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Third Deck Parent Side


Final Entry & AMA

Posted by Zox Tomana , Jun 10 2016 · 513 views

Well, just got the email that said I was needing to either ante up for another six months, or allow my premiership to lapse. As is becoming usual with this blog, I'm going to allow it to lapse and wait until I can either win a contest or something to gain premier again. Been nice to post up my thoughts the past half-year.

And as is also becoming tradition: I shall end off with an AMA. If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask about anything at all, fire away!


A-Kon 2016: The Dispatching

Posted by Zox Tomana , Jun 06 2016 · 378 views

This past weekend I volunteered for the fourth time as a medic at the 27th, annual A-Kon anime convention in Dallas, Tx. It was stressful, exhausting, and a ton of fun. Already can't wait to go back next year.

I arrived at the Hilton Anatole on Thursday, got checked in with the heads for Med Staff, got my badge, and immediately went to work. Probably one of the biggest things I was involved in was the setting-up and first-year execution of a dispatch position intended to help organize and keep track of the usual chaos of medic'ing a convention of a few ten thousand people with not-even two dozen medics, and certainly not all of them at the convention at once or available at once. And now I'm involved in getting things ironed out and prepped for next year by crafting Excel documents which can be used to keep track of things according to how we wish they had been this past year. That's gonna be a fun task....

Let's see, what else did I do?

I bought the DVD set for .hack//SIGN, an early 2000's anime about a person trapped in a digital world, unable to escape and with hardly any memory of who they are. I saw the briefest glimpses of it ages and ages ago, and it was on my mind for years and years until I finally sat down and watched it. I was happy I did.

I fought off anxiety attacks at one of the midnight dances. I do not do well with loud, crowded atmospheres.

I looked at a blood screening someone wanted an opinion on and applied something I learned in med school to assure them that the medic that had told them a day or so ago that it was likely that they were full-blown diabetic had been extremely over-dramatic and had leapt to one of the worst conclusions he could from what he saw. Guys, don't be afraid to admit to either yourself or the people around you that you don't know something for sure. I looked at the test results with the spoken caveat of "I probably won't be able to tell you much" and was only able to say anything because I knew what a "Hemoglobin-a1c" test was and what the result communicated. In this case, that the patient was not diabetic, but was at risk. That they were "pre-diabetic" according to just that test, and barely so at that. Maybe if all I had to go on was whatever the other medic knew I might have agreed, but I would have seriously couched it in such language as to communicate that I can not diagnose you if I am unable to properly interpret the data at hand, and a list of symptoms is not the full story. Symptoms sure do narrow things down, many times down to a diagnosis, but without more data... and without knowing what that data means... in short, don't speak as though you know things you don't. It hurts your credibility later once it is known you did so, and can be a big barrier between you and the people you are trying to relate to.

You may be wondering why the name change for the blog, and what it is referring to. "Third Deck Parent Side" is a location in Kyle Field at Texas A&M. Before all the construction, the medical station for 3rd Deck Parents' was at the top of the stands. If you were sick or injured, you had to climb or be carried up. There were gonna be fewer patients anyway because it's Parent Side. They alumni and family there know how to take care of themselves, unlike the students. Then you add on the question of "why would a sick or injured person want to climb stadium stairs to the top of the stands?" and suddenly you have barely a dozen patients, if that, in an entire football season. Funny thing: a bunch of the events and main areas in A-Kon are a fairly good walk away from the med desk. Plus, we're stuck in an area marked on maps and emblazoned on the wall as "Conference Registration." Needless to say, the vast majority of people that walk up are asking either if this is where they get their badge, or if we have information about the con. Oh well. Maybe next year the con will listen to us and get us some signs to ward them off and a banner to cover up "conference registration."



Posted by Zox Tomana , May 16 2016 · 458 views

Well... it WAS a country at some point...


Aggie Muster

Posted by Zox Tomana , May 02 2016 · 548 views

I’ve put off actually posting about this because I’ve been considering what I’d actually say. But maybe the best way to figure out what I want to say is just to ramble about it like I did for my birthday, so here we go...

rambles follow

Well, that went on for a length I didn’t anticipate, nor in directions I anticipated. But I guess I’ll post it anyway.


General Life Update

Posted by Zox Tomana , Apr 30 2016 · 427 views

I haven't really been finding interesting things to put on here lately.... So here's just a general update on life.

1. My nephew took his first steps a week ago :3

2. As I was driving down to College Station to meet up with a friend, with whom I would continue the trip to my hometown for said nephew's birthday, I was suddenly taken aback at all the lights appearing on my car's dashboard and a message on the little display saying "Check VSC System." I pull over and get out the manual and search for the alert and all it says is "Take car to Dealership."


Turns out the hydraulics for my brakes decided to start failing. Yayyyyy.

So my car is down there being repaired.

3. I decided to help out a dead wiki. Now I'm its admin and have basically been reshaping it however I want to :V

4. A long time ago I made up an island and made this map of it (and yeah, I did a lot of it pixel by pixel). I was never really happy with it, and now I have paint.net and the capability of using layers so I have this WIP. Those cities and towns look randomly placed? Guess again! I've based this whole map on this seal I created. So now I just need to finish elevation stuff (I think I want a couple more slightly elevated areas in the north, another in the south), and then I can move on to water and forested areas.

Hmm.. this is month... four of my six months of blog??? Or five??? I really should be keeping track of that.


Special Kind of Dumb

Posted by Zox Tomana , Mar 26 2016 · 512 views

So, my brother went into business for himself in the trucking line. He took a job where he left yesterday( or day before, I forget), got loaded, drove to the location, and was supposed to be unloaded this morning. He was told this morning, and the paperwork said this morning.

Nope. He calls in to the lady dispatching him and says "Hey, they aren't unloading me." She is surprised he thinks so. According to her screen he's going to be unloaded Monday morning.

Turns out, if the person writing out the paperwork doesn't input a delivery date, the computer just assigns one. Yeah. Instead of returning an ERROR: NO DELIVERY DATE SPECIFIED is just "assigns one."

And so my brother will be missing his 10 month old son's first Easter.


The Perils of Fluid Plans

Posted by Zox Tomana , Mar 14 2016 · 551 views

They turn what was meant to be one night at your ex-gf's parents' house into 3, and having to overhear on the morning after the third night your ex-gf's mother refer to you (on accident) to your ex-gf as "your boyfrien-- your friend..."

Dagnabit, Freud!


Hypothetical Zelda, Again

Posted by Zox Tomana , Mar 09 2016 · 435 views

More thoughts came to mind last night as to my hypothetical Zelda game, specifically how to introduce some plot differences between it and the other games that always have Ganon gaining the upper hand before being brought low by Link and Zelda. So...

As revealed in Skyward Sword, there is an eternal curse on the Princess and the Hero that the hatred of Demise will revive again and again in an endless cycle. In two of the three timelines Ganon is considered dead, but one of those is simply because his resurrection keeps being prevented and who knows if he’s available to be revived in the other. In the third timeline we know him to be sealed away in the Four Sword.

Anyway, the idea is that Demise (generally in the form of Ganon) haunts the Links and Zeldas of the World. Now, something else we are aware of is the Gerudo tribe is all female with one male being born every hundred years. This male is destined to be the Gerudo King.

I would want to play with these two ideas. Side Note: this would actually help place the game into the timeline, putting my hypothetical game either after Four Swords Adventures or Zelda II. If after FSA, there can be even more plot fun-times.

So how do I play with these two ideas? It will be part of the backstory of the/one-of-the Big Bads. A male is born into the Gerudo tribe. He shows none of Ganondorf’s raw power, but is brave and willing to learn from the Gerudo elders. But as he assumes leadership, he begins to be haunted by the specter of Ganon/Demise’s hate. He comes to believe it is his fate, however unwelcome, to bring the cyclical curse back into play. Perhaps Koume and Kotake can make an appearance?

My preference, as I think about this, is that the game take place after FSA with Ganon sealed away in the Four Sword. New Gerudo King launches the military assault on Hyrule while Zelda and Link are away. As Zelda and Link arrive after up to three consecutive campaigns, he is in the basement of the Temple of Time, in the buried Four Sword Sanctuary. As Link and Zelda enter the room, he breaks through the barrier placed around the sword and steps forward.

“Princess. Hero. I do not serve the dark. There is no evil in fate.”

He then draws the Four Sword and releases Ganon from within, not to mention splits into four. As the Dark King is awakening from his seal, the reluctant conqueror decides to “have mercy” on Link and Zelda by activating what he’d been keeping as a trump card: the time creature summoned from Termina.

How this is reflected in the future timeline is that the next-to-last boss is a hugely powerful beast, like-unto forms Ganon has taken in previous games, flanked by four aged warriors. The beast actively and aggressively attacks you, the four warriors are defensive and perhaps may be made to surrender if you defeated the overpowered husk that remains of Ganon without killing any of them.

Even if not all four surrender, the last of the four always will. He expresses his regrets before he is cut down by the final boss of the future timeline: the ruler of Hyrule and full expression Ganon’ hatred reborn, a direct descendant of the Demon King himself.

So yes, I'd like a reluctant villain who believes himself to be entrapped by fate. His reluctance is what gets him to dismiss Zelda and Link from the present time rather than fight them, and he never takes the throne but ends up the immortal check on Ganon's power as the ages pass. When you return from the future, you have to fight him once more. Perhaps he can have a change of heart and turn on the power he was attempting to unleash.

I think it would make a nice change from how the plot of a Zelda game usually develops.



Posted by Zox Tomana , Feb 29 2016 · 457 views

Tomorrow volunteer registration will open for A-Kon 27 in Dallas, Tx. As I've done for the past few years, I'm going to be submitting an application to volunteer as a medic during the event. It's always a ton of fun, if exhausting and terribly wearing on my feet. I tend to stiffly stumble back to my hotel room at 4 a.m. and take a few moments to just sit down and rejoice in taking my weight off them. A-Kon is a yearly anime convention that (now) takes place in the Hilton Anatole of Dallas, and volunteering for a certain number of hours gets you in free for everything. Signing up as a medic means you're automatically in for all just because you're NEVER OFF DUTY.

Now I just need to get myself a black sports coat or something because we accidentally left my suit at the dry cleaner's for way too long... Oh yeah, there's a masquerade ball every year ^_^ I rather enjoy messing around with creating citation cords or other decorations to make my suit a bit more fancy/fanciful. Always great fun. The friend I usually go with is apparently going to have a green dress this year so I'll need to make the secondary color of my cords green... Good thing I already have some green paracord! EDIT: Suit coat acquired! Yay for Goodwill stores!

And it all starts tomorrow!

Would anyone be interested in perhaps me posting some pics of how to make some legit-looking citation cords?


An exercise in futility

Posted by Zox Tomana , Feb 24 2016 · 516 views

I had a blog post.

But then I exited my browser and restarted my computer, completely forgetting to submit it.

In short: I made mediocre soup and should really learn to stick to recipes for a while before making something up, and also Win10 finally started giving me some problems. Start Menu vanished for some reason... we'll see if it happens again.

Yes, my blog title and tagline are a riff on Fishers'. Yes, I find it hilarious.

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