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Akano's Blog


Recent updates

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Video Games, Life Nov 03 2013 · 181 views

Due to the combination of the servers being taken offline and me being in school, it's been a while since my last entry. I managed to find most of my entries from Google's cache (Aug 26 - now), so they've been posted as though I had posted them on their original entry days, but the comments have disappeared into the aether.

On a more jubilant note, I've been playing Pokémon Y and Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies recently (this is in no way like Tekulo's recent entry). I'm on the first part of case three of the latter, and I have to say that case two was very enjoyable. The twist was really good, and all the crazy weirdness of the people in that case now makes sense (it kind of reminds me of Turnabout Big Top from Justice for All).

In Pokémon Y, I have gotten through Victory Road and am now ready to face the Pokémon League:


Posted Image


Also, I think it's fantastic that I can customize my character with a yellow hoodie and well-matching fedora.

Posted Image

My party currently consists of Keaton (Delphox), Anubis (Lucario), Lapras, Sylveon, Snorlax, and my HM user (a linear combination of Machoke, Talonflame, Pansage in near equal probability). I absolutely love the fact that the Fennekin family is based on mages, and Sylveon is absolutely fantastic. Since evolving it, I don't think I've had it faint once.

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Visiting KK

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Life Oct 14 2013 · 81 views
Family, Break
So, it's currently my fall break, and I decided the best way to spend that time would be to visit my brother, KopakaKurahk. I arrived Saturday evening and enjoyed a fun day yesterday of meeting people at his grad school, checking out his lab, and enjoying some relaxation (also watching JonTron and MentalFloss and discussing physics and geology).

Good times.

EDIT: Also, apparently this is my 200th entry! This is a milestone for some reason!

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Awesome GamePad is Awesome

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Video Games Oct 07 2013 · 79 views
Wii U, GamePad, Zelda
Posted Image

So much awesome.

Posted Image


My semester thus far

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , Oct 02 2013 · 41 views

Hi, all!

As you may have noticed, I've been kinda away from BZP recently due to the wonder that is me being in grad school. Last month began my third year into the foray of graduate studentdom, and since then I've been up to the following:
  • Taking Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics (four lectures a week spread across Thursday and Friday)
  • T.A.'ing three sections of introductory physics lab
  • Doing research (My group recently submitted a paper which we have gotten back with editing suggestions. We're going to resubmit tomorrow and hopefully get published! I'm going to be a for-reals published scientist!)
  • Buying a Wii U bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Pictures of the awesome GamePad will follow. As of this writing, I have just beaten Gohdan)
  • Finding out exactly what a true Hufflepuff is, anyways.
Pertaining to Wind Waker HD, they made many great improvements to the game. For one, Carlov will make as many figurines in one day as you give him, which is really fantastic. Also, you get the deluxe Picto Box much earlier (when you complete Lenzo's tasks for him), so you can get figurines much earlier. The Picto Box also holds 12 pictures now, and thanks to the Tingle Bottle, you can use pictographs sent to you from random people on Miiverse.

I'm very happy with the improvements made in the game. If only there weren't so much BLOOM (it's not that bad, though).

Posted Image


My Afternoon

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Life Sep 14 2013 · 35 views

Sipping tea, grading intro labs and prelabs, and listening to the Golden Sun soundtrack while the cool air outside comes in.

Posted Image


The Quantum World

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Math/Physics Sep 11 2013 · 36 views
Quantum, Morgan Freeman, Feynman

Best Symphony of Science ever.

Also, how do I YouTube? Thanks, Xaeraz!

Posted Image


First Intro Lab T.A.'ing of the semester

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Math/Physics Sep 10 2013 · 36 views


Posted Image


Blog Statistics

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Math/Physics Aug 31 2013 · 97 views
stats, blag, math
I have absolutely no life to the point that I just spent the better part of my afternoon going back through my blog posts and recording the view count, reply count, and word count of all 185 entries I've made prior to this one. These are the results of my labor:

All time averages:
Views: 57.4 ± 45.8
Replies: 2.2 ± 2.6 (LOL)
Word Count: 176 ± 242 (BIGGER LOL)

Post-server upgrade averages:
Views: 79.9 ± 42.6
Replies: 2.58 ± 3.01 (LOL again)
Word Count: 198 ± 292 (BIGGER LOL again)

Largest stats:
Views: 266 (courtesy of "Ask Akano" blog entry; Fort Legoredo review got 265, a close second)
Replies: 24 (again, "Ask Akano")
Word Count: 1711 (Vampyre Castle review)

Here are the graphs for each stat.

What I learned from this experience:
  • Before the server upgrade, I made a lot of posts about how I'm a terrible blogger.
  • Among my most viewed posts were my set reviews.
  • My old text color is more painful to view since the background is now completely white.
  • Most of my blog posts have fewer than 50 words.
  • Most of my blog posts get zero replies.
  • Post-server upgrade, most of my entries get between 60-90 views. Pre-upgrade, they got between 10-20 views.
  • This is my 186th post.
I hope this was informative. I know I learned quite a bit from the experience.

Posted Image


A GIF of a neutron bouncing on a table

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Math/Physics Aug 29 2013 · 45 views
Science, Quantum mechanics
I've blogged before about the physics of bouncing a particle like a neutron on a table or other similar surface. Well, someone at the University of Arkansas has made an animation of how the spread of said particle over space evolves in time if it starts out in a "Gaussian wavepacket," which is a fancy way of saying that the neutron starts out looking more like a particle than a wave by being localized in space. The animation is here, while the full page containing the full Quicktime movie is here.

The red dot is a classical bouncing ball evolving over time (it's pretty boring comparatively). On the left is a plot of the probability of finding the particle at a certain height (the vertical axis) at any given time of the movie. The quantum particle does sort of bounce, become kind of wavy and messy, and then bounces again, but out of phase with the classical ball.

TL;DR: Cool animation of doing mundane physics with a quantum system with results that are anything but mundane. Click the links to have your mind blown.

Posted Image


Sonic Generations

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity , in Video Games Aug 28 2013 · 56 views
Sonic, he can really move
So, lately I've been playing Sonic Generations as a fun way to pass the time. It's a fantastically good game that I recommend to any Sonic the Hedgehog fan. It brings back the play styles of the 2D platformer and that started by Sonic Adventure. (Though the final boss is really lame.)

I also like a lot of their remixed songs. (Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone sound really cool!)

In A Link to the Past news, I've rescued the maiden in the Dark World version of the Lost Woods and am now in the Village of Outcasts trying to find out where the next maiden is being kept. I'm also getting thoroughly thieved by the denizens of said village. On an unrelated note, my roommate and I also got shiny Dialga at GameStop recently. That's pretty sweet.

And tomorrow I have my first class. Looks like my summer's officially over...

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