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Akano's Blog



Posted by Akano , Sep 05 2006 · 239 views

I hate being sick. Even though I'm home today, I really wish I could be at school. Well. Alive.

I'm stuck with this really annoying cough and a fever. The cough I've had for days. Like, since Saturday. The fever I just got yesterday. It really stinks. I want to be back.

I'm somewhat wondering if this is bacterial. Like maybe strep. That would stink.

What's worse is that I went to bed last night thinking that I'd be better today. Nope. Had a fever this morning. Took my temperature and it was at 101°F.

And I have a Calculus test tomorrow. Really would've liked to be in class to review for that…

Hopefully the "MOO" Obsesser will be back to his old, well self. Sorry for the dreary blog entry.

And, I think this is a record. I updated within 3 days. Woot.

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Band Owns

Posted by Akano , Sep 02 2006 · 177 views

Ah, two football games. We're 1-1, and the marching band is 2-0.

Our show owned. I greatly prefered the first game to the second, because I personally did better that game. But, both were excellent.

If you're wondering, I am one of two senior trumpets in my high school marching band. And I'm the loudest one. ~shoots ego~

My ego did get the better of me the other day, and I said something I shouldn't have. But, I think my section forgives me for that. >>;;

Also, today I played paintball for the first time. And I realized how much paintballs hurt. ><;;

The paintballs we used were the exact same size as Zamor spheres. It was kinda creepy. >>

That's it for blurbs. See ya next update!

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Me Tired...

Posted by Akano , Aug 19 2006 · 198 views

Sheesh, you know the feeling of extreme tiredness the week before school starts? Yeah, just hit me.

BLARGAMOO! I don't get why our school starts in August. We don't get a full five day week until after Labor Day, which is when school should start. *sigh*

Anywho, I'm really really tired and bored, which is why I've had a lack of comic ideas. If anyone wants to read through any of them, just clicky the banner to your left. *yawn*

Yeah, I'm pretty much posting this out of boredom as well. Perhaps tomorrow I'll think of something to talk about. XP

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Band Camp...

Posted by Akano , Aug 06 2006 · 243 views

Well, I've been through one week of band camp. My lips are exhausted due to all the playing. Marching I don't really care about, that doesn't exhaust me. The playing is what gets me.

Why, you ask?

...I'm literally the loudest trumpet player in the band...and, no, that isn't ego talking, as much as it may sound that way... >>;;

Thus my lips were killing me. By midday Friday my lips had the shapes of my teeth engraved into the inside of them. Perhaps that clears all that up.

I'm really glad we're playing "The Final Countdown," one of my favorite songs to play. ^^ We played it in jazz band my sophomore year, and I'm trying to get my jazz director to bring it back this year. ^^

Okay, enough band nerd talk. I'm sure I'm boring you.

I have a new comic up as of July 30. I made a little block to the left for all of you with a link to both my comics and my stories. If you have free time, please take time to read if you're a fan of one or the other. I'd greatly appreciate it. ^^ The stories have been neglected for a while, but revival's allowed in the Library, so post away.

Umm...I think that's it. Power to the trumpets. headbang.gif

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*insert Topic Title Here*

Posted by Akano , Jul 19 2006 · 325 views

It's been a while since I updated this, huh? I absolutely suck at keeping a blog. >>;;

Anywho, I've been back from my trip for a week, I think. It was great. I saw a bunch of relatives and I ordered the Inika while there. I must say now, Hewkii rules.

I looked at Dr. B's review of him, and I must say I got different Zamors with Hewkii. I got 2 yellows and 2 orange-red mixes. Same with Nuparu, so I gave Hewkii the yellows, Nuparu the red/orange. They look a lot better. ^^;

And, yes, Hewkii's mask is awesome as well. The photos don't really do it justice.

I made a new comic, which I'll display here in case anyone happens to come across this blog who isn't a regular at my comics (but, seeing as no one visits anyway, I don't see how that's possible tongue.gif)

IPB Image

Many people don't seem to get the joke of why my brother and I would become Matoro if fused. I'm a Toa of Electricity, he's a Toa of Ice, and Matoro has the powers of Ice/Lightning. Thus, I thought it was funny that we'd form Toa Matoro when fused. But, no one gets it. *sigh* Moutekea thought it was pure genius, though. 8D

I think that's all my ranting today. Hopefully I can update this more often. >>;;

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Moo And Stuff!

Posted by Akano , Jul 02 2006 · 292 views

Yeah, it's been two weeks or so. I told you I wouldn't update this regularly. tongue.gif Anywho, time to fill y'all in on what I've been doing these past couple weeks.

My SAT class thingy is over! I get a break before school starts! Woot!

I have two little kittens, one's black and the other is white. He seems albino, but we don't know for sure. The black one is Cosmo and the white one is Comet. They're so cute. wub.gif

My brother, KK, and I built The Shadowed One for the first time. Not a very sturdy combiner, but he's very menacing. His staff is kinda odd in that the rip cord is also part of the top of the staff, but it's original, I guess. His Rhotuka kept falling off him. His arms are badly designed, being only Vahki legs and hands. I actually had to switch his hands because it made more sense that way. Also, it's hard to adjust one part of him without his whole body shifting. Really bad. ><;; In short: TSO looks sweet, but is horrible setwise.

Also, I built the Mahi MOC that gifboy99 came up with, and it's really neat. Really original idea, and very accurate to the flash episodes/MNOG.

That's another thing. It's Mata Nui Online Game, not Mata Nui On Line Game. Online is one word, people. One word. It really annoys me seeing MNOLG.

KK used his Brickmaster edition of the May-June Lego Mag to create Protodax (he's not a Brickmaster member, so I'm not quite sure how that works). He's pretty schweet. Quite beastly indeed. But, I wanted my Avak back together, so we demolished it. tongue.gif He's quite menacing, especially when you know his Zamor brings you down to the size of a protodite where millions of those things lurk.

I built stuff with my old Master Builder Kit, too. Ussal, Husi, Takea, you name it, I probably built it.

And now, currently, I'm on vacation at my cousins'. I'll be spending the Fourth of July up here and remain here for another week or so. Fun Fun.

Oh, I have a new comic up, BTW, if anyone's interested. tongue.gif

And now, the signoff.

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A Week...

Posted by Akano , Jun 17 2006 · 217 views

Well, it's been a week since I started my course, and it's not too bad... But taking those tests is murder... @@;;

Anyway, first week of summer break and it hasn't been all too bad. I finally decided to take apart Keetongu and let my brother build Voporak...which means he only built his right leg and I had to build the rest. XP He's quite awesome. For a bulky combiner, he's built very sturdily and completely. In short: I likey. 8D

Hopefully after we get some schweet pics we'll build the Shadowed One, the last of the '05 combiners we haven't built. We've built most of the previous combiners. I'm not all that sure about the Rahkshi Kaita and Bohrok/Kal Kaita. >>;

Anywhosit, I hope summer's just as good throughout the weeks. You know how Avak in the Piraka movie puts his Zamor launcher on his own tool? I did that. *grin* It's pretty schweet. Leaves his other hand open for strangling Matoran. tongue.gif

I can't wait for the Inika to come out. Hewkii has yellow pieces, and I'm gonna take full advantage of it. 8D And he has yellow Zamors. I think it's a dream come true. tongue.gif And I'm gonna get Nuparu, who I believe has orange Zamors. Fun fun. ^^

Well, that's all I can think of to talk about today. Maybe later I'll talk about things that don't make you sleep. XD

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Posted by Akano , Jun 09 2006 · 307 views

Blarga, I need to make a comic soon. It's been eons, I swear it has. I need a good idea. I really want one done by the end of the weekend. Perhaps something about finals...

Yeah, after my History and English finals yesterday, school is now officially over! WOOT!!! I can live again! At least until I have my SAT course to take...next week. ><;;

Yeah, summer's gonna be interesting...going to visit my cousins, helping my Science Olympiad team, marching band camp...ah, those are the days... ^^

I can't wait. This summer's gonna be such a blast.

Yes, I am weird. ^^

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My First Entry. Huzzah!

Posted by Akano , Jun 09 2006 · 229 views

Oooh, cool, a blogthing! This means I have to type here and stuff, doesn't it?

Well, good, I could use a little extra space.

Hmm, well, if you guys had noticed, I've been gone from BZP for a couple weeks. Why is that, you may ask. Simple my friends: Science Olympiad National competition.

Now, I wasn't on the official team, because I belong to my high school's team, and the middle school team was the only one that made it. However, I am proud to say that the middle school placed in the TOP 5 TEAMS IN THE NATION!!! WOO HOO!

And I am also proud to say I helped coach the national champions of Entomology! ^^

I was so dang proud of them. I was in hysterics the rest of the night. >>

And the rambling continues.

Another reason I haven't been here is because finals week is upon my school, and it stinks. I should be back in gear soon, if I don't die first. >>

Another thing: My comics topic reached its two year milestone! Yes, I kept a comic topic alive for over two years. I consider that a great accomplishment. No, I haven't got a single bit of ego. >>;;

Hopefully I'll be able to update this thing once in a while. >>

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