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A Pinch of Rock and a Dose of Roll


Fas != Fls != Admins

Posted by Queen of Noise , Jun 08 2007 · 135 views
BZPower and the Internet
For some reason there has been a recent trend of confusion among the members in the area of identifying staff positions. I am increasingly befuddled by this peculiarity, as in my greater-than-four years here at BZPower I have never seen this voiced confusion until recently. My only conclusion is that it stems from the "new" staff structure, which incresed similarity between certain groups of the forum staff, both in abilities and nomenclature. Despite this, it is very jarring to me to see Omicron called an Admin, or KIE called a Forum Assistant, or Kex called an FL. So, as a service to everyone, I will here provide a conveniently condensed primer on the distinctions between the moderating staff.

We'll start with the lowest tier.
  • Forum Assistants, formerly known as Support Team members and often abbreviated as FAs or STs can close topics in their assigned forums.

    All Forum Assistants have this mask displayed next to their username: . On the active users list, FAs are displayed in GREEN.

    Some of the most active FAs are Electric Turahk, Kex, and ~Makaru~.
  • Forum Leaders, formerly known as Moderators and often abbreviated as FLs can close, pin, move, and delete topics as well as edit and delete posts in their assigned forums. They also can raise or lower proto energy in any forums.

    All Forum Leaders have this mask displayed next to their username: . On the active users list, FLs are displayed in BLUE.

    Some of the most active FAs are Than: Matoran of Anger, Toaraga, and munkeymunkey.
  • Global Moderators are FLs whose powers extend to every forum.

    All G-mods have the the same mask as the normal FLs displayed next to their username: . On the active users list, Global Moderators are displayed in TEAL.

    The only g-mods are Polo X, Janus, and Pohuaki.
  • Administrators, often called simply as Admins can do just about anything

    All Administrators have the the same mask as the FLs displayed next to their username: . On the active users list, administrators are displayed in RED.

    The only admins are Dimensioneer, Bionicle Rex, Black Six, Kaiapu, and Tufi Piyufi.
  • A refresher:
    • Forum Assistants
    • Forum Leaders
    • Global Moderators
    • Administrators
For more detail, visit Polo's excellent in-depth topic.

Updated on 12-10-07 to reflect changes in the administration.


See You Around

Posted by Queen of Noise , May 31 2007 · 135 views
Music and Literature

"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd
Composed by David Gilmour and Roger Waters


So you think you can tell

Heaven from ######?

Blue skies from pain?

Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish...How I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears

Wish you were here...


Rules Reminder

Posted by Queen of Noise , May 27 2007 · 137 views
BZPower and the Internet
There is no topic revival rule in the library forums. Please refrain from reporting topics in Comedies, Epics, or Short Stories for being "revived." The creative process cannot be rushed, so large gaps between the posting of chapters is acceptable.

This has been a public service announcement!


"most Recent Moc" Updated

Posted by Queen of Noise , May 26 2007 · 89 views
Things That I Like

I made a little fusion mech. See the "Most Recent MOC" box for links.


Death On Two Legs

Posted by Queen of Noise , May 06 2007 · 165 views
Music and Literature

"Death on Two Legs" by Queen
Composed by Freddie mercury

You suck my blood like a leech
You break the law and you preach
Screw my brain till it hurts


Death on two legs
You're tearing me apart
Death on two legs
You've never had a heart of your own


Have you found a new toy to replace me?
Can you face me?


(No, this is not related to anything on BZP. No, I'm also not going to tell you what it is about.)


A Reminder To All Prospective Bbc 43 Entrants

Posted by Queen of Noise , May 02 2007 · 137 views
BZPower and the Internet
Squid have beaks!

They also have a large mantle and obvious tentacles.

But especially remember that they have beaks. They do not have mandibles or anything of the sort.

These are what squid look like:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Yes, squid are awesome.


Remember This?

Posted by Queen of Noise , Apr 29 2007 · 116 views
BZPower and the Internet
I was looking through some old, fun, topics that you may remember, and I came across my favorite post that crazy Shilomi has ever made:

The lights darken. Pyro from the stage comes up, and Omi comes parachuting onto the stage. The ladies want him, and the guys want to be him.

Omi busts out his dance moves. The ladies are wooed.

"Oh rigggght, giggity giggity giggity"

Omi grabs the microphone, and points to the crowd, perhaps pointing to a very special lady.

Omi does some more moves, and the crowd goes wild.

"Oh yeaaaaaaah"




Posted by Queen of Noise , Apr 17 2007 · 125 views
Life and Lessons Learned
For those who have not been watching the news or live abroad, there was a horrible massacre--the largest mass-murder ever committed--at a university only a couple hours away from me yesterday. Some deeply psychotic student at Virginia Tech shot a freshman and an RA in a dorm, then took two guns and a great deal of ammunition and stormed into a classroom building where he murdered thirty more people, both students and professors before committing suicide as the police closed in.

I have a good deal of friends who attend Virginia Tech; I must know at least ten people who go there. Thankfully, all of my friends and acquaintances are all right. Despite this, there are countless tonight all over the country who are grieving, and I wish to dedicate a blog entry to them and those who lost their lives in this senseless, tragic murders.


Highlights Of Bbc 42

Posted by Queen of Noise , Apr 15 2007 · 135 views
BZPower and the Internet
Since I didn't have time to make an entry of my own, I will present here my favorite entries of the contest so far instead of advertising mine.

IPB Image

The Bohrok Va! The cutest Bionicle sets remade into a even better, more expressive form. My Shipmate ToMmy, who has had a history of fixation on the Va (perhaps because he is apparently incessantly annoyed by Kayvee), came up with the perfect idea or this Bionicle Building Contest and applied the concept brilliantly, in a simple yet elegant fashion.

IPB Image

DAAAAAAAAAAAA! Whether you find it adorable or disturbing (I find it a blend of both), the entry of my master, Darth Shannara, is premiere. The head alone makes it one of the best MOCs I have seen in a while. I definitely see this anthropomorphic animal going far.

IPB Image

The Koala "bear" is undeniably one of nature's cutest mammals, and Romangus, no stranger to making "cute" MOCs, and done an admiral job capturing that little mammal in Bionicle form. He is even resting in a tree!

IPB Image

CzAr's little collection of animals is a great fit for this theme and a solid departure from his usual building style. I especially like the urchins; I may build one of my own to go with my little crustacean from the previous contest.

IPB Image

Another rabbit, this one by Neaku, is a great fusion MOC and made to be realistic rather than cartoonish. He managed to pull it off and still keep it cute, and while it is a tad blocky, it is an excellent MOC.

IPB Image

An Asian elephant, made by T08, is monochromatically marvelous. It's a compact and complex MOC, with an expertly-constructed head. And While I will concede that I am more partial to African elephants, this pachyderm is still great.

IPB Image

I'm not certain exactly what this is, but i love it. Kosdan's verdant reptilian MOC has a great color scheme and an innovative construction.


The Gentle Indifference Of The World

Posted by Queen of Noise , Apr 15 2007 · 109 views
Music and Literature
Camus was a genius. Sartre was a clod.

I might elaborate later.

Faces To The Names

In relative order of meeting and/or encountering them. There are definitely some missing but I'm bad with usernames. PM me if you've met me at a BrickFair or something but aren't on this list.

1989: ActionMasterBumblebee
1995: Cronua
2002: Antonapoulos
2006: Bionicle Rex, Kopaka's Ice Engineering, Kaiapu, Spoony Bard, Black Six, InnerRayg, ChocolateFrogs
2008: Swiftone, LehvakLah, Makaru, Deevee, Magpi, Kohaku, Roa McToa, speaknspell, Nikira, Twingding, krazyrapdude
2009: Janus, Friar Tuck, Senjo, Hahli Husky, Emzee, Alsru: Toa of Honor, Spink, Disky
2010: Nukaya, ToM Dracone, Arpy, Sisen, xccj, Nuju Metru, Primus, Vezok's Friend, Lloyd: White Wolf, Stubbed Toa, Waffles, dablackcat
2011: Brave Dragon, Brickeens, Toa Lhikan Hordika, and many more at BrickFair '11 who I do not remember!
2012: Tufi Piyufi, Takuma Nuva, Avohkah Tamer, and many more at BrickFair '12 who I do not remember!
2013: !!JOHN CENA!!, Ryuujin, Der Xaeger, probably more at BrickFair '13 that I don't remember
2014: Weasley Time Prison

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