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Akano's Blog



Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 07 2012 · 247 views
It's almost like I'm back in Ohio. Except in Ohio it snowed in late October.

Eh, close enough.


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Voting and such

Posted by Akano , Nov 06 2012 · 242 views
Voting, Election, Bandwagon
You people are all slow; I voted weeks ago :P (absentee FTW!). Thanks to all who voted, whether it was Democrat, Republican, or Bull Moose. Statisticians really appreciate having a good sample size for such things. :P

(But seriously, voting is important. Exercise those rights!)

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Not copying Squish at all...

Posted by Akano , in Pokémon, Life Nov 05 2012 · 318 views



Normal - Togekiss
Fighting - Lucario
Water - Milotic
Grass - Breloom
Fire - Chandelure/Volcarona
Electric - Rotom
Poison - Haunter
Ghost - Shedinja
Psychic - Lugia
Bug - Galvantula
Flying - Zapdos
Dragon - Zekrom
Rock - Tyranitar
Ground - Steelix
Ice - Lapras
Steel - Magnezone
Dark - Zoroark

Gen I: 3 Gen II: 3 Gen III: 3 Gen IV: 4 Gen V: 4/5 (if you count both Chandelure and Volcarona)

I couldn't decide between Chandelure and Volcarona, because they be beastly. I almost put Giratina with Zekrom, but Zekrom has the electric factor going for him, which, if you couldn't tell, I like. :D

Also, my favorites are very spread among gens. Akano does not play favorites with his generations of Pokémon.

(Gen II all the way! :P)

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Pokémon White 2: Postgame

Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 02 2012 · 311 views

While I technically beat the Elite Four on Tuesday, I thought I'd share my team here.
  • Anubis (Lucario)
  • Tornadus-T
  • Vanessa (Emboar)
  • Zoroark
  • Tesla (Magnezone)
  • Golduck - HM slave

I couldn't nickname Zoroark due to it being N's originally, and Tornadus I just never got around to nicknaming after I got him from Dream Radar. :P This was actually the first time I've ever raised any of these Pokémon for a team, so it was a very different game experience this time around. I wish Lucario were just a bit bulkier, because he can dole out punishment but can't really take it. I love Zoroark's speed, but man is he frail. Emboar was all right, but I definitely prefer Samurott. Magnezone was pretty awesome, too; his Special Attack is beastly.

I should raise a Chandelure when I replay through White. He looks pretty awesome...

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Happy Halloween

Posted by Akano , in Life Oct 31 2012 · 277 views
Crest of Hyrule, Bat, Pumpkins and 1 more...

Posted Image
(Click for larger image)

The one on the left is my roommate's; the one on the right is mine.

Happy Halloween, BZPower. :)

(Also, check out my Haunted House review if you haven't already! It's full of awesome haunted house pictures!)

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Set Review: 10228 Haunted House

Posted by Akano , in Set Review, LEGO Oct 30 2012 · 514 views
Haunted House, Review

Posted Image Posted Image
Oh noes! I forgot to hang the awesome picture of Frankie in his white tux on prom night!

The bedroom looks like your typical undead sleeping pad. With pictures hanging of friends and family, some undead deer skull, a rickety unfurnished bed, and an empty wardrobe, it's ideal for the everyday vampire who's trying to get away from all the stresses of life. The writing desk at the top of the stairs is in a nice corner by the window(s) so the maximum amount of moonlight is available when writing to those creepy, alive relatives of yours. I also like that there's a railing at the top of the stairs, but no railing following them down to the first floor. Clearly safety is of no concern during the transition between stories.

Go read it. Be enthralled. Clean up your drool on the way out.

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Sandy Update 3

Posted by Akano , in Life Oct 30 2012 · 309 views
Hurricane, Updates
(12:43 p.m. EDT) So, Sandy is currently doing his/her (its?) stuff outside my apartment. LOTS O' RAIN!

No snow or high force winds yet, though. I think that stuff is being saved for later.

In other GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE, I'm technically still alive.

UPDATE 2 (3:40 p.m. EDT): Winds have been picking up, rain is unrelenting, and my apartment is cold. This calls for hoodie & blanket times! 8D

Wow, it's really raging out there...

UPDATE 3 (10/30/2012 at 2:29 p.m.): Things have calmed down. This morning whilst being sleepily half-awake I heard cleanup trucks outside. At least two trees are down that I can see from my apartment windows. Fun stuff.

Also, the power went off a couple times last night and this morning, but it's currently on (hence my ability to type this :P).

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Brace Yourselves...

Posted by Akano , in Set Review, LEGO Oct 29 2012 · 370 views
Not Sandy, Haunted House, Review
Posted Image

10228 Haunted House review is coming.

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Posted by Akano , in Life Oct 28 2012 · 283 views
Rock you like a, Hurricane
So, school for me has been cancelled Monday and Tuesday due to some sort of sandy storm that is also full of winds and snow (and may or may not be caused by Spongebob's rodent friend). The details aren't really clear. So, after removing things from my porch and storing lots of water in my fridge (at least five gallons worth, maybe more), I feel I'm ready to bunker up and watch it from the comfort of my living room.

My roommate is thinking of going into school to do research. I am not terribly keen on the idea. So, Pokémon it is. 8D

Also, that awkward moment when you're about ready to check out Christmas presents for siblings on Bricklink and a scheduled downtime occurs. :\

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Equation of the Day #3

Posted by Akano , in Math/Physics Oct 26 2012 · 326 views
Relativity, E=mc^2, Einstein
Just so everyone knows, I obtained the awesome LEGO Haunted House over Fall Break and have pictures that will work wonderfully in a review. You can probably expect that next week at some point (I hope). For now, let's go over another fun physics equation! This one is probably very familiar to you, though you may not have any idea what it means. I give you mass-energy equivalence:

Posted Image

E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light. It's a very simple-looking equation with only three parameters, but what does it mean? Well, it means that anything with mass – you, your cat, your house, the Earth – has latent energy stored in it, and the amount of mass determines that latent energy. For an object at rest, this correlates to the rest mass of the object. If an object is moving really fast (near the speed of light) its kinetic energy causes it to actually get heavier, since the object can never actually reach the speed of light (only objects with no rest mass move at the speed of light).

So, if we have an object sitting and doing nothing, and it suddenly glows for a split second, then stops, where did the light come from? Well, light has energy, as we know, so we could calculate the energy of the light that escapes our object. If the light emanates in all directions, then the net kinetic energy of the object is unchanged. But conservation of energy says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed! Have we violated the laws of physics with our weird glowing object? Well, no, because if you were somehow able to weigh the object pre- and post-glow, you would find that the mass of this object is actually slightly less after the light is given off.

But wait! Doesn't conservation of mass say that matter can neither be created nor destroyed? Well, yes, it does say that. So the only way for this to make sense is if the mass is converted into the energy that was emitted. We know that energy can be converted into different forms (electric, mechanical, thermal, etc.), so this must mean that mass is another form of energy that can be converted to and from! Pretty neat, huh?

Minutephysics has a cool video on this with a bit more technicality and pretty pictures of radioactive cats, but this is my text-based explanation simplified. :)

Another thing that may cross your mind is that this looks very similar to Newton's second law:

Posted Image

So, does Newton's second law equate force with acceleration? Well, no, because in the mass-energy equation, the constant of proportionality,
c2, is a universal constant; it is the same for any and all objects in the universe. The mass of an object, however, varies from object to object, and is thus not a fundamental, universal constant, so while these equations are similar and relate two seemingly different entities, they do not conceptually perform the same task.

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Oak Log Bans

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