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Akano's Blog


*Grabs Popcorn*

Posted by Akano , in LEGO Dec 10 2014 · 472 views
Come on, everyone, Have some and 1 more...
It's really amusing to me that everyone is freaking out about this canonization stuff, mainly because this is what happened to me several years ago.

As someone who ended up disagreeing with new canon information during BIONICLE's initial tenure, let me assure you: the new canon is meaningless. Even if Greg Farshtey says that Toa can transform into gigantic dinosaurs and feast on souls, it would mean absolute bupkis. Why? Because the fun of BIONICLE isn't what's officially created, but what we, the fans, create.

I have seen beautiful creations on this site in the forms of MOCs, comics, general artwork, movies, stories, and music posted on this site for the past 11 years, and it is far more impressive than just about anything that has come out of the official storyline (although, Time Trap is the best thing Greg ever contributed to the actual canon, and there's no way I can knock it). You want a story where Vo-Matoran, -Toa, and -Turaga are male? Or have no set gender? Go for it. There's a headcanon floating around about a transgender Tamaru, there were comics featuring the only male Ga-Matoran, and there were epics that featured Toa, Matoran, and Turaga of Muffins. Do you think Muffins would ever be canonized as a for reals element? Who cares?! It made for far more interesting plots and ideas than a Toa of the Green who has only ever been hinted at and never seen in action!

Part of the fun of writing my epics – How I Became Me and The Inventor of Metru Nui (which I hope to work on again at some point, I swears!) – was twisting one part of the canon while leaving the rest be. Trying to get my OC to fit into the BIONICLE universe was fun, and when it was announced that Vo-Matoran are female (and blue, what's with that? If you've played Pokémon, you know that electricity is yellow bar a few minor deviations :P), I didn't budge because I didn't have to.

So have fun making mountains out of molehills, BZbloggers. I'm going to sit over here, lean back, and enjoy my bowl of popcorn whilst I watch the fireworks. Because I'm just that nice a guy. 8D

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Equation of the Day #13: Absolute Zero

Posted by Akano , in Math/Physics Dec 03 2014 · 221 views
Equation of the Day, Temperature and 2 more...
The room you are currently sitting in is probably around 20°C, or 68°F (within reasonable error, since different people like their rooms warmer or colder or have no control over the temperature of the room they're reading this entry in). But what does it mean to be at a certain temperature? Well, we often define temperature as an average of the movement of an ensemble of constituent particles – usually atoms or molecules. For instance, the temperature of a gas in a room is given as a relation to the gas' rms molecular speed:

Posted Image

Where T is the absolute temperature (e.g. Kelvin scale), m is the mass of the particles making up the gas, and k is Boltzmann's constant. But this is a specific case. In general, we need a more encompassing definition. In thermodynamics, there is a quantity known as entropy, which basically quantifies the disorder of a system. It is related to the number of ways to arrange the elements of a system without changing the energy.

For instance, there are a lot of ways of having a messy room. You can have clothes on the floor, you can track mud into it, you can leave dishes and food everywhere. But there are very few ways to have an immaculately clean room, where everything is tidy and put in its proper place. Thus, the messy room has a larger entropy, while the clean room has very low entropy. It is this quantity that helps to define temperature generally. Denoting entropy as S, we have that

Posted Image

Or, in words, temperature is defined as the change in energy divided by the change in entropy of something when its volume remains fixed, which is equivalent to the change in enthalpy (heat) divided by the change in entropy at constant pressure. Thus, if you increase the energy of an object and find that it becomes more disordered, the temperature is positive. This is what we are used to. When you heat up air, it becomes more disorderly because the particles making it up are moving faster and more randomly, so it makes sense that the temperature must be positive. If you cool air, the particles making it up slow down and it tends to become more orderly, so the temperature is still positive, but decreasing. What happens when you can't pull any more energy out of the air? Well, that means that the temperature has gone to zero, and movement has stopped. Since the movement has stopped, the gas must be in a very ordered state, and the entropy isn't changing. When the speed of the gas particles is zero, we call its temperature absolute zero, when all motion has stopped.

It is impossible to reach absolute zero temperature, but it isn't intuitive as to why at first. The main reason is due to quantum mechanics. If all atomic motion of an object stopped, its momentum would be known exactly, and this violates the Uncertainty Principle. But there is also another reason. In thermodynamics, there is a quantity related to temperature that is defined as

Posted Image

Since k is just a constant, β can be thought of as inverse temperature. This sends absolute zero to β being infinity! Now, this makes much more sense as to why achieving absolute zero is impossible – it means we have to make a quantity go to infinity! It turns out that β is the more fundamental quantity to deal with in thermodynamics because of this role (and others).

Now, you're probably thinking, "Akano, that's all well and good, but, are you saying that this means that you can get to infinite temperature?" In actuality, you can, but you need a special system to be able to do it. To get temperature to infinity, you need β to go to zero. How do we do that? Well, once you cross zero, you end up with a negative quantity, so if we could somehow get a negative temperature, then we would have to cross β equals zero. But how do we get a negative temperature, and what would that be like? Well, we would need entropy to decrease when energy is added to our system.

Posted Image

It turns out that an ensemble of magnets in an external magnetic field would do the trick. See, when a compass is placed in a magnetic field, it wants to align with the field (call that direction north). But if I put some energy into the system (i.e. I push the needle), I can get the needle of the compass to point in the opposite direction (south). When less than half of the compasses are pointing opposite the external field, each time I flip a compass needle I'm increasing entropy (since the perfect order of all the compasses pointing north has been tampered with). But once more than half of those compasses are pointing south, I am decreasing the disorder of the system when I flip another magnet south! This means that the temperature must be negative! In practice, the compasses are actually molecules with an electric dipole moment or electrons with a certain spin (which act like magnets), but the same principles apply. So, β equals zero is when exactly half of the compasses are pointing north and the other half are pointing south, and β equals zero is when T is infinite, and it is at this infinity that the sign on T swaps.

It's interesting to note that negative temperatures are actually hotter than any positive temperature, since you have to add energy to get to negative temperature. One could define a quantity as –β, so that plotting it on a line would be a more intuitive way to see that the smaller the quantity, the colder the object is, while preserving the infinities of absolute zero and "absolute hot."

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Going home for turkey

Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 25 2014 · 272 views
Greyhound, Saluki, Whippet and 1 more...
This evening, KK and I will embark on an epic quest to return home via Greyhound bus. Neither of us has ever partaken in such an adventure, so it will probably be full of intrigue, drool, and snorts due to the fact that we leave after midnight. 'Twill be interesting indeed.

In other news, scattering theory is still something that eludes me. This is funny, because one of my research projects sort of uses scattering theory as an approximation technique. I get it there, but not when it comes to General Relativity.

Also, dat Detective's Office set. 8L

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Posted by Akano , in Life Nov 18 2014 · 285 views
Hnghno!, Ech!, JonTron
This is now my new favorite reaction clip.

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I've met with a terrible fate...

Posted by Akano , in Life, Video Games Nov 06 2014 · 300 views
MM3D, Zelda, blech
KK got me sick. Jerk.


I'm pretty psyched about this development and am throwing my money at the screen to make it be mine now. It's not working.

Now, please excuse me while I hack up my left lung.

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New Homestar Runner Halloween toon!

Posted by Akano , Oct 30 2014 · 259 views
Homestar, Halloween, Doomy tales and 1 more...
I knew none of the costumes, the premise was ridiculous, I clicked the thing that made Homsar appear, and the click-a-costume dialog was wonderful.


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On Vacation

Posted by Akano , in Life Oct 29 2014 · 214 views
Hilton Head Island, Vacation and 2 more...
Nearly two weeks ago, my brothers, parents, roommate (whom Tekulo has taken to call Friend: Toa of Friendship, so I will refer to him as such), and two family friends took a relaxing trip down to Hilton Head Island, SC. Our first day in the condo wasn't terribly eventful; we all went to the beach and enjoyed the sun and sea. Tekulo built a rockin' sand castle, with a moat, staircases, and other hidden gems, and our dad got pooed on by a crow/raven/corvid. Twice. Also, KK decided to take advantage of my skin condition and scratch "Hi" on my back, which wasn't too bad due to the cool ocean keeping the itchiness at bay.

Day 2 was fairly laid back. The youngins (my brothers, Friend, and I) stayed at the condo for the most part and partook in various stay-in type activities whilst the older folks (parents and family friends) went out and did adult things. Those who weren't allergic to shellfish had a dinner of shrimp, scallops, and the like; the two of us who were allergic (including me) had steak, because that's ocean food. :P

Day 3 we ended up eating dinner at a restaurant known for its awesome seafood, and while you would think that limited my choices (it did), I was able to have sashimi tuna with avocado and peanut sauce. It was by far the best meal I had there, and it still haunts me.

On Day 4, the elders went to Savannah, GA to tour the city and see the sights, while we youngins did awesome stuff. Our morning featured parasailing thanks to Tekulo's reservation-making skills. Friend: Toa of Friendship went up with KK, while Tekulo and I paired up for our flight. It was a real thrill and surprisingly quiet when you get a few hundred feet above the boat. The motor was a faint hum in the distance, and the view of the bay was fantastic. I would definitely recommend it to those who have never done it before, even if you have a fear of heights (like me). After returning to shore, we found out the same company offered kayaking to a wildlife preserve marsh nearby, so we reserved that for the afternoon while checking out Harbour Town in the meantime. We climbed up the lighthouse, grabbed a bite to eat, and then met up for a kayaking adventure into marshland. It was a fun little tour, filled with the floating excretions of a manatee (I may have glimpsed its nostrils!), herons and egrets, hermit crabs, and dogs barking at us from nearby villas. The park was very quiet and serene, and it was nice to be near nature. Once summer rolls around in the north I'd like to do some more kayaking/canoeing activities. After we returned from our marshland adventure (in fairly windy, rocky waters), we had dinner at a local pub, then went on to play 18 holes of minigolf. Friend: Toa of Friendship won with just two over par, and I claimed second place with Tekulo and KK trailing behind us. :P

Day 5 was the youngins' return to Ohio in which Tekulo read The Promise, KK played Fire Emblem, and my 3DS's battery died from playing A Link Between Worlds.

All in all, the trip was lots of fun, but it was nice to finally get back home after two weekends of constant traveling.


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*Slow clap*

Posted by Akano , Oct 27 2014 · 250 views
Blindeye, Old Man McGucket and 2 more...
Well done, Alex Hirsch. Well done.

The latest Gravity Falls episode was excellent. Totally squashed theories about the author of the journal and, while answering some questions, raised even more. Can't wait for the next episode...

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Gravity Falls is an awesome show

Posted by Akano , in Life Oct 03 2014 · 211 views
Sup doods, Waddles, Journals and 2 more...
Yet again, my brothers suggested I do something that they've done. This time it was "watch Gravity Falls," a show which I knew of but didn't know much about. I have now finished the first season, and I must say it's a brilliant, funny show. In no particular order, what makes it stand out is
  • The humor - By and far an important aspect of any comedy, the humor of Gravity Falls resonates very well, from the lamest pun to the brilliant stuff they get past the censors (and, wow, do they get a lot past the censors. This is a Disney show, right?). Expertly crafted and leaving me wanting more in the best way possible.
  • The story - while not the most story-heavy series (a lot of the episodes are very standalone and can be watched without missing much of previous episodes), the story that is ongoing is very engaging. Gravity Falls, OR is a place where weird, paranormal stuff happens. Our main characters want to know why, thus we want to know why, and their curiosity becomes ours in a genuine, unforced way.
  • The relationships are believable - Dipper and Mabel, the two main protagonists, are twin siblings who are sent to their great uncle (or, you guessed it, Grunkle) Stan's tourist trap, the Mystery Shack, for the summer. And they have a relationship that is completely believable (and as a twin, I can fully attest to it). Even when they have a scuffle or conflict, at the end of they day they can hug it out and not hate each other, which is very refreshing in a kids show. Also, the characters are not just defined by single character traits; for instance, Mabel has a fantastically overactive imagination and looks at the world from a very different angle than most of the other characters, but she's never called stupid or foolish by the others. Soos, the Mystery Shack's general repair and groundskeeper guy, who is overweight and sometimes dull-witted, is not defined by these traits, nor is he mocked for them; everyone treats him as they do everyone else, which is also really refreshing to see in a kids show. As for romantic relationships,
This show has provided me with a lot of laughs and a fun world of mystery, and I look forward to what else it has in store.

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My latest video gaming conquests

Posted by Akano , in Life, Video Games Sep 15 2014 · 321 views
Mega Man X, FireEmblemAwakening and 2 more...
I have been up to lots of stuffs recently. Mostly of the electronic gaming variety.

First off, I played Mega Man X for the first time courtesy of the Wii U Virtual Console (prompted by a fantastic video by Egoraptor). Fantastic game; the more I play SNES games, the more I regret not owning a SNES in childhood.

After playing Fire Emblem (Rekka no Ken) and Sacred Stones, I finally caved into my roommate's demands that I play Awakening; OMG SO MUCH AWESOME! Probably one of my favorite games of all time, and definitely looking forward to playing it again.

Right after completing Awakening, I received Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in the mail. Another fantastic game; Layton puzzles and story combined with Phoenix Wright courtroom shenanigans made for an awesome crossover. I just wish Maya hadn't been given a valley girl accent. :/

And, finally, my roommate got some 3DS Smash Bros codes, one of which he shared with me. I'm loving Mega Man so far; will definitely be playing as him once the Wii U version comes out (not getting the 3DS version; I'd like to spare my buttons of a painful death). I really wish the demo included Robin as a playable character, though; of the new roster, I'm looking forward to playing as him the most.

On a more academic note, this Thursday is my Ph.D. preliminary exam oral defense, so that'll be fun. I've already worked through the problems that I will be asked about, and I think I've solved all of them. Hopefully all will go well. ^_^

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