new direction while keeping its roots. A concept that would shift your ideas of time and space. A concept that would just blow people's ideas of what BIONICLE could be out of the water. That concept is BIONICLE: New Dawn.
This is a storyline that I plan on making some time in the far future that is based on how I used to play with my toys as a kid. The story takes place in 250 AGC (or does it?) on Mata Nui. The Matoran are getting antsy waiting for the Toa to come and Makuta and his Rahi are beginning to make things worse than they ever have when something...or someone...falls from the sky onto the peak of Mt. Ihu in the middle of a hurricane.
It was going to start off as an epic and then a movie, but I kind of dropped the epic and I'm going to start off with a comic series instead and then a movie. Both formats are going to be in mostly MNOLG style, but the comic is going to have DSS and Rayg sprites for distant and distant fight scenes. The scenery is going to be MNOLG-esque. The characters aren't totally going to be MNOLG-style, but more like MNOLG enhanced. This folder shows visual tests to show what I'm talking about.
It's going to be a long road before anything official comes out but this is going to happen eventually. I hope you will soon be as excited as I am.

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Explanation of the Cube

So, the cube in my Av has a design on it. It is a personal logo I made for myself back in third grade. I made it into a cube design based off of the Nuva Cube. So, yeah...here's an alternate pic of it.
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