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Noxton Lyyhnr (Language WIP)

Posted by Toa Imrukii , in A Rude Awakening, All Jul 30 2017 · 153 views

A Rude Awakening Noxton Conlang WIP
Below is the Conlang ( Constructed Language ) I have been working on for Bota Magna Tribe of Noxton in A Rude Awakening for the past year or so on and off.

Before you read off the words in full you have to be aware of a few things when it comes to the linguistic properties that the Language uses. Noxton uses a system which I have dubbed the AUOI system, A = Current, U = Past, O = Good, I = Bad, the language uses SVO Word Order ( Subject | Verb | Object ) ( Example: I Eat Bread ). Also to define if a vowel is a short sound or a full sound for example Short A = A, Full A = Ā.

Vowels: A Ā E Ē O Ō I Ī Y U Ū.

The Letters C and Q do not make their normal sounds as they would in English, instead C is a soft Indo-European X or H-K sound, and Q is the Hard Variant. Which for those who do not know is a back-throated rolled sound, or a horsed H, or a loogie noise. I wish I could find an audio file but I do not know what the sound is properly called, so here's what I recorded: Here

Consonants: B Bh Bx C Q D Dt Sh Zs Sz S Jz Lng Kt (Gkh Ghkh Kgh Kn Kng Pb Phb Pbh Td Tkg) Mh L F G H J K M N P R T V W X Z

Below is the list of all of the words from A - Z in Noxton to English order:

A'qh'mo - Light, General Good, usually in an Individual Context or Objective One
A'qh'mi - Shadow, General Evil, usually in an Individual Context or Objective One
Abv - See/Vision/Sight
Aegrha - Arm (Body Part)
Ag - Sky
Aisu - Disappoint
Aj - Skies
Anja - Orange (Color)
Anyejz - Reserved
Ainja - Oppose
Aojta - Whole
Apf - Up
Apfuv - North
Ar - Where
Asuma - Happen
Au'ikka- Undead
Ahuil - Low
Āūjn - Body
Auor - Great
Awohn - Birth

Balan - Fruit
Batū - Know/Homey/Familiar
Be - Hear
Be'u - Heard
Bejh - Covered
Bejhah - Wear/Wearing
Bejhūh - Wore
Bhec - The/That/This
Bhec'sh - Those
Bōlq - Right
Bōlquv - East
Buwmb - Brown
Byryey - Naked (Individual)
Byr - Bare (General Context)
Bxiu'Āūjn - Cold-Bodied/To be a Cold Emotionless Individual
Bxamu - Breathe/Of Breathing
Bxiu - Cold/Whisper/Sleep

C'hiel - Down
C'hieluv - South

Dahroy - For
Dauhc - What
Dtal - fact
Dtael - Follower/Pupil/To Follow
Dtuat - Pay
Dta - Fire/Spicy
Dtak - Hot
Dtō - Warm
Durua - By/Of/From

Eyaha - Get/Become
Ehjc - Hello/Greetings
Ehctako - One Hundred/Half a Lifetime
Ei'nkaj - Land
Elj - Bump-Mark

Favfa - Teal
Flava - Indigo
Fvesseui - Finger/Toe
Fvesseuiuv - Fingers/Toes

G'ceka - Head
Gej - Large
Ghi - Air
Gī - Grand
Gīaj - Grand Skies
Gja - Female/Woman/Girl/She
Gja'leszto - Mother
Gja'leszouv - Grandmother
Gū - Nation/Place of Being/Home

Hāysc - Yes (general)
Hāysc'o/Hōysc - Yes (Good)
Hāysc'i/Hīysc - Yes (bad)
Hizsa - Destroy
Hōendkt - Gift
Hōendkt'nmh'Durua - Gifts From

Īahr - Worse
Idri - Red (name comes from the name of a common red Flower called an Idri Flower)
Igna - Magenta (name also comes from a flower)
Ihnhah - Dread
Ihk - Bad
Iīazsa - Sad
Iizsish'ami - Angry
Ijzis - Scared
Ikka - Dead
Ilnj'ey - Disturbed
Ilnji'ami - Insane
Īnisyejz - Reclusive
Izs - Die

Ja - In action of
Jai - Bad Action
Jao - Good Action
Jahq'k - To Stand
Jeqid - Yellow
Jōūzsa - Open
Jui'awohn - No Birth/Miscarriage
Ju - Plurality word, add on the end of a word to signify a past action
Jyk'pesasi'sh - Sand/Small Rocks
Jyk - Small

Kanj - Sibling
Kmā - How
Kmā'rkta - How Long
Karo - To
Kaluk'k - Ice
Kca - Male/Man/Boy/He
Kca'leszto - Father
Kca'lesztouv - Grandfather
K'dljort - Foot
Kjor - Correct/Fix/Replace
Klan - Son
Kej - Many
Kyelj - Name
Key'puid'sh - Jungle/Forest
Kōhr - Thanks (General)
Kohra - Thanks (in the moment)
Kyū - Now

Laszōs - Ecstatic
Lej - are
Lezsto - Parent
Lezsouv - Grandparent
Lizsiss - Hate
Lizsi - Suffer
Lkāg - Here
Lyk - Few
Lyyhnr - Tongue/Language/Speak

Mairc - Impact/Affect
Mrenr - Foreign
Mūanji - Cyan
Mūl - Rush/Wind
Mūl'uni - River/Rush Water

Nmh - Plurality Word, added on the end of a word to give it an action
Nē'avāduay - Infinity/Forever/Endless
Nkaj - Shorted Word for Land/Lands
Nox - Middle/Center
Nahih - Physically against
Nwa - Calm
Nwēā - Cute

Ōahr - Better
Oay - be/to be/to have reason
Oazs - Mature
Ōbetdt - Other
Ohja - Alive
Ō'ajz - Guide
Ō'ajz'szī - Missguide
Ō'ajz'zsō - Guide properly
Ō'alng - Mentor
Ōoajzsha - Happy
Ōau'awohn - Reborn (Good)
Oj'abv - Attractive/Pleasant to look at
Oj - Pleasant
Ōkona - Hero
Ōmbrid - Lime (Color, obviously)
Onak - concern/worry
Ō'alnglezsto - Mentor-Parent
Ōhn - Good
Ōzsa - Make

Plōsz - Love

Qhapf - Above/at a higher level
Qhelj - Mountain

Rkta - Long, it terms of time

Sa - Will/Shall
Sa'uahl - Would
Sti - Side
Swoar - Must/Necessity/Is Needed
Sōs - Life
Su - Plurality word, add at the beginning of a word to represent past action if the alternative cannot be written.
Syuau - We

Tauyr - Has/Owns
Tuauy - You
Tessiis - Sickness/Disease
Ton - Common

Ūan - Yet/To be
U'Awohn - Yet to be Born
Unci - Blue
Uni - Water
Ūlna - Lake
Umars - People
Umn - And/Lastly
Uozs - With
Ūinta - Less than Whole
Ur - When
Ūt - All/It (Finished Statement)
Uv - Older/Underlaying

Veulm - Leg
Vōra - Plant/Green
Vūan - Left
Vūanuv - West

Wa - say/says/speak
Wak - White
Whelj - Hill
W'le - may/might/perhaps
Wua - Their
Wu - They


Yey - I/me/my
Yūok - Black/Tar
Yūō - Earth/Soil
Yhu - Before

Zerrk - Hand
Zsoausz - Solis Magna/Great Old One
Zhir - Why
Zī'oazs - Immature/Not Mature
Zū'ton - Not Common/Uncommon
Zūhc - No (general)
Zūhc'o/Zōhc - No (good)
Zūhc'i/Zīhc - No (Bad)

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The Hip Historian Iaredios
Aug 02 2017 10:56 PM

Need mo' cowbell.

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