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Taped Headphones Returns

Posted by Queen of Noise , Mar 01 2012 · 274 views

(Click to listen or download)

Davy Jones of the Monkees died today. This recording is in tribute to him, his great voice, and his legacy of wonderful music. I had the pleasure of seeing him and Mickey Dolenz performing live about a decade ago. Neither really got the credit they deserved as singers and musicians, and that’s a ###### shame.

This tribute is also, incidentally, the return of Taped Headphones after a nearly year-long hiatus.

Becca and I both love the Monkees (and Davy Jones’ singing was a big influence on both of us). Fans who remember our little bicoastal band may recall that our first track was a cover of “I’m a Believer”! Things fizzled out last year for reasons, reasons that really were mostly just stupid (on both our parts). I’ve been doing the Powercast tunes solo ever since. And it was just dumb and to be honest, I missed singing together a lot.

Today we were talking about Davy, and I suggested we record a tribute, together, like the old days. I got a little teary when Becca said “that would make me very happy.”

So here we are, guys. This one’s for Davy, for friendship, and for song. The former will be missed; the latter, missed no longer; and all three, treasured. Here’s to you, Davy - and here’s to you, Becca, my friend. Let’s not let this go anymore.

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Oh man! I can't wait for the reunion tour!
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The taped headphones return!
I was wondering why suddenly you guys didn't make an appearance in the powercast in the summer.
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Hahli Husky
Mar 01 2012 04:27 PM
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Dear Andrew,

This entry was very touching, and the message of friendship resonates with me in my current situation. I loved the song and it's truly great to hear you two recording together again. A fitting tribute, indeed.

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Apr 12 2012 07:24 PM
The link don't work. :(
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