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The JAG18 Stronghold


I Think I'm a Hummingbird

Posted by JAG18 , Jan 17 2019 · 30 views

Recently I was reading "The Hedge Knight" graphic novel, which is based on a "A Game of Thrones" prequel and there is one bit where two characters are discussing a particularly mean and nasty prince (Aerion the Monstrous) who, being a Targaryen and all, believes himself to be a dragon (the Targaryen sigil). One of the two characters then comments that he wishes that the prince were a Fossoway (whose sigil is an apple) so that he would believe that he were, well, an apple.
Now I of course got a good laugh out of this at the time, but it's also made me think of my own armorial achievement which if you want to see for reference you look either at my avatar or below.

Posted Image
Actually this version is missing both my motto ("Truth is truth") and battle cry ("To hope's end and heart's breaking!); of course the "complete" version on my computer is also missing my supporters (hedgehogs) so c'est la vie.

Anyway back on topic, what I'm saying is since my charge is a hummingbird does that mean if I were that prince I would believe myself to be a hummingbird? Well, I suppose that's better then being an apple right? At least I don't have to worry about someone touching me and making me lose my apple juice.
Plus they are lots of cool facts about hummingbirds right? [see here]

Speaking of my armorial achievement, remember if you ever see anyone on any website with it as their avatar then odds are pretty good that it's me (especially if the username is some variation of JAG18). It's not technically official because in order to make a coat of arms official (to my knowledge) is you need to be either a member of the British realm or a direct descendant of a British subject (which I am) and then pay a few thousand pounds. So, if I ever have several thousand pounds laying around that I'm not using then I know what I'll be spending them on.


50 Favorite Songs of 2018

Posted by JAG18 , Jan 01 2019 · 58 views

Get it On:

Youtube - Spotify

Another year come and gone, which means it's time to roll out my list of my favorite songs of the year!
This was my fourth year doing a favorite songs list and like always since January first I've been compiling my "nominees" into a word document as I find them; unlike previous years though I started work on this list a little bit early than normal (early October). Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Anyway on the list itself, if you know my taste in music then you know what to expect, various forms of pop music with a few sprinkles of other genres like EDM. CHVRCHES, K.I.D, Clean Bandit, Princess Chelsea, Alice Glass, Cyn, Meg Myers, Pale Waves, Lila Gold, and Allie X are just a few of the artists represented on the list.

So, check out the list if any of that interests you and be sure to share the songs you loved most from 2018 in the comments below.


And We're Back Baby!

Posted by JAG18 , Dec 30 2018 · 47 views

Thanks to the great generosity of Bfahome this blog has returned from the ashes (for a little while anyway).

Expect entries about the same inane things I used to blog about (mostly music and uh...stuff) shortly!

Until then, bye!


Goodbye Blog

Posted by JAG18 , Jul 02 2017 · 429 views

For now?

Yeah, my premier membership is up in a day or two and I've decided to not renew it. I'll admit it's been fun; having a blog (that I'll be the first to admit I didn't update enough) and neat images under my member title, but I don't really get enough out of it to justify buying another year or even lifetime membership. Still, like I said I had fun and I got to help support a site I love a lot so it's all good. :)

And hey, never say never right? Maybe, I'll change my mind some day, but until then it's goodbye blog.


I've watched 13 NEW movies this year

Posted by JAG18 , Jun 21 2017 · 314 views

In my "Best Everything of 2016" list entry, I lamented the fact that I only watched 10 new movies last year and that I was going to try harder to watch more movies this year.
Well, so far this year I've watch 13 new movies and I regret nothing...well, actually I do kind of regret seeing "Beauty and The Beast" and "Aftermath", but whatever.

So what were these movies and what did I think of them?

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" is one of my favorites of the year so far and I love it. Oddly enough, I just watched the first "Guardians" this past January and I watch the second on a late Thursday night showing.

"Life" is a pretty good sci-fi horror movie and while I noticed the similarities at the time after re-watching all the Alien movies this past month I really noticed how similar "Alien" and "Life" are.

"The Lego Batman Movie" is a lot of fun.

"Kong: Skull Island" and "Power Rangers" are fine summer blockbusters.

"The Great Wall", "Alien: Covenant", and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" are all OK films.

"Silence" is better made and "smarter" than all the above films, but I don't prefer it to any of the above.

While, I thought it was good the first time around I really think I need to re-watch "Split" to form a solid opinion on it.

It's not a great movie, but I enjoyed "Megan Leavey" a lot. Definitely more than I thought I would.

And after all that I still need to watch "Logan" and "Wonder Woman", and there are still some movies coming up that I'm really looking forward to ("Dunkirk", "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets", "The Last Jedi"). We'll see what happens.



Posted by JAG18 , May 20 2017 · 288 views

Samurai/don't die
You're the only one/you're the only one

After sixteen years of waiting it all ends tonight.



The Phantom Menace Fight Sucks?

Posted by JAG18 , Apr 25 2017 · 372 views

And not just in terms of everything except choreography.

[Yes I've known about these videos for some time (and I've also seen the video where Obi-Wan Force Speeds straight into the power generator pit), I'm just posting them as food for thought, and no I don't mind if you like this fight or the movie it's from.]


My Favorite Movies

Posted by JAG18 , Apr 03 2017 · 189 views
Very recently, Voltex posted in his blog about making a list of every one of your favorite movies from every year you've been alive and I decided to do the same thing. Echoing some of the things he said, I too need something to blog about and I also need to watch more movies especially from the year I was born. I will also add that I need an excuse not to start writing a short story that's a sequel to that "Twilight Zone" episode "To Serve Man".

Now on to the movies!

96: "That Thing You Do"
97: "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"
98: "Mulan"
99: "The Sixth Sense"
00: "Gladiator" (sorry "Unbreakable" and "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust")
01: "The Fellowship of the Ring"
02: "Signs" (sorry "Spider-Man")
03: "The Return of the King" (sorry "Master and Commander", but I guess that's the story of your life)
04: "Hotel Rwanda" (sorry "Spider-Man 2")
05: "Batman Begins"
06: "Facing the Giants" (I'm not sorry "Spider-Man 3")
07: "Ratatouille"
08: "The Dark Knight"
09: "Star Trek"
10: "Robin Hood"
11: "Super 8"
12: "October Baby"
13: "Captain Phillips"
14: "Edge of Tommorow" (sorry five or six other movies that I also really like and everyone else would agree is better than this one)
15: "Mad Max: Fury Road"
16: "10 Cloverfield Lane" (sorry "The Neon Demon" for not getting around to watching you yet)
17: I've only seen 8 films this year so far and "Dunkirk", "The Last Jedi", "Guardians Vol.2", and "Valerian" are still on the way, but at this point I'd probably pick "Life" or "Kong: Skull Island" as my favorite movie of the year with "The Lego Batman Movie" as a strong runner up.


The Legend Reborn (in G&T)

Posted by JAG18 , Mar 15 2017 · 274 views
Games and Trivia
This has nothing to do with the movie I've been meaning to watch again for the millionth time. No, this is about the return of The Bionicle Caption Contest to G&T!

Like most things I do, the decision to bring back this classic BZP game was completely spontaneous. I have fond memories of reading through the original topic as a guest and I've always felt that G&T was missing something without it; so since I'm trying to be more active around I thought it was time to bring it back the game this time with some of Gen 2's funniest images. Arguably, this would have been a much better idea to this a year or two ago when G&T was much more active...but oh well.

Come in and play today!


Three Years

Posted by JAG18 , Feb 20 2017 · 300 views

Today is my three year anniversary on BZPower; feels more like two. I wonder if I should try and be more active around here or something...

That is all, now continue with whatever you were doing.

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