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The Minimalist


Comment Box Glitch

Posted by Illuminatus , Aug 12 2010 · 360 views

Well, apparently you can re-write the entire bottom comment on any member's profile in IE. Posted Image

Posted Image


Car Logo

Posted by Illuminatus , Aug 07 2010 · 326 views

I really ought to incorporate this in a modern day sci fi BIONICLE epic, wouldn't you agree?

Posted Image


Regards from Mr. Faber

Posted by Illuminatus , Aug 06 2010 · 322 views

Christian Faber was kind enough to share a piece of concept BIONICLE artwork with me over email:

Posted Image

Something else that might be interesting is, he'll soon be launching a website, entirely dedicated to his work with LEGO during the past 25 years. As I suspected, he was also involved in the making of the Slizer/Throwbots series, so it's quite possible that we may finally obtain some form of official canon for the guys.


Thoughts on the Nikila Contest

Posted by Illuminatus , Aug 05 2010 · 263 views

Upon voting in each poll for the recent Nikila contest, I was a bit disappointed by the sheer amount of rough, bulky, macho designs that the majority of entrants had drawn. IMO, Greg's rule regarding the addition of female attributes really hindered the potential of some artists. Don't get me wrong, there are some great pieces out there, but most of them are, in my opinion anyway, nothing like what Nikila should look like.

My personal favorites?

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Good luck to everyone, and I look forward to seeing the above entries in the finals. Posted Image


Shameless Advertising

Posted by Illuminatus , Jul 29 2010 · 241 views

In case anyone's actually still interested in quality Photoshop edits:

Posted Image



Posted by Illuminatus , Jul 28 2010 · 464 views

Just had another idea laid to waste by the Greg man:

Hey, me again. Posted Image

I've been thinking about Nikila's Kanohi mask and how it might possibly tie in with the concept of alternate dimensions. I looked at the mask's page on BS01 and I couldn't help thinking the information on it was rather scarce. So I thought that maybe its power could be explained a bit more thoroughly.

Apparently, the Kanohi can alter the probability of a situation, either by increasing its chances of occuring, or lessening them. Now I'm assuming it wouldn't work with major "situations" like making Makuta's plan less likely to succeed, but it could alter some minor situations that would be useful in battle, or on a mission. This got me thinking, however, that no matter how you put it, it seems that altering the probability of an event is not just increasing or decreasing its chances of happening, but also altering the chances of something else having happened, something in the past that would've led to your desired outcome in a situation, and that you're not necessarily aware of. So basically, in changing the likelihood of a certain situation, this mask would inevitably have to interfere with an action or decision made by someone in the past, practically overwriting it.

So does that mean that the Mask of Possibilities can pretty much alter the past, even in a minute way? Well, not really, if you consider my explanation. Now, as you said, the number of alternate realities in BIONICLE is infinite, as every single decision ever made by any being would result in the separation of one initial dimension into at least two more. So we could assume that there is a good few alternate dimensions that are incredibly similar to the prime reality, but differ in some minor way. So what Nikila's mask would do is not overwrite an event in the past in order to bring about a desired event in the present, but rather simply relocate the position of the prime reality into one of the adjacent realities, where that event is more or less likely to happen. The new reality would have to be different in a very specific way, and the mask would automatically establish the best option, unbeknownst to its bearer, who would only see the outcome.

I was thinking of PMing the BSS with this, but I decided to let you read it directly. I'd love to hear what you think. Posted Image

No, it can't. The mask's power was based off the Scarlet Witch's hex power, circa 1960s-1980s. So, for example, someone fires a gun at you, it alters the probability of the bullet missing you and hitting the villain's control panel from 1000-1 to 1-1. It does not affect the past events leading up the bullet being fired.

And just in case anyone's interested, this is something else I suggested to the BSS a while ago:

The Amana Volo Sphere is a type of powerful globe that can restore one's health and boost their strength. The Volo Lutu Launcher is a type of catapult that can thrust anyone over large obstacles. Now, my first idea is to have these two meanings for the word "volo":

  • boost
  • transfer
You'll see that if you replace the word with either of its theoretical synonyms, it will make perfect sense as to the purpose of each object/device. The Amana Volo Sphere can boost one's strength, i.e. transfer energy to their being. In turn, the Volo Lutu Launcher can boost/thrust someone upward, or in other words transfer them from one location to another.

Now, if we assume that "volo" means these things, then let's look at the word "amana". If an Amana Volo sphere can restore one's power, then there's only a few logical definitions for the word, which in this case are contextual synonyms:
  • energy
  • strength
  • power
Now there's a certain unusual Kanohi mask that's only been featured in BIONICLE: The Game as a power-up the Mask of Elemental Energy. It's never been included in the story so far because of its odd power, and has remained unnamed. But if we assume that the aforementioned meanings are accurate, then we've got a splendid name for the mask Kanohi Amana. It's simple, it's logical and sounds perfectly BIONICLE-like.

On a side note, let's look at Vorahk and his corresponding Kraata Vo. If we assume that "vo" is derived from "volo", then we have a great explanation for the Rahkshi/Kraatas power of hunger. It can drain its oponents energy, i.e. transfer their energy to itself, boosting its own power.

I look forward to hearing what you think. Posted Image



Posted by Illuminatus , Jul 18 2010 · 488 views

I was supposed to go to the movie theater with a friend today, but it turned out he had some other arrangements so I ended up going by myself. I didn't mind, really, it rather contributes to the experience when you're alone. The movie of choice was none other than Inception.

The room was pretty empty, and I was at the backmost row, so it felt decent enough. The movie itself was astonishing. I found it well-paced, innovative and with just the right amount of action, effect and intrigue. Christopher Nolan definitely didn't disappoint. Perhaps the only aspect I found irritating was the focus on sci-fi and technological applications, rather than the generally surreal, unnatural and awe-inspiring aura of the dream world. The characters could've done a bit more reality checks, like the one with the wristwatches at the beginning. None of them seemed to have a hard time remembering that they were dreaming, while that's in fact, pretty difficult. "The kick" was an original idea, though, and the overall notion of planting a thought was a stroke of genius.

Did I mention Hans Zimmer is the best movie composer I've ever heard? I should.

"Inception" is probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while, and even though it lacks some of the elements I usually look for in a movie, like the presence of a subtle, deep and philosophical meaning, or the symbolic allusion to higher knowledge and awareness, it's still an incredible and thought provoking piece of work.


The New Direction

Posted by Illuminatus , Jul 15 2010 · 163 views

LEGO Preliminary Press Release, Oct 2008.

Posted Image

As 2008 comes to an end, so does an eight year-long chapter in the BIONICLE storyline. Makuta Teridax has obtained the ultimate weapon the Matoran Universe, and imprisoned the Great Spirit within the Mask of Life. Cast ouf of his own body, Mata Nui must set off on a long and distant journey into the unknown space. No one can fathom what awaits him there...

Posted Image

"A remote and forbidding planet, filled with strange inhabitants and creatures, that only the wildest of imaginations could perceive. Icy mountains, volcanoes and dense jungle regions are but a few of the diverse landscapes that sprawl across this eerie corner of the universe. The people of this planet have established a unique social system, so as to avoid unnecessary conflict and settle their disputes in a civilized manner. Once a year, a tournament is held at the grand arena to determine the most skilled ahd talented fighter."

Posted Image

"Though the people must beware, as there is a lot more to worry about on their home planet than just disputes over supplies. The Element Lords are powerful and hostile beings that inhabit each region, and govern it in their own way. You'd best stay away from them, if you value your life."

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

"Among the peculiar elements of this world are Water, Fire, Ice, Rock, Sand, and Jungle." Hardcore BIONICLE fans that are used to the old elements will hopefully find this shift exciting.

Posted Image

Aside from the new storyline location and characters, the new sets will include projectile weapons and a brand new scoring feature, that we hope will encourage social interaction.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Also worth a note is that we will be including tan as a major color for the first time in a long while, so fans of the first few years of BIONICLE will be very much pleased.

Posted ImagePosted Image

We hope you enjoyed this brief overview of the direction BIONICLE will be taking in 2009. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any updates and news. The new and improved website will feature a cool new game, where you can play online with friends and win fantastic prizes. The first wave of sets will launch next month, so be prepared for a load of fun!

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

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Posted Image

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