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Scribbler's Hall


Mythopoeia Fuels Legendarium

Posted by The Hip Historian Iaredios , Oct 17 2018 · 35 views
Ever since I was little, I have been making worlds, either for myself to explore, or for my friends to join me in. Be it dinosaurs, neopets (that takes me back), Star Wars, Bionicle... I've always been the group lore-master.

Then i took my first foray into creative writing. To those that have been here long enough, I have undergone many a name change until I settled upon two, they being variants of RC15O5 OMEGA and, presently, iaredios. It was back in the reign of the former that I made my own bizarre Bionicle world between the years 2005-2010, which I so creatively named The Dark War Chronicles. It had about everything that I could offer at the time as a pint-sized edgelord, from an accidental rip-off of Sauron who encased the planet in a orb of fire and lightning to show off his power, biped bat people that were literally Vamprah, psychic four armed gorilla people with eyes on the temples and a mouth beneath the jaw, from gritty mole-people-Koopas to their arch enemies the angel men of Mawkron who lived in a huge space city that served as a planetary ring until it crashed upon the world by the nefarious mole-Koopas, and a toa who bonded with a volcano demon and founded a confederate-empire of mutants based on a continent that looked like Texas.

I eventually abandoned this project of mine when I lost my stories with the Great Dataclysm, and later I matured, and realized its incompetence and the fact I was trapped by Lego's universe and their ownership of Bionicle. Back in the day, many of us said "We should buy Bionicle so we can continue it ourselves!" Briefly, my hopes were caught by that idea, but equally brief consideration showed how feign it was. And so i left the website for 2-3 years.

But from the ashes of The Dark War Chronicles, a new project was born from my own imaginings of what happened in Bionicle after Lego abandoned it, publishing my ideas on BZPower for the first time in years. First going by the name The Ackariad, then Bionicle Universalis, then lastly called A Rude Awakening. It went through many changes, heck the second (present) topic has hundreds of pages detailing many ideas bouncing off of friends of mine (mostly Toa Imrukii). But as much as I enjoyed this process, it became clear to me that I craved for more as this became my only tie to Bionicle, and even that was weighing upon me, and it showed as my work on the project resembled less and less of Bionicle to me, which I actually approved on subconsciously.

In the last year, I have focused more on an original fantasy universe, and since August my ideas have greatly been developed with pages of notes being written and revised. Many things are the maturation of ideas from my work on ARA, others are completely new even as of the day I write this. And my drive? To follow in the steps of John Tolkien, not in any shallow mimicry of races and tropes, but in pursuit of genuine creativity, application of all the history and other fields i know, and like Tolkien as expressed in his Mythopoeia Letter to Clive Lewis, offer a serviceable sacrifice to the Lord in the form of this inspired, fictional work.

I do not have a name for this world right now, but that's okay because that's not what is important right now. When I get further along, it will make itself apparent to me. After the sudden departure of a beloved friend (moving out of state), feeling ignored by most in my life, and the drain of being at a mentally exhausting job, i have to say that this gradual progress makes me genuinely happy. And as i try to capture my ideas in art, so too has my artistic skill improved.

I wish to thank those that have helped me, Among them being Toa Imrukii whose understanding of linguistics cannot be undersold in its usefulness in this endeavor as well as his wordy kindness, my cousin 'qwerty' who i have bounced ideas off with as he is also making his own fictional world, my mother for believing in my ability to undertake this work, J.R.R.Tolkien who showed me that there is harmony between fantasy thought and Christian faith, 'sydney' for being my friend for over a year and creatively inspiring me with the books we read together and her general company, and finally the Great Lord Above for my understanding, everything I want to be, and everything i observe and the multitude of inspiration I draw from hence.

This side project may not go anywhere, but I am enjoying myself nonetheless and this is all part of my life long personal progress. Who knows, i may be blessed and others will be able to pick up my ideas in shelves or in drone packages in the future, but that's not what is important here. Not in the slightest.


Flying Whales

Posted by The Hip Historian Iaredios , Sep 01 2018 · 108 views
Flying Whales SPACE WHALE

Art I made in 4 hours on August 24th. Inspired by an imaginative vision I had while listening to the Gojira album From Mars to Sirius. Art is two fold, just like the song Flying Whales, both incorporating it's fantasy subject of primordial-alien-space-whale-beings descending onto a partially terraformed Mars and teaching a man to fly and taking him to a planet in the Sirius system, as well as the other side of all of Earth's surface being underwater and the whales swimming above the ruins and it appearing that the whales are flying in the sky.

Sorry about the camera quality, it looks so much better IRL.

I was going to post a drawing before this, but I decided against uploading it here due to it's topic. You can see it here.


History Help Needed?

Posted by The Hip Historian Iaredios , Aug 04 2018 · 94 views
cheater, squash devourer and 2 more...
History Help Needed? Greetings, how do you do fellow kids?

If anyone wants to ask a history question, then go on and do it here! What's keep'n you huh? I shall be thine school color book of cheat and will answer according to my powers... I specialize in medieval and ancient history, but by my me-sight most things are aware to big-tall me! Just keep it civil and respectful, i know this subject has many a sensitive scab.


First Blog Post

Posted by The Hip Historian Iaredios , Jul 23 2018 · 106 views

First Blog Post Funny how after all these years I've wanted to try out having a blog. Let's see how this works, shall we? Feels like an advanced status update. But hey, look, i can chose an 'entry image'. Why not start with my good old "Swagilicious Octavius" edit to the sound of Rainbow's Stargazer? Alriiiight...

Only thing going on right now is that i need to go back to eating properly, and i start work again next week. Found a possible replacement job so hopefully I wont need to do the present one for much longer.

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