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The Dire Court of Her Glam Majesty


New Single!

Posted by Queen Grr , Apr 11 2013 · 209 views

Posted Image
Download here
BZPower has always been really supportive of me over the years, as I've slowly learned how to effectively record music.  My simple cover songs in the BZPowercast gave me my first real audience, Maddison (Nukaya) gave me my first radio airplay, and my outings as part of Taped Headphones with Becca (Hahli Husky) gave my my first legitimate musical collaboration.
My early output was rudimentary and - let's face it - pretty awful.  But you guys believed in me right from the get-go and gave a huge support.  You kept supporting me as I learned more, got better, started writing my own songs, and started playing real shows in my fearsome college band, the Predacons. 
The Predacons split up after we all graduated, but BZPower still was there, still encouraging me, still happy to hear new songs every month.  And BZPower's still been a huge part of my life as I've moved onto focusing on my own original output, formed my new band, Nervous Pudding, and gotten very serious about songwriting and performance, seeking out professional studios for mastering work after recording and mixing the songs myself.
That's why I want to make BZPower the first place where I personally announce this, my debut single as frontman of Nervous Pudding.  The song is called "Words, Words, Words" and was written and recorded entirely by yours truly.  This is a really big deal for me - and I wanted to share it with you guys first.
You can listen to the song and download it here.  "Words, Words, Words" will be followed by a harder-edged second single called "The Problem" later this month, and by a full album of original music this summer.  The album will be titled Oh, Tonight and I want to look into making a coupon code for BZPower members that will give you guys as discount on the LP. 
You guys mean the world to me.  Thank you so much for all the support over the years!!
PS: It should be noted that Nervous Pudding also features BZPower members Windrider and Calles!  They are not featured on this track, but will be heard on the album (and live!)


new gear

Posted by Queen Grr , Apr 08 2013 · 229 views

check out this hotness
Posted Image

Crate GFX-212 amplifier. 120 watts. It's beautiful and it sounds beautiful. 
I'm a big believer in checking out a lot of different amps, including odd ones not made by the big name manufacturers - the sound you want can be found in the most unlikely of places.  I almost passed right by this on my way to the Vox Valvetronix I've had my eye on for a while (I've always been a fan of Vox - you can see my trusty little Pathfinder 15R on on top of the Crate in this picture) - but I'm glad I stopped and decided to check it out.  It's got a big, bold sound, and the clean channel is as crisp and clear as a Fender three times its price.  This baby's over a decade old but it sounds like it shipped here straight from heaven. 
The best part?  Since it was used gear, it was cheap as dirt. 
I should do an entry sometime about making music on a tight budget - like tips in tricks on where to go for good deals on secondhand instruments, as well as recommendations for off-the-shelf stuff that's high in quality but low in price. 
Incidentally, I've got two singles coming out this month and an album to follow early this summer.  I'll toss a link up here when they're available, for anyone who's interested.


I'm not usually big on video games, but...

Posted by Queen Grr , Apr 02 2013 · 209 views

...this one looks rad

Posted Image


I Was Wrong

Posted by Queen Grr , Mar 31 2013 · 280 views

It was wrong of me to lash out publicly at the administration of this site before discussing the matter privately. 
I apologize sincerely for the disrespect I displayed by doing that - disrespect to the administrators as staff, but far more importantly, as my friends. 
They deserve far better than that from me, considering all they've given to me in honest friendship for the better part of a decade.
While I remain angered by the administration's treatment of the social issue in question, the fact that I reacted in anger and effectively publicly lambasted my friend is embarrassing and wrong.
For that I owe a sincere apology to Andrew and to Jen, and not a hidden, private one given the nature of the offense. 
I'm extremely sorry.  You both deserved far better from me. 



Posted by Queen Grr , Mar 28 2013 · 334 views

human rights
is not a political issue
it's a social issue
more to the point
it's basic human decency



Posted by Queen Grr , Mar 14 2013 · 166 views

who wants to buy this for me
i'll love you forever


Jen is always right

Posted by Queen Grr , Mar 07 2013 · 336 views

Smeag: but let's be honest with ourselves here
Smeag: Seinfeld main characters ranked in order of best to least
Smeag: -Elaine
Smeag: -George
Smeag: -Jerry
Smeag: -Kramer

Tufi Piyufi: seconding this
Smeag: that's because you have great opinions

I'm secretly testing how old you all are by posting this conversation ;)


Me irl

Posted by Queen Grr , Mar 02 2013 · 134 views

Posted Image


I have a problem

Posted by Queen Grr , Feb 26 2013 · 252 views

Posted Image


Better Know a Smeag

Posted by Queen Grr , Feb 12 2013 · 350 views
me, this is about me and 2 more...
here's a new game it's called "BETTER KNOW A SMEAG"
In this game i'll ask questions about myself and we'll see who gets them right first
if you get a question right you get to suggest the next question, but I also get to ask YOU a question!! so it'll be interactive!  This is going to be fun until i get bored of it
First question:

Band Links

Posted Image


Desperate for Attention (2014)

Oh, Tonight (2013)

Mix Tape 1 (2013)






Faces To The Names

In relative order of meeting and/or encountering them. There are definitely some missing but I'm bad with usernames. PM me if you've met me at a BrickFair or something but aren't on this list.

1989: ActionMasterBumblebee
1995: Cronua
2002: Antonapoulos
2006: Bionicle Rex, Kopaka's Ice Engineering, Kaiapu, Spoony Bard, Black Six, InnerRayg, ChocolateFrogs
2008: Swiftone, LehvakLah, Makaru, Deevee, Magpi, Kohaku, Roa McToa, speaknspell, Nikira, Twingding, krazyrapdude
2009: Janus, Friar Tuck, Senjo, Hahli Husky, Emzee, Alsru: Toa of Honor, Spink, Disky
2010: Nukaya, ToM Dracone, Arpy, Sisen, xccj, Nuju Metru, Primus, Vezok's Friend, Lloyd: White Wolf, Stubbed Toa, Waffles, dablackcat
2011: Brave Dragon, Brickeens, Toa Lhikan Hordika, and many more at BrickFair '11 who I do not remember!
2012: Tufi Piyufi, Takuma Nuva, Avohkah Tamer, and many more at BrickFair '12 who I do not remember!
2013: !!JOHN CENA!!, Ryuujin, Der Xaeger, probably more at BrickFair '13 that I don't remember

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