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Flying Whales

Posted by The Hip Historian Iaredios , Sep 01 2018 · 228 views

Flying Whales SPACE WHALE

Art I made in 4 hours on August 24th. Inspired by an imaginative vision I had while listening to the Gojira album From Mars to Sirius. Art is two fold, just like the song Flying Whales, both incorporating it's fantasy subject of primordial-alien-space-whale-beings descending onto a partially terraformed Mars and teaching a man to fly and taking him to a planet in the Sirius system, as well as the other side of all of Earth's surface being underwater and the whales swimming above the ruins and it appearing that the whales are flying in the sky.

Sorry about the camera quality, it looks so much better IRL.

I was going to post a drawing before this, but I decided against uploading it here due to it's topic. You can see it here.

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Jean Valjean
Sep 06 2018 12:43 PM

:kaukau: It's pretty nice.  I'm not sure why this took four hours, but as you say, this look better in real life.  I don't know why I've seen flying wales so often in media.  It's a common subject.  There's the book series Leviathan, and then there's that one Doctor Who episode where the entire country of the United Kingdom hitched a ride on the back of a space whale, and those space whales in The Avengers, and Treasure Planet has space whales, and there were various space whales in Star Trek, and flying whales in Battle for Terra...well, I can think of a many other examples.  Especially of whales in space.  That seems to reoccur quite a bit.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was a TV Trope...and yep, it is.  And they have no idea why it's a thing, either.



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Hippodrome Columns

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I am American, and I find the traditional values that this proud and mighty nation was founded upon to be hallow, (most of) its amendments further perfecting the noblest documents to have ever graced this Earth second only to the Scriptures of the Holy Bible. But one cannot understand either of these without knowing the world which these are set in and the events which happened before, during, and after. The common relation between these two is the most influential domain of tyrants across all the Age, the Empire of the Romans, their Republican predecessor and adoptive Greek heritage, so I give notable amounts of attention to these things. One might find it strange that I devote so much of my time and energy to the study of something that I oppose, but due to their vast influence I find it a necessity in understanding human history in-whole rather than in-part.

I am a Galilean, or Christian, my beliefs from hence come from my own understanding of the Scriptures; scarce is it when I step foot upon a temple campus, my historical studies making me wary of mental-meddling by false prophets. My faith has also developed with my study of history and the sciences, this triune of topics creating a trinity of enlightenment. If you have a difficult topic that you need some reflection upon, I would be most happy for a PM discussion with you and being of service.