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Akano's Blog


NYC and other Adventures

Posted by Akano , in Life Aug 30 2012 · 268 views
Life, LEGO Store and 3 more...
So, on Tuesday my roommate, one of the other physics grad students and her friend, and I all took a trip to the Big Apple. My roommate and I had never visited, and I have to say it was not a horrible city experience.

Our first stop was lunch in Central Park, after which we headed to the American Museum of Natural History where we spent time exploring various exhibits including DINOSAURS(!!!), marine life, Egyptian stuffs, and the Rose Center. Unfortunately, we did not see Neil DeGrasse Tyson there, which makes the physicist in me slightly sad, but good times were had. We then headed over to the awesome Nintendo World, where there was more Pokémon merchandise than I could believe. I wish there had been more Legend of Zelda merch that wasn't baseball caps or overpriced T-shirts (I would love to own a pair of Triforce pajama pants). Then we headed to Rockefeller Center to visit the majestic NYC LEGO Store, where I bought a magnet of a LEGO minifigure with an I ♥ NY t-shirt (with the ♥ made of LEGO bricks). Then we visited McGee's Pub, famous for being the bar that MacLaren's Pub of How I Met Your Mother is based on. We then took a subway downtown to view Lady Liberty herself over the bay after sunset.

It was fun times. 8D

Also, today my grad school had an academic fair for the incoming freshman class. The physics department had LED magnet-badge type things to give away to students to suck them toward our table. Go physics! :P

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My cats are funny

Posted by Akano , in Life Aug 23 2012 · 234 views
...because they're cats. Also, because one of them is currently curled up on a pile of freshly laundered towels on the sofa whilst the other is on the floor posing like the fancy prince that he is.

Silly kitties.

Also, HOLY CROWSNEST I'VE BEEN GONE A WHILE! This is what happens when I visit home...

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Randy Rogel

Posted by Akano , Aug 09 2012 · 224 views
Animaniacs, Talkin Toons, the 90s and 1 more...
...is a musical genius. For those who don't know him by name, he wrote almost all the songs featured on Animaniacs, e.g. Yakko's Universe, the Nations of the World, the 50 states and their capitols.

The live show with him on Talkin' Toons is amazing.

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Curiosity's on Mars

Posted by Akano , in Math/Physics Aug 06 2012 · 302 views
Science, Awesome, Space
Yay, science! 8D

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Family vacation

Posted by Akano , in Life Jul 26 2012 · 218 views

Going to spend some time with KK, Tekulo, my mom and my roommate for the next week. I'll have BZP access, but I'm not sure if I'll actually be on during that time, so if I'm quiet for the next week, you now know why.

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The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

Posted by Akano , in Life Jul 25 2012 · 703 views
music, Zelda, Awesome
Just saw the concert.

Amazing. The Twilight Princess movement was my favorite of the main symphony, but the best encore was, without a doubt, the recently added Majora's Mask suite.

This Zelda fan is quite pleased. :)

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New Skin is New

Posted by Akano , Jul 23 2012 · 529 views

And I likes it! Thankee to Than and Watashi Wa. :)

Also, an awesomely amazing photo autographed by Yakko Warner/Pinky himself, Rob Paulsen, came in the mail today. I am quite happy. :)

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Set Review: 6769 Fort LEGOREDO

Posted by Akano , in Set Review, LEGO Jul 23 2012 · 1,588 views
Fort LEGOREDO, Western, Bandits and 2 more...
In continuing my trend of reviewing 90s LEGO System sets, I'm turning my criticism to one of the most beloved, nostalgic LEGO sets arguably of all of LEGO's existence.

From the design of the box to the instruction manual, these are the first things you see before building the set.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Ah, the desert. Something about it inspires adventure. Perhaps it's the survival aspect of it. Anyway, the box pulls off the desert background very nicely, and the action of a bunch of cavalry men attempting to catch bandits gives off the Wild West feel. Also, the back of the box has alternate models, which LEGO doesn't do anymore and is something that I personally miss a lot from the newer sets. The large set also has the flap on top which opens to reveal the interior of the box. The plastic/cardboard sheet inside was used to preview minifigs and/or exclusive/unique pieces, but seeing as mine was used, this is not the case here. :P

Half the fun is had building the set. How fun is it to build and how easy or challenging is it?

Posted Image

This set is rather ridiculous with the space its pieces take up, so I couldn't organize them completely. There are 668 pieces total, which makes for a mild build. I think I built it up within an hour, since the build isn't terribly difficult. Also, I couldn't help but hear Gerudo Valley in my head as I was building. I can't imagine why. :P

Posted Image
These pieces and the 1×2 and 1×4 log pieces are extremely prominent, in case you couldn't tell.

Set Design
Now that the set is complete, we can critique how it looks from every angle. New or interesting pieces can also be examined here.

There are four 16×32 baseplates in this set (no, I'm not kidding), so the build is split up into four parts. First, let's look at the entrance. the entrance:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

A fort? That's easy! Feel free to follow along with my simple step-by-step instructions. I make building FUN!!

The entrance is pretty...entrancey. The watchtowers are cool, even though (as seen from the back) they have no ladders to lead up to them, so one must wonder how a guard could get up there to look out from there. The doors are barricaded from the inside with a bar made from a 1×10 plate and two 1×2 hinge pieces, as are the other doors on this set. It's pretty cool how they designed that (it is a fort, after all).

Now, the walls:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

The first wall is rather nondescript. Just a guard wall with a ladder leading up to the top.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

The second wall has a little more going on. There's a side entrance and a rock wall made with, which I recently found out is called, a Big Ugly Rock Piece (BURP). The cactus at the bottom of the wall hides a cache of coins. This wall also has an actual tower on it to place a sentry in, which is cool. We also have a flag like the one at the entrance adorning the tower.

The final part of the set is headquarters:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

This is my favorite part of the set, as it actually has something going on other than being a wall. The headquarters reminds me of the Hydeout in the Borscht Bowl Club from the first case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. It has its secrets, like the hiding place in the chimney behind the fireplace.

Posted Image
I don't know what you're talking about; I'm not hiding anything.

Or the spinning table that sends the bandit or cavalry member to the prison/floor below.

Posted Image
You have a full house? I only have a two pair: a pair of ones, and another pair of ones.

Here, you can see the Colonel and Dewey Cheatum (no, I did not make that name up) playing at the aforementioned table. Rotate the table counter-clockwise, and Dewey ends up doing time for the vast number of card-based crimes he's committed.

Posted Image
Not pictured: The incarceration of whoever came up with the name "Dewey Cheatum."

The room is accessed by its minifig regulars by a set of stairs that can also be found in the LEGO Studios Vampire Crypt, along with others.

Posted Image

Now that we've covered the set itself, let's go over the minifigures:

Posted Image

There are two factions. Let's first go over the bandits.

Posted Image

From left to right, we have Black Bart, Flatfoot Thompson, and (*sigh*) Dewey Cheatum. Of all the figs, I think Dewey's is the coolest. His playing cards style vest and top hat clash a lot with his nasty gold-toothed scowl. It's as though class and hillbilly merged. Flatfoot Tom has a great western villain face, and Black Bart always struck me as the muscle of the gang.

Posted Image

The cavalry contains three soldiers, two lieutenants, and the colonel (whose face somewhat resembles that of the LEGO Chess king). Since this set is the headquarters of the cavalry, it contains the largest number of their figures, which is definitely a plus for this set.

Posted Image
I may have shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot this guy.

This set does not contain the sheriff (but Sheriff's Lock-Up does, and I hope to find a good one soon...), but it does contain his deputy. He has a white hat and hair and a sweet cowboy vest. Not much else to say about him; however, he looks to me like he's always chill about everything, even if a gunfight were to start.

The other half of the fun is in playing with the set. How well does the set function and is it enjoyable to play with?

Posted Image

Other than the doors opening and closing and the table trap that leads to the prison, there isn't really that much functionality with this set, which disappoints me a little bit. However, this set is a great setting for a western adventure, so while there isn't much to do with the set, there is a lot that someone could come up with at the set.

Final Thoughts
Once it's all said and done, how does the set stack up? Should I get it?

Posted Image
Who shot first, Dewey or the Colonel?

This set, being a very nostalgic set, is quite pricey. If you can find this set for less than $100 and you want this set, grab it. I understand why it's so loved, but I personally wouldn't place it as more important than, say, Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins or Night Lord's Castle.

What's to like?
  • Big
  • Many minifigs
  • Classic theme
What's not to like?
  • Price
  • Not much functionality
I hope you enjoyed this one. :) For the gallery, go here when it becomes public. :)

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New set acquisition and such

Posted by Akano , in LEGO Jul 19 2012 · 317 views

I got another 90s LEGO System set this week, and am currently writing up the review. I won't tell you what it is just yet, but I'll give you a hint: it was immensely popular, and I don't think it was one that I've talked about wanting to get. It was also featured in the PC LEGOLAND game.

So there are three-ish hints. :P

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LEGO Bag End

Posted by Akano , in LEGO Jul 12 2012 · 510 views

Posted Image

I have been waiting for this to be announced since I heard LEGO was doing a LOTR/Hobbit line. Want. 8D

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Oak Log Bans

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