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The Frozen Mirror


10 Years

Posted by Valendale , Oct 14 2018 · 38 views

So I've been a member here for 10 years? Wow, that's half my life.

In the two years since I last reflected on my membership here a lot has changed. I've been doing a lot in college, and I moved into my first apartment and started working at my first real job with a Surveying firm. I also started my first relationship with my wonderful boyfriend.

BZPower has changed a lot in the last two years too. Maybe activity was a little down at that point, but I don't think I ever would have predicted that we'd be at this stage in two years. If anyone is actually still here to read this, I hope you're doing good. I know I am, and honestly a lot of that does come the 10 years I've spent here.


Mafia XLI

Posted by Valendale , Nov 30 2017 · 157 views

If you're reading this, you've probably already seen it, but I'm running a mafia game at the moment and I could really use more players.

Check it out if you're interested.


Couple Remarks

Posted by Valendale , Jul 23 2017 · 183 views

I was going to call this "Couple Updates", but then I realized I was actually giving any updates. But, hey, if you want updates on anything, feel free to ask.
  • I can't say I remember the blogs ever being this empty, especially not on an anniversary week. Oh well, maybe this entry will help that a little.


Games and Trivia

Posted by Valendale , Apr 18 2017 · 150 views

I'm hosting a mafia game by that name right now.

We've got several open spots, so come on down and play.



Posted by Valendale , Oct 10 2016 · 223 views
I've now been a member of BZPower for over eight years. That's a pretty significant number, so I figured I might as well take a look back at how I got here, and into the fandom in general. Feel free to read it or not.

I was eight years old when I first got into LEGO. I had just finished the second grade, and my parents took me to the to Toys R Us to celebrate. I picked out few Dino Attack sets, not thinking much of it at the time. Pretty soon, I had collected almost the entire line.

It wasn't too long after that that I had a conversation in Maryland with a boy named Alex. He explained to me how similar Dino Attack and Exo-Force were, and that if I liked one I should logically like the other. After helping him build an Uplink, I was sold. (As a side note, I still remember him saying that applying the stickers was his favorite part.) I read up on the Exo-Force comics that were available at that time, and then convinced my parents to get me a product collection that included the six main mechs of that year. Also included was a poster, advertising that Exo-Force shorts could be seen during all new episodes of Jimmy Newtron, starting January 23rd. The poster was a little outdated even by the time I got it, but it's still hanging in my room, behind me even now as I write this.

Well, one thing led to another, and I thought that I was old enough to handle whatever violence I thought was present in Bionicle, so I picked up two small sets, Balta and Kazi. These were probably two of the best sets I could have started with, simple, but more complex than later small sets, and giving both a set using the standard head piece and one that didn't.

I had a lot of fun with these two lines. I would check for a new Exo-Force comic everyday, sometimes even before school. By the end of the year, I had collected the years worth of both. This continued for a while into 2007, until I had the entire winter wave. Somewhere, probably the LMBs, I heard that they might be making a set of Karzahni. I thought "Well, Karzahni is a pretty cool character, and there's no set of him yet", so I decided to look a little more into the matter. That led me to a little news article on BZP. In fact, here is the very news story. Unfortunately, I cannot find the talkback thread to this story. A shame too, as that was the first topic I ever read. One of my memories is that every time I saw someone's signature with a link to their epic or something along that line, I opened it in a new tab. I never read any of them, but still, that's important.

That went for a while, until eventually I found the comedies forum. That was what really got me to join BZP. And yes, my first post was absolutely a dreadful comedy. After that I spread out a bit, but still only making a post here and there. And that's the story of how I got here, or at least the beginning of that story. Here's to another eight years.


Today I Accomplished Something I Never Thought I Would

Posted by Valendale , Sep 27 2016 · 256 views

Today I Accomplished Something I Never Thought I Would Yeah, I completed Viewtiful Joe on Ultra V-Rated. Probably the most difficult gaming accomplishment I have under my belt. I guess living in college with a bunch of other gamers drove me to be better.


Brickfair Highlights

Posted by Valendale , Aug 08 2016 · 409 views

  • Catching up with people, meeting new people...
  • Breadsticks weren't up to standard, I felt like.
  • Nick Bluetooth dabs on Bionicle's grave.
  • Zatth brings Gorilla MOC; Harambe jokes don't stop for the duration of the con.
  • Come expecting trivia, get bad puns.
  • The Barn, and the games we played there.
  • Million Dollars, But..., Cards Against Humanity, Fibbage, Earwax, Quiplash, Superfight.
  • I fill a bag with orange 1x1 bricks to finish the Onua Uniter Mosaic.
  • Going off the Harambe thing earlier, we come up with Bricks out for Bionicle.
  • I add the orange 1x1s to everyone's badges, for Bricks out for Bionicle, up to and including Kevin Hinkle at one point.
  • 10th anniversary of the Piraka.
  • Hitting curbs and doing u-turns in the Pablomoblie.
  • Cramming 9 people into the Pablomobile, including myself, Aanchir, and Christian in the trunk.
  • Yes, we did a screeching u-turn while we were in the trunk.
  • "I'm Sending the Farm Animals".
  • Tom Dadden and the legendary Galidors.
  • Xaeraz, Avokah Tamer, and I, plus a bunch of other con-goers, spend all day searching for pokemon throughout the convention.
  • Our search ends with finding the legendary Mewtwo in the Duplo display.
  • Can't stop laughing about Brumpotungus.
  • 66 hat hatpile.
  • I win the Ghostbusters firehouse after the build.

I'd like to put a list of everyone I met/saw here, but I won't for various reasons.


Brickfair 2016

Posted by Valendale , Aug 02 2016 · 413 views
It's so weird that the last time I was at Brickfair, there were still whispers in the shadows as to whether or not Bionicle would come back. And now, it's already gone.

At least I get to go this year.



Posted by Valendale , Sep 16 2015 · 623 views

Despite many changes, each of us usually has one profile image that seems to stick in peoples minds. So, when you think of me, which of my avatars comes to mind first?

A. The Wizard. (Used pre-2013.)

B. JIF Natural Creamy (Used as JIF Natural Creamy.)

C. The Glacier (Used for most of 2013 and some of 2014.)

D. Frost Tiger (Used as Blizard Hazard and for most of last year.)

E. My Feet (Used for most of this year.)

I may go back to one of these or I may find something completely new. It kinda depends on the responses I get here. I can edit the actual images in later if need be.

UPDATE: I've decided on this new one, but feel free to leave your thoughts.


Brickfair VA

Posted by Valendale , Jun 16 2015 · 305 views

I won't be able to go.

I've been putting off this entry for a while, but someone asked me about it last night, and so I guess I finally need to put that out there. I'm working as an intern at a summer camp all next month. In the coming years, where I'll be an actual paid employee, I'll probably be able to take time off to come up, but that's just not an option right now.

And I doubt I'll even be home in time for this, but I'd like for someone to be ready on that Sunday just in case I can find time for a Skype tour.

Edit: If someone who's would be willing to let me mail them a leg so that the Kek Powerizer can be complete again, that would be great.

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