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The Weight of The World


The Arrival of Logan, Ft. LEGO Batman

Posted by FallenAtlas , Apr 03 2017 · 52 views

Saw three films recently, Arrival, Logan, and LEGO Batman.

Gotta say, all three really blew my expectations out of the park and were fantastic films.

Arrival was one of the best Sci-Fi films I have seen in a long time. You know why? It has a lot less to do with "DIE ALIEN SCUM" and more with actually just communication. It was fascinating and I loved it so much. The big reveal at the end and how it all played out just made it perfect. Definitely recommend seeing it.

Logan was very good, a better representation of the character on the screen like he is in most comics. The language use was slightly off putting because it was like he was just given permission to swear so they wanted to use it as much as possible, haha. Other than that, the characterization was excellent as always from Hugh Jackman. Minor issue with the plot tho; I've read Old Man Logan, the comic it is based off, and the way Logan decides to hang up being a superhero is SOOOOOO much better and deeper and darker(not saying it being darker makes it better necessarily, but it works for what happened to him.) than what is shown and implied in the movie. Not as gripping, I thought.

LEGO Batman. Near perfection. Jokes were great, references to Batman's long publication history, and all the supporting characters made it a top contender for film of the year and it's only April. Just saying.


Still not over FO:4

Posted by FallenAtlas , Mar 13 2017 · 62 views

Yeah, beating a dead horse but I'm still not over what FO:4 should have been. Could have been. Graphics were great, I loved the settlement building(but I think they should have cut down on the amount of settlement locations...), the Gunplay was great, but other then that....it kinda sucked. Period.

Ah, oh well. Can't have a good thing all the time.



Posted by FallenAtlas , Mar 10 2017 · 48 views

..is a great name for a dog. Horrible condition for a blog however.

Not saying I'm writing some Bionicle-ish stuff(and totally not saying I found some random books of Bionicle for like, $3 books for a box full at a garage sale), and I'm not saying I may be more active.

I'm just saying Dusty is a great name for a dog.


Here I Am

Posted by FallenAtlas , Jan 05 2017 · 107 views

Well, it's a new year. 2017.

Last year wasn't that bad for me. Made a lot of friends. Learned a lot. Got hurt a lot. Picked myself up a lot. Lot of good artists died, though; that was upsetting.

But what about here?

My original intent of coming here, just to RolePlay is dead. I have no time for that anymore. I'm coming up on enlisting in the National Guard and I was promoted to full time at work.

I still have stories swimming about in my brain though. Things and thoughts I should put to paper(or more accurately, to screen.). I'll consider it.

I think I'll be more active here. Try to be at least. There's something to be said about this place that I keep coming back for, but I can't put my finger on it. I'm not sure I want to either.

New year. New you. Jamba Juice.


Black Friday

Posted by FallenAtlas , Nov 24 2016 · 160 views

It's not worth it. I've worked in both retail and the food business. Don't go Black Friday shopping at midnight. Or at 3AM. Wait until like 7AM like a reasonable person. They'll still have TV's before Christmas. Those waffle toasters you're jazzed about? Still there. The latest iBox game? Boy, lemme tell you something about the way they will have it.

Enjoy family. Give thanks for all the good you have in this world.

Happy Thanksgiving


Welcome to Blog of Fallen Atlas.

If you expected this block to hold information such as my age, location, interests, and other such things, you shall be disappointed. I do not feel it is necessary to make that information easy to access. It can ruin conversation and stunts the growth of a friendship.

Here is what I will tell you:

I am Fallen Atlas. I am Male. I carry great burdens mentally and emotionally. I make mistakes. I pick myself up. I try again and again. That is who I am. Beyond that, you must ask.

Enjoy your time.

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